Ten trite words

To be honest, it's hard to keep up with all the new internet slang. It just never ends. In addition, there are some strange slang, such as QIR, which doesn't even have full meaning. Shouldn't it be the "cue eye movement" of CER? "I don't understand. Why not go back to simpler times? Here are ten trite words and proverbs that should make a comeback:

sophistry – telling your friends you're just fighting your boss, not arguing or fighting, is really more classic.

on the loudspeaker – through SMS and social media, we rarely "stay still", but that doesn't mean that this kind of expression should die out. Don't say, "call grant! "Try to say," let's honk and call grant. " It sounds more refined. People like to talk nonsense. Or nonsense. Let's hope that Markey can become all the absurd terms.

barbarian – barbarian is defined as a person or animal of barbaric violence. It's also a good way to describe an asshole who attacks you in a bar.

inferiority complex – inferiority complex refers to absurd behaviors or ideas. Basically, everything with Kardashian is self deception.

next time there is a disturbance or a fuss, join in the scuffle and keep it relaxed and interesting.

inflation - tell others that you are doing A-OK, amirit, how deadly is it?

boyfriend – don't call BAE and boo, call your lover your boyfriend! It's obvious that this old time word means you're buzzing or slightly intoxicated. You are welcome.

harsh voice – basically, the word refers to gossip. So, don't hang out all day!