Everything you need to have a perfect party

. If you don't know where to start, holding a party may be a little hard to accept, so we decided to collect some skills to share with you!

Any time of the year - whether it's for friends, lovers, siblings or children. Gold can be matched with anything. It's the perfect foundation for planning color themes for parties. For inspiration, we chose the color scheme of gold and Navy, because we prefer the neutral color suitable for any gender. We have collected some ideas below for you to steal and use at your party.

bar trolleys. if this is an adult party, you are most worried about a bar with inventory. The bar cart is very suitable for wine and glasses for guests to enjoy. "> what is a party without cake? Sip the boxed mixture, then go all out. Make a cake, let your friends "wow" like this beautiful bright blue velvet cake, just a pinch.

picture> beautiful fringe wreath. Believe it or not, this is the most attractive part of the room (except for the cake), because it actually draws everything together. You'll want to go to Gen Woo's store and explore her amazing personalized garland. "> finger food + dessert table. It's always a good idea to have something in hand before, during and after a party. The dessert table is very interesting and offers guests unlimited choices.

picture> table settings. a whimsical table is a must. Match the form to your color theme, even drinks and food.

. personalized napkin is an interesting way to touch, low price, and will eventually become the talk of the party. "> flowers. It's always a good idea to put flowers around the room to bring life and elegance to the settings.

picture> flicker + gold. instead of using cliche candles, decorate the cakes with these amazing cool "party letters" from the city's clothing stores. "> with dessert. decorate all kinds of desserts with party theme colors to make them creative. "> Advanced drinks. edge drinks with edible golden sugar, and choose bright drinks suitable for room decoration. "> Holiday extras. People who don't drink can use the dark blue striped straw, and put the straw in the sparkling soaking stonemason jar to enjoy the fun. "> unique snacks. As for snacks, please don't eat them like a beautiful cheese and fruit plate. "> make it shine. In the end, if you want to go out and have a good time, when you sing birthday songs, bring ice cream with bright chips to the VIP!