16 common dreams and their explanations

Most people have more than 100000 dreams in their lives, said Laurie Quinn lowenberg, a dream expert and author of dreams on top: Unlock your dreams and change your life. But when we wake up, how much can we really remember? Karen Silverstein, author of the book journey of an apprentice dreamer, said: 'for those who do remember these details, the content of dreams can help us face the sober reality. "Dreams can be our inner selves, telling us to wake up and pay attention," she said. We should always ask questions and then go deeper. We can use our dreams to help us make better choices for our lives now. " Take a look at the 16 most common dreams and how experts interpret them.

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1. Lori Quinn lowenberg, author of dreams: Unlock your dreams and change your life, says that stupid smartphones and Facebook are the latest pop icons that can find their place in the interpretation of dreams! The most common technology centric dream is to call. " "Either you can't display the number to make a call, or your fingers are too fat, or your phone has been dropping," lowenberg said. Lesson: it's about real-life communication problems, lowenberg said. If you can't call for any reason, you may feel that your thoughts, opinions or feelings have not been heard or considered by others. "

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2. Laurie Quinn lowenberg, author of dreams: opening your dreams and changing your life, says that for women, a dream that is often repeated is to be chased! These dreams, she says, are caused by "fight or flight" situations in conscious life, in which you choose to escape rather than fight. If it's a dream you've had recently, ask yourself where you come from in your daily life, says Karen Silverstein, author of the apprentice dreamer's journey. Avoidance only prolongs pain and anxiety. " "When you face and deal with what you're afraid of when you're awake, these dreams stop," she said. Laurie Quinn lowenberg, author of dreams: opening your dreams and changing your life, said: "pay tribute to the president. Dreams about the president may symbolize your ability to make decisions and manage your life!" She explained that if the president is a helpful role in your dreams, you are likely to be well managed. If he is a vicious person, you may abuse your authority. If he is in a dangerous or bad situation in a dream, you may be afraid to use your own power. Lesson: are you avoiding the decisions you need to make or resisting the management of a project? Loewenberg suggests looking at all aspects of life to see where you may be unsafe and to strengthen your game.

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4. Laurie Quinn lowenberg, author of dreams: opening your dreams and changing your life, says that almost all dreams of going back to school are related to work stress. Can't find your locker or class? " It's a good sign that you're not sure about your position at work or even your career choices. Worried about the school ring? " This shows that in real life, we don't think we have much time in the career sector, "Loewenberg said. Lesson: maybe it's time to find a new job, or find a way to make your situation more meaningful, lowenberg said. She suggests asking herself how she can be more helpful to her colleagues, or looking for an opportunity to use her creativity.

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5. Laurie Quinn lowenberg, the author of the dream lover: opening your dream and changing your life, said that in dreams, dogs represent the characteristics they have: loyalty and friendship! When you have a dog dream, think about whether the behavior in the dream reflects your behavior in interpersonal relationships. The lesson: ask yourself which relationship in real life reminds you of the dog's behavior in your dreams, lowenberg said. Are you or the people around you as loyal as a Labrador or as evil as a mad dog? Loewenberg says your dog dream will tell you how loyal you are in or around you and whether it needs some obedience training or relaxation. The contribution of

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6. Dream: flying high is no better than flying dream. Laurie Quinn lowenberg, author of "dreams on top: open your dreams and change your life," says it's usually about your ability to soar to new heights and reach higher levels of life. When you get rid of a bad relationship or a heavy situation the day before, you may find yourself flying in a dream. "This dream tells you to continue to be inspired by what you're doing," said Karen Silverstein, author of the apprentice dreamer journey. When you fall, this dream shows you a kind of ability to transcend yourself and break free from the shackles, which still exists in your heart.

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7. Dream: sex is on the way, says Laurie Quinn lowenberg, author of the secret tryst dream on top: Unlock your dream and change your life. However, it does mean that your relationship is being held back in some way. " Usually the culprit is work. But it could also be Xbox, golf or fantasy football, "Loewenberg said. The lesson: this dream can actually ignite the flame of your relationship, lowenberg said. Once you can find the reason, compromise. " If your partner promises to cut back on activities that make you feel left out, he or she is less likely to give up or cut something. "

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8. Laurie Quinn lowenberg, author of dreams: opening your dreams and changing your life, said: "Dreams: falling teeth can be linked to the way you communicate in real life.”"This may indicate that you allow something that should have been left in your mouth to flow out of your mouth, such as your teeth," she said. Another change is the dream of "broken or broken teeth." It's often because the words are weak. " "Maybe you don't feel like you're making a good point in the debate, or you didn't say anything when you were supposed to," lowenberg suggests. Lesson: "just as you polish pearls for beauty, polishing your communication skills will make you shine." The credit: luminastalock / iStock / Getty Images

