10 hikes will make you fall in love with winter

don't let a little snow keep your climbing boots on until spring. Walking in fresh air - even if it's cold - is good for your health, such as improving circulation, enhancing immunity, reducing the risk of depression, and even keeping your memory. In addition, in winter, crowded footpaths are usually reduced and opportunities for finding migratory wildlife are increased. Whether you're looking for an idyllic snow capped landscape, or looking to get rid of the snow completely, there are 10 exciting winter hikes here to make your season healthy.

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1. To experience an unforgettable sunrise, trekking 4.4 miles to the top of Cadillac will make you the first place to see the sun rise in winter in the United States, says Kathy Kupper of the National Park Service in Acadia National Park, Maine. In addition, you can enjoy the rugged coastline of Maine and the vast view of porcupine island in the French Gulf. If you don't like pre dawn hiking, another option is to drive to the top of the mountain (about 20 minutes from Barr Harbor Village), then choose one of the four paths to return to the bottom of the valley.

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2. For thrill seekers: in addition to the vast view of the Adirondacks, the maxi mountain in the Keene Adirondacks in New York will win you the real right to boast cattle at the top of Maxi mountain in New York. " It's certainly not everyone can do it, but if you can control the altitude, that's what you have to do, because it's the highest mountain in the state, "said Joseph vulpis, founder of the American Hiking Guide Association and boss of the northeast mountain guide company. Although you're a 15 mile tall person over 5300 feet, don't shy away if you're not an advanced hiker. This is absolutely feasible for intermediate hikers, and winter is a less crowded, more enjoyable experience, vulpis said. Night tour: Washington mountain in New Hampshire

when you sit on a 6288 foot (the highest mountain in the northeast), Washington mountain provides a unique opportunity for hikers to watch the moon and the sun rise. But rest assured that you can leave your Arctic camping gear at home. Hikers can book a bed at the summit Observatory for the night. According to vulpis, it takes about seven to 10 miles to get to the top of the mountain and back on foot, depending on the place of departure, but most hikers separate it for the night. If possible, choose a calm and sunny day to conquer Mount Washington; the wind may be harsh. On a sunny day, you can also enjoy the magnificent views of four states (Maine, Massachusetts, New York and Vermont), as well as Canada and the Atlantic Ocean. For those moving south: Everglades National Park in Florida, want a winter hike without snow? Cooper said South to the warm wilderness of the Swamp National Park subtropical zone. Everglades is a wonderful winter hiking destination - both because of its sublime weather and amazing generosity of birds called home this time of year. Cooper suggested taking a look at the rugged bend - a 5.2-mile-long grassy roadbed that winds through the swaying coastal prairie grass and arched sycamore trees. Pay attention to the wild animals on the grass.

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5. For snowshoe enthusiasts: Park City, Utah lost prospector trail, located in the center of Park City, Utah, offers spectacular views of Deer Valley and Park City Resort as well as major streets in history. Scott house of Baisong tourism company points out that although it's better to use a pair of snowshoes to climb the top, from the perspective of avalanche, it's one of the safest paths, and you can relax a little bit. If you want more, the lost prospector is the gateway to other hikes. " "There are many paths to connect to the lost prospector, so you can create any number of loops, depending on your fitness, time frame, and goals," House said. A perfect picture: Utah's Bryce Canyon National Park (Utah) has an amazing picture of Bryce Canyon at this time of year, because under the cobalt sky, ice and snow are covered with vibrant red rocks. The swamp Canyon trail will guide you through 4.3 miles of rock spires (what the park calls "fins") and creepy rock formations (broken arches), giving you time to gaze at the fascinating colors of the canyon. Another option in winter, Cooper said, is to hike under the guidance of a Ranger when the moon is full. Don't forget the wildlife. Springs and streams in the canyon are the best places to watch birds.

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7. To get a dazzling Panorama: the spectacular red rock cliffs that dot the Sedona landscape in the bear trail in Sedona, Arizona may be best photographed from bear trail. Tony alba, of Arizona's Tourism Bureau, said that with an increase of 2100 feet in altitude, climbing the rugged stone steps will give you a magnificent panoramic view of San Francisco's peaks on the flagpole and an amazing view of red rock, which is considered a more difficult path. There is also a "trail" sign to confirm your account employment. Allow at least three to four hours to complete the five mile hike.

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8. For an elusive escape: Sonoma coast state park in California, with 280 parks and more than 5000 miles of trails, California is a hiker's dream at this time of year. Dennis Webber of California State Park said that in Northern California, replacing snow with sea air and fog, they surround the cotum trail of Sonoma coast state park, where every day's hiking becomes a fascinating journey. The cotum trail, 90 minutes north of San Francisco, straddles the cliffs of the wild coastline as winter tides rush in. The deep winter also brought a large number of wild flowers and marine mammals and birds. Start a four mile hike on goat rock near Jenner and continue to Wright beach.

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9. For lonely explorers: California Death Valley National Park, considering that death valley is the hottest place on earth, winter is an opportunity to experience its majesty without competing with 120 degree daytime. Cooper said the 8.4-mile, round-trip wild rose peak trail offers incredible panoramic views of Mount Whitney and mount parnamint, and the tranquility of the desert can turn your hike into a meditation trip. Bring at least one gallon of water from the charcoal kiln parking lot upstream of Wildrose Canyon road. Although the temperature is not high, the dryness of death valley will not decrease in winter. For the family as a whole: for families with children of different ages, the four mile Beaver Lake Trail - once an ancient railroad bed - is full of lush green plants, with little snow to see, helping to make a peaceful hike in a waterfall north of Washington. " Anna Ross, hiking content coordinator of the Washington trail Association, said: "it's easy to walk along the vast Shaq River, which will allow children to get close to nature on a simple and flat path." Although this path doesn't have a fixed destination, its advantage is that it doesn't have as many tourists as other paths, so it's likely that you will have all of this. Pay attention to the beaver who dammed the bridge near the end of the trail. After a hike, you can enjoy a cup of Joe, local honey and art by the mountain ring coffee on Darlington Avenue.

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