10 medicine balls move to your waist

when you want six ABS, you just need to say no! They're boring, and they're not good at gastroenterology. Instead of gaining weight in winter and putting muffins under sweaters, lean out and reduce your waistline without creaking. Fitness ball is an interesting, powerful way to incorporate high intensity core training into your workout program. As a reward, their size, shape, and weight help to target other parts of the body, causing you to burn all over. So grab a weight-bearing ball and get ready to give your upper abdomen a solid workout. Credit: Travis McCoy /

1. Stir pot is a favorite of Dr. Stuart McGill, director of the spine biomechanics laboratory of the University of Waterloo, because it is one of the best abdominal endurance exercises. Method: place your forearm on a large fitness ball while maintaining a plank position. Your core should be tight and your body should be in a straight line from head to toe. When you roll the ball in front of you, keep your core tight and move it in a circular motion. Keep your lower back in line with your hips (don't raise your hips or drop your lower back). Turn clockwise a few times, then counter clockwise a few times.

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2. Travel around the world

no need to travel far for the killer's abdominal muscles. In fact, when your torso does all the work, you are completely still. Operation method: stand well with the fitness ball in hand, with feet shoulder width apart. Bend your waist, turn right and reach your right foot. Don't stop. Keep turning around your left foot and then stand around. Keep your back flat, your abs tight and feel the burning all over.

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3. One of the great advantages of standing and chopping is that there are many changes - using weights, lunges and cable cars. But for this version, you'll start to stand, as you get stronger and more advanced. Methods: stand with feet shoulder width apart and hold the fitness ball. Lift the ball over the right side of the body. Then bend at the waist, knees slightly, and "chop" the pill down and across the left side. Lift the medicine ball back to the starting point and repeat. Then switch to the other side.

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4. Single leg chopping

this is one of the variants mentioned in the previous slide. It takes traditional tree cutting and adds more core work to challenge your balance. Methods: standing on the left leg, slightly bending the knee. Lift the medicine ball over the right side of your head. Bend your hips and knees and "chop" the ball to your left foot. Then, keep your lower back flat and raise your back to a standing position.

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5. Sitting throw

this time, you need a wall to throw the ball at the other side. But the bonus here is that you can unleash your aggression and you can slam the pill as hard as you can against the wall (as long as you are careful how hard it bounces back on your face). What to do: sit in a seat facing a solid wall and put a pill on your hand. Feet off the ground in a relaxed v-up position, but legs parallel to the ground. When your back and feet are off the ground, throw the ball on the wall. The ball should bounce directly into your hand.


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6. The principle of side casting is the same as forward casting, but in this version, you have more goals. Method: stand with your side facing the solid wall and a medicine ball in your hand. Place the ball behind your hips, far from the wall, and when you throw the ball on the wall, turn your back foot to the wall. You should feel the full stretch of your back and hips, and you should squeeze your hips for maximum strength. The ball can bounce back into your hands or onto the ground.

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7. Sitting side throw

will not only attract your core, but also challenge your balance and hand eye coordination, so remember to keep an eye on the ball. How to do it: sit down with your back to the solid wall and a medicine ball in your hand. Lift your feet off the ground into a relaxed v-up position with your calves parallel to the ground. When your back and feet are off the ground, throw the ball on the wall on one side of your body. The ball should bounce on the ground before it comes back to your hand.

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8. Head toss

this action, th think of yourself as a dribble, but you will not move up and down under the influence of gravity, but horizontally dribble against the wall. Method: stand a few inches from the solid wall, feet shoulder width apart. Lift the medicine ball over your head and throw it on the wall. Bounce fast, as if you were playing a basketball on top of your head. Keep your abdomen tight and do not move left or right.

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9. Start throwing

practice this action often, and you will be able to generate more explosive force (except for carving steel ABS, of course). What to do: hold a medicine ball in both hands. Crouch down and put the ball on the floor. Explode like a jump, throw the medicine ball into the air, concentrate on opening your hips, and squeeze your glutes as you reach the top. You can do it against a wall or in an open space.

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10. Spell out the alphabet

it's time to practice your ABC! However, warn in advance that if you do it right, it's not a basic exercise. Methods: stand with feet shoulder width apart and hold the fitness ball. Hold the medicine ball in front of your body and track the letters on the alphabet. Keep your body in a strong, pillarLocation. If your body gives up or breaks the form, lower the pill before picking you up to leave. Remember: proper form of exercise is always the most important aspect of any sport.

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