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To put it bluntly: there is an art lurking in the Internet. It's more than just Google search or typing names on Facebook. An Internet savvy lurk knows how to find Intel on hard to find unicorns that can't find social media accounts, or they're so secure that they can't find any trace of their existence. However, if you are a bit original and understand your network, you may find something out. Do you think you are good at lurking? Look at these seven signs that you should be working for the CIA.

1. You know, just looking for Facebook, instagram and twitter accounts is for amateurs.

2。 It's easy not to look at their LinkedIn profile or snapchat There will be a notice.

3。 You always search a briefcase or website online to find photos and links hidden on the world wide web.

4。 You have to search not only their names, but also their friends' names. You can then search their profile for photos marked with your subject name, check-in, suspend, and more.

5。 You find out what they like, Google their names, and add keywords that may cause problems.

6。 No one ever wants to lurk on youtube, but you do.

7。 You can find anyone in 15 minutes.