10 Richest Musicians Who Died Very Young

It has become more common to hear in the news how one of our favourite artists has died young. It might be from an unforeseen medical dilemma, addiction to drugs, or psychological instability that led to their untimely death. We mourn their loss no matter the origin as any life lost generates a missing piece from the music universe.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the artists that have died before their time. A few of them are surprising as we are reminded of the gift which has been taken on the planet too soon. Keep reading to learn about the 10 richest musicians that died young!

10. Whitney Houston – $20 Million

Whitney Houston was a singer and an actress who sold several documents and won many awards during her career. She had a wonderful career, but things took a turn in 1999 when her behaviour turned erratic.

Houston started showing up late to interviews, missing exhibition, and also to lose weight that many attributed to the usage of drugs. It seemed she had been beginning to make a comeback, but in 2012 she had been discovered unconscious in her bathtub. Her death was ruled as an accident, but shet had a mix of cocaine and other drugs in her system.