9. Laurie Quinn lowenberg, author of dreams: opening dreams and changing lives, said that being naked in public is a typical dream, which may reflect your vulnerability and exposure in real life. Loewenberg, for example, said she had a dream the night before "Good Morning America." the root of the dream is often related to the fear that others will see your shortcomings. Lesson: have you noticed that no one in your dreams seems to care about you being naked, and you are the only one who is scared? " "Your dream is reassuring, and you're the only one who puts so much thought and energy into this situation," lowenberg said. Dream: sweet home? Whether it's your real home or a strange home, "home" means you're in a dream, said Laurie Quinn lowenberg, who is "dream home: open your dream, change your life!" Think of it as a real blueprint for your current self-image. " If you ignore rooms, this may be related to talents or skills that you no longer use. If you are eager to explore new rooms, it may have something to do with your need to learn and grow. "Lesson: finding a new room is your dream. It shows you more than the room you are using." The goal of life is to be complete. Carl Jung called it personalization. Never stop learning and growing. " The credit: David sacks / digital vision / Getty Images

11. Laurie Quinn lowenberg, the author of the dream lover, said that in dreams, sex is not the physical combination you want, but the psychological combination you need. For example, lowenberg suggests that for a woman who dreams of having sex with an unknown man, this may mean that she yearns for general masculine qualities and is trying to integrate them into her own self and behavior. Having sex with a co-worker doesn't necessarily mean that you secretly want the person, but that you want him or her to be able to handle the client easily. The lesson: your sexual dream tells you that incorporating a particular quality or attitude into yourself - a quality from your dream lover - will bring you a new life, lowenberg said. "The dream of the end of the world is very common," said Laurie Quinn lowenberg, author of dreams on top: opening your dreams and changing your life. "It marks the end or change of some aspects of our own world." Moving to a new town, changing jobs or getting rid of drug addiction - all these landmark changes will lead to apocalyptic dreams, lowenberg said. The lesson: whether or not these big changes have happened, or need to happen, it's not literally the end of the world, Loewenberg said. Just as there are more worlds to explore in this universe, you can create more worlds around yourself. "

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13. Dream: where is my car? Laurie Quinn lowenberg, a writer and dream expert, said the loss of a car in a dream is related to uncertainty or loss of motivation. She suggests asking yourself what you don't want to continue to do in your life, or what makes you feel uncertain. She said she found it a common dream for retirees. This can reflect that they are no longer working. They get up every morning and go to work. They feel no sense of direction. The lesson: Your dreamy mind wants you to find a new way, says lowenberg. It's time to try something different, because the direction you're going in won't help you in any way. "

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14. Dream: the last farewell

dream about death usually does not mean a person's real death. Laurie Quinn Loewenberg, a writer and dream expert, says that usually, when our lives change or end, they happen. When our relationship with them changes, we may dream of someone we care about dying, she said. When a parent reaches a milestone, the United States, especially mothers, may dream of their child dying. " When we go through great changes, we may also dream of our own death. Lesson: "your dream tells you it's time to let go so you can look forward to the future," she said. According to Laurie Quinn Loewenberg, the author and dream expert, dreams: the most common metaphor for shutting down for maintenance is the toilet clogged dream, which can't be used because of its condition. It's often about not being able to express yourself, because something really bothers you. " If you dream of dirty, clogged or unusable toilets, you need to ask yourself what frustrations or negative emotions you have now. Why don't you let yourself go? " Lesson: lowenberg says the dream warns you that your emotional pathways have been built. " The more frustrations you accumulate, the more "mess" you'll end up facing. Let go! "

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16. Dream: a plane that is ready to take off often represents a journey you have high hopes for, says Laurie Quinn Loewenberg, a writer and dream expert. In her research, airplanes are most often associated with careers, because like airplanes, you want your career to take off, reach new heights, and bring you new positions. " When an airplane falls from the air, it may reflect a huge fall. The lesson is: "be proactive in assessing and assessing your career path and direction," Loewenberg said. Don't let a little turbulence get you off track - it's time to regroup and change direction. Your journey is far from overBundle. "

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how to better remember your dream

want to better recall your own dream? Try naming your dreams, advises Karen Silverstein, a dream expert. Once you wake up, if you can recall a part of your dream, think about it and write down a title. " "It's also important to do a reality check," Silverstein said. Ask yourself, how does this dream make you feel? "

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What do you think? Do you remember your dream? Have you ever had any dreams mentioned in this slide? Do you know what your subconscious wants to tell you? Tell us about your dreams in the comments - and possible explanations. Maybe other people have the same strange dreams!

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