9 unique cocktails you won't regret in the morning

although good cocktails can activate the atmosphere, they also tend to cause morning headache and occasionally regret. If you like to drink a cocktail once in a while, there are ways to minimize their negative effects, such as using an all food blender. The following cocktails (and cocktails!) Recipes are a peep through version of my feed people. Recipes never contain refined sugar or gluten, and there are always vegetarian options.

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1. Cocktail: this unusual drink can make people full and relaxed. It is made of bone soup, which contains gelatin and collagen, can make hair, skin and nails stronger, and has significant anti-inflammatory effect. It tastes more like a meal than a drink. Carrot juice can promote the production of lycopene, while pepper can accelerate your metabolism. Ingredients: 2 oz. beef bone soup, 2 oz. Magel, 2 oz. carrot juice, 1 x Adobo chili, chopped and seeded, 1 teaspoon adobo sauce (warning: hot! Usage: heat the broth to room temperature, no longer gel. Add all ingredients to a shaker with ice and shake until chilled. Use a highball cup on fresh ice.

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2. Cocktails: add a little sweetness to the soup

the commercial sour mixture contains sub standard ingredients, such as high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors and various gums. This healthier acid "mix" sugar free feature will help prevent a hangover when sugar and alcohol mix. Ingredients: 1 1 / 2 oz Bourbon Whisky, 1 / 4 cup lemon juice, 1 / 2 teaspoon lemon extract, 10 to 15 drops Stevia liquid. Usage: put all raw materials into shaker and stir until cooled. Serve on ice.

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3. Cocktails: This is a classic Greyhound cocktail. This cocktail includes a grapefruit juice. Each glass can produce a proper amount of liquid. What about the result? Fresher taste - not to mention more vitamins alive! Using a home-made ginger beer helps to reduce blood sugar load because it is made from coconut sugar rather than sugarcane. Fresh ginger juice helps strengthen your immunity. Ingredients: 1 / 2 cup fresh grapefruit juice with pulp, 1 / 2 cup ginger beer, 2 oz vodka, 1 piece grapefruit decoration (optional ice). How to use: mix grapefruit juice with vodka, then pour into ice. Add ginger beer, garnish with grapefruit slices and pulp.

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4. Cocktail: Forest Emerald

cucumber is an incredible water supplement food, making it a perfect solution for alcohol dehydration. This juice contains copper, vitamin K and calcium. There are more cucumber juice in this recipe than any other ingredients, but its mellow taste is not irresistible. Instead, you will experience all the pleasant herbal properties, a liqueur made of 130 herbs by French Carthage monks. If you think it's a waste, you can skip vodka and double Chartres. Ingredients: 1 oz lime, 1 oz vodka, 1 / 2 cup cucumber juice, 2 cups celery bitter, 1 tbsp lime juice. Usage: shake all raw materials with ice until they are chilled. Eat on rocks.

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5. Cocktails: Fairies iced tea

absinthe is now legal in the United States and has many different brands. It's a powerful, high-intensity wine with a strong liquorice and herbal flavor. A small amount is enough! Here, menthol tea reduces the heavy impact. Menthol tea is a kind of soothing beverage for the stomach, which can calm the nervous system, reduce inflammation and help lose weight. It's better to soak the fresh leaves in hot water for a few minutes than in a box. Ingredients: 1 / 2 cup mint tea, 1 oz absinthe, 1 tbsp lemon juice. Usage: shake all ingredients with ice until cool.

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6. Mocktail: Kimmy gimlet

if you have a complete house, there may be at least some people who want something other than cocktails. By providing this bright green shot that doesn't actually contain any vegetable juice, you will put your skills with all the other hosts who only have tea and soda in their repertoire. Fresh basil not only has a unique flavor, but also can prevent the damage of free radicals and help delay the aging process. Lime is an excellent antidote. Maple syrup makes drinks sweeter and increases minerals. Ingredients: 1 / 2 cup basil leaf, 1 / 4 cup lime juice, 1 tbsp maple syrup, ice. Additional Basil decoration (optional). Usage: mash basil leaves with ice in a shaker. Add lime juice and maple syrup, then add ice to the shaker. Shake well and cool, then pour into a cup. Don't say 10 things to people who don't drink.

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7. Longxue sprite huolongguo, also known as huolongguo, is a kind of tropical fruit with beautiful color and mild taste. The most common one is "smoothie bag". Although it will not bring a lot of flavor to the drink, it brings some serious colors to the party, as well as a variety of B vitamins, carotene and protein. Karakala orange is a darker variety, which is a good source of folic acid and potassium. If you can't find it, find ordinary people to replace it; they also have a bottle of useful vitamin C. Ingredients: 1 / 2 cup of fresh karaoke orange juice, 1 oz of Longguo mud, 8 oz of sparkling water, 1 slice of orange, 1 twig of fresh mint, ice. Usage: mix the Longguo pulp and orange juice evenly. Pour into a glass filled with ice and add the bubbling water until it is full. Stir, garnish with orange slices and mint sticks.

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8. Rocktail: love shots

rose water is a kind ofCheap and simple ingredients can transform any food or drink into a floral adventure. I like to add it to everything from chocolate cake to dates. It has historically been used as a symbol of love to treat stress and depression. Hibiscus is mainly used for its vibrant color, reducing cholesterol and blood sugar. The drink is spicy and bright with a deep rose background. Ingredients: 4 oz lotus tea, 1 tsp rose water. Usage: mix the two ingredients in a small glass, heat or refrigerate.

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9. Mocktail: lava sparks

ginger beer in a jar or bottle is not as good as the homemade version. It only takes a few minutes to make it by yourself! Ginger is an effective anti-inflammatory drug, which helps to reduce nausea, has spicy taste and refreshing effect. The taste of coconut sugar is similar to that of brown sugar, but its glycemic index is lower than that of sucrose. Ingredients: 2 tbsp ginger juice, 2 tbsp coconut sugar, 1 tbsp lime juice, 12 oz sparkling water, ice. Usage: mix coconut sugar, ginger juice and coconut sugar until they are dissolved. Pour in a large glass, pour in the bubbling water and mix briefly.

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