Lower The Risk Of Heart Disease By Limiting The Worst Foods For Your Heart

Heart disease is the world’s deadliest killer. According to the World Health Organization, it killed over 15 million people in 2016 alone. Fortunately, people at any age can reduce their chances of cardiovascular disease through their diet.

Although there are many heart-healthy foods on the market, others lead you one step closer to disease. Even “healthy” foods, such as diet sodas and “fat-free” snacks, may harm your most vital organ. To diminish your chances of heart disease through your diet, keep reading.

Newsflash: Cheese Still Isn’t Heart-Healthy

Cheese is organized on a plate.

Debates over cheese and heart health have raged for years. According to the American Heart Association, cheese can raise your cholesterol through its saturated fat. In 2017, a study in the European Journal of Nutrition said that eating cheese helps your heart. However, experts are skeptical of this finding.

A nutrition scientist at Stanford University, Christopher Gardner, says that the dairy industry funded the study. Plus, its portion sizes were too small. Cheese still raises cholesterol, and over-consuming it can result in heart consequences later.