Should you eat fruits and vegetables raw or boiled?

what is the best way to eat fruits and vegetables - raw or cooked? Fresh food publicizes the benefits of living enzymes and complete vitamins in fresh food. At the same time, traditionalists believe that the human brain grows with the discovery of fire and the transformation of culture to cooked food. So, what's the answer? Well, it depends on the food. Some fruits and vegetables have the highest vitamin content when eaten raw, while other foods, such as tomatoes, need to be cooked to get the most nutrition. Find out which foods are better to eat raw or cook, and prepare a recipe for each!

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raw: anise and radiochio

anise are good for flatulence. The compounds in radiochio can make it taste bitter / spicy and help you digest other foods in the diet. Both can be cooked, but eating raw will bring you the greatest health benefits. Very good (and delicious!) The way to get these benefits is to prepare a simple cold plate. Some people find raw cabbage hard to digest, so in this recipe, I replaced cabbage with fennel and radish to promote digestion. I use mayonnaise ingredients to maintain the traditional flavor, but add chips to boost metabolism and help your body burn fat faster. The grated orange peel provides a mood enhancing aroma, while the dried Cranberry provides some chewing and all the creaking.

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raw: jujube and Longguo

jujube is an excellent food. Fast energy sources, when you eat them raw, you keep all the important vitamins A and K alive. Longguo, also known as huolongguo, contains a lot of B vitamins, which can be completely preserved without cooking. In my rose pink pistachio red recipe, Longguo mud adds a bright magenta color to the top of the whipped coconut cream. You can find the jelly in the freezing area of the major food chains. This delicious dessert can be made in just a few minutes and has only five ingredients.

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raw: radish

radish enhances your body's ability to detoxify and digest your food. As a reward, they are one of the best quick pickling options because they look beautiful and taste unique. With fast pickling, you get the general taste of pickled vegetables without the time to invest. In my quick pickled radish recipe, I added turmeric because of its color and anti-inflammatory properties. Although I use the Easter egg radish to fill in the colors for its many antioxidants, the regular carrots also look and taste good. Add a little licorice to the fennel leaves, and change to dill if you like. The color changes in an hour, so there's no patience here! From tacos to hamburgers, you can put these delicious pickles on them.

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raw: garlic and sweet pepper are the most important antibacterial ingredients, which keep vitality through cooking. Some sources say it can survive high temperatures, others say it's useless. In order to safely use the healthy ingredients in garlic, I eat garlic raw to ensure that its immune enhancing properties are not hindered. When eating sweet pepper raw, they contain the most vitamin C. Pepper is usually used to make stuffing when cooking, but as long as they are cut into small heart-shaped pieces, it becomes a great tool for dipping. In my garlic and vanilla pickled peppers recipe, I use yoghurt instead of Greek or Icelandic yoghurt, so you can get more protein and probiotic creamy flavor.

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raw: lemon, lime, grapefruit and orange are commonly used in cooking, while citrus fruit can maintain its health value when eaten raw. Grapefruit is known as a metabolic booster (it's basically a typical diet), but lemons and limes are also great for weight management because they help control hunger because they detoxify. You can choose any citrus fruit for my citrus salad recipe. This dressing contains a lot of sugar, which slows down the absorption of sugar in the blood. Freshly squeezed fruit ensures you get the most nutrition - so get rid of those pre squeezed bottles!

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raw: the antioxidants in strawberry, mango and honeydew

strawberry are very high, eating their raw leaves, these free radical absorbing compounds survive! Watermelon is rich in potassium and water. What's interesting about my frozen fruit cake recipe is that you can use any fruit you want. Longguo coconut cream (see the recipe below) is a gorgeous and healthy reward. I like strawberry, mango and honeydew, but you can make this simple dessert with one or more fruits.

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raw: Belgian side dish

Belgian side dish is a member of chicory family, which is related to frisee and radiochio. The vitamin a content of a food is more than twice of the recommended daily intake, and the calcium content is about 25% of the recommended daily intake. You need an iron a day. Because these nutrients are available raw and lose their crispness when cooked, Belgian endive is best eaten raw. It's a good appetizer, because individual leaves can be used as display and / or soaking boats. These can be filled with almost any dipping sauce; olive cabbage is my favorite because the richness of Olives is perfectly matched by the slight bitterness of Belgian cabbage.

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the vitamin a content of spaghetti pumpkin is several times of RDA of each meal, and it also contains a lot of B vitamins. (it's unknown whether the cooked food is better, because the raw one is hard to eat!) However, when baking, the vitamin rich pumpkin meat can be divided into strands that look like spaghetti with a fork. The end result is spaghetti.Pumpkin, almost any sauce, because the taste is so neutral. In my pumpkin recipe, nutritious yeast provides more B vitamins and mild cheese taste. Turmeric can imitate the color of cheese and add its anti-inflammatory properties to dishes.

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the oxalic acid content of raw spinach is very high, which may be very hard for your kidney. It's also a thyroid hormone, which means it can damage your thyroid function. A quick steam reduces oxalic acid and thyroid hormone, which means you can still have a delicious milkshake full of its benefits! Spinach is the favorite of smoothie, because the texture and taste of spinach is easier to hide than kale, and spinach can let your fresh fruit smell out. For my hidden spinach smoothie, all other ingredients are raw, so you can get the best fruit nutrition. There's steamed spinach on hand, and if you like it in smoothie - it'll stay in the fridge for days.

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cooked: tomatoes

contain a compound called lycopene; this is the red color of tomatoes. Tomatoes are a powerful antioxidant, and they have far more lycopene than when they were raw. For my baked Marina sauce, tomatoes and onions are mixed with garlic. Whether garlic cooking is as healthy as raw garlic remains to be seen, but onions retain many flavonoids. Tomatoes don't taste very good in the off-season, so the caramel produced by baking is a very good tool, which can improve the taste of plain winter tomatoes. Bake this sauce so that you can do other things freely while cooking in the oven! Full recipe: roasted tomato mariala

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asparagus contains a series of antioxidants, but one of the most important products is ferulic acid. This special antioxidant can help from lowering "bad" LDL cholesterol to fighting sun damage. Ferulic acid is activated when asparagus is cooked, so it's a good choice to eat cooked rather than raw. In my easy blood orange asparagus recipe, stir fry asparagus with orange will bring unexpected brightness to asparagus. Because citrus suits you best when eating raw, I prefer to add it at the end. Blood orange is used because of its unique color and anthocyanin, which can make the flesh red. But if it is not in the right season, ordinary orange is a good substitute.

correlation: complete recipe: stir fried red orange and asparagus: carrot

raw carrot is a common snack, they are definitely better choice than chips or biscuits. But cooking carrots can increase beta carotene levels, which are important for eye health. Beta carotene may not be enough for night vision, but it can be converted into vitamin A to protect your vision and improve your reproductive health. Don't you like steamed carrots? Try my recipe for mustard carrots. Sweeten whole wheat and Dijon mustard in a higher proportion, so they don't get too sweet. Since mustard is very salty, you don't need to add salt. What do you think of it? Do you think there is any other food on this list? Do you prefer raw or cooked food, and vice versa? Is your favorite healthy diet made of raw or cooked fruits and vegetables? Please leave a message below, let us know!

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