Before social media we knew nothing about seven things

Let's face it: while social media is fun and distracting, without it, we might be better off. Too much contact has its disadvantages. The deeper we go into the technology field, the more it makes people feel that we have lost contact, not only for ourselves, but also for the human beings it once meant. Of course, if you use social media correctly, not all aspects are harmful, but there are some things we'd better not know. Before the advent of social media, we were very lucky to be ignorant of seven things:

how terrible some people are

have you read the comment section? No matter what this article or video is about - maybe a charity that provides food for hungry children - people will still find ways to be scary. It's just not right. Isn't it better when we don't know how others feel about everything? This leads to my next point of view! Too much concern and other people's opinions are very good. We have the right to express everything we want to express. But there's no need to attack people because they don't agree with you. Someone has to calm down the task force in time! And no one needs to know the details of your last night's date. What people eat is good. Oh, I see. Some food looks too beautiful to share. But do we really need to know what you eat? No Now, we see more self portraits of our friends than we see with our own eyes. When you notice that their photos have been modified to perfection, it may be time to intervene in reality. Remember the days when fans rarely had the chance to meet their favorite stars? Social media makes it easier for us to connect with idols, but unfortunately, it comes at a cost. People need to realize that they don't have the right to be answered or shouted by anyone. Back in the past, the only hater you need to avoid is the bully in the school. Now, they come in digital form, and you never know who they are, because they're hidden behind anonymous screens. These days, our friends are neatly counted together and shown to anyone. Look around and see who stands next to you when something falls. That's who you really should be with