#FBF notebook 8 gifts

Well, maybe this notebook came out in 2004. To be honest, it doesn't matter. That film is out of date. On this FBF, let's review this notebook. Love story, starring Nicholas spark and Rachel McAdams, basically gives an entire generation of women unrealistic expectations of love. But it was cold. We all deserve Noah! Here are 8 gifts from our notebook for you to watch:

remember when Noah "if you are a bird, I am a bird,"

or when these two young birds keep kissing while eating ice cream. They are even on the road. Because that's what lovers do. Once they almost did it, but Ellie was too nervous. Noah said "I love you". Nevertheless, he was calm Until they are interrupted. Let's not forget the moment when a naked man "goes into the water"! "

fast forward for a few years, our lovers get together and enjoy a wonderful boat trip. When Noah has the courage to say "it's still there", it's not over! "After

, Allie realized that she was completely right and came home to see her handsome chest. The rest, as they say, is history.