We can't wait to see six summer blockbusters

Now June is coming. You may be singing "summer, summer, summer!"! "Under your breath all the time. One of the best times of summer is to go to the movies to escape the heat. Although the movie schedule this summer is not entirely world-class (I'm watching you, the 17th Pirates of the Caribbean Movie), there are some movies we really want to see.

here are the six summer movies of Buzznet!

Baywatch (May 25)

OK, now we're a little tired of watching promotions, but we still need to see what's the fuss. And Zach Efron's ABS. At last, a woman took the lead in a miracle movie! I see. Gado! I think Chris pine will be a handsome guy in trouble. If it's Pixar, you have to go. We are curious about how the car trilogy ended.

spider man: Homecoming (July 7)

first Toby Maguire, then Andrew Garfield, is now Tom Holland's iconic superhero character. We are ready to see them compete with a group of humans. We will save the best to the last! I mean, a Christopher Nolan movie about World War II starring Tom Hardy, Celian, Murphy and Harry stiles? What else can you ask for?