#FBF 6 classic holiday movie

Now that Thanksgiving is in the rearview mirror, you can officially and safely enjoy all your favorite Christmas and past festivals, including the movie Carnival! In this film festival, let's review six classic holiday films to ensure a vague feeling. Blow the trumpet with hot chocolate and a large can of triple flavored popcorn, and let the season begin! In fact, love is not "classic", but love does give you all warmth and fuzziness. This is a must watch program every December.

a Christmas story – you know, without the voice over in your brain or the tongue stuck on the pillar, it's not Christmas.

the miracle on 34th Street - of course, you may want to see the remake, but go to see it in this festival.

National satirical TV station's Christmas holiday - this 1980s family comedy film is absolutely absurd, but it still sticks to it. It's a wonderful life in the light of black and white, it's a wonderful life and a real holiday classic. It's classic to put GIF in, but it seems wrong. See me in St. Louis - I'm a movie and musical fan. Mix Judy Garland up, you won't lose!