Eight kitchen gadgets are a total waste of money

take a quick look at your kitchen. It's possible that you have more than a few items collecting dust. In fact, there are some really indispensable kitchen gadgets (we're looking at you, coffee machine, chef knife and slow cooker) and other things that look like a good idea when you buy them, but are eventually used or cleaned by more work than, say, holding out a knife. Some even increase the risk of cross contamination - no, thank you! Here are eight gadgets you can safely keep.

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1. Garlic press

put a clove of garlic in the chamber of garlic press, press hard (we mean press hard) and start! Garlic. If only it were that easy. " "I always have extra uncooked garlic left there and I'll dig it up and chop it up anyway," said Sophia DeSantis, a food blogger behind the famous website "vegetables don't bite people." Her method? Cut each garlic clove as small as possible, and then use a knife to cut all garlic cloves into smaller pieces.

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2. The idea behind pisolite is that it keeps calories, which helps give your pizza and other crisp crusts. Reality? Baking pans do the job well. Food blogger Sophia desuns even likes to take a no device approach, putting pizza directly on the grill or grill to maximize cleaning and minimize cleaning. If you want to know what to wear when the pizza is out of the oven, you can use a cutting board or a baking pan to stick it on.

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salt cellar

you may have seen these small, wooden bowls filled with salt in the cooking program. Although reaching for it will make you feel like you really know what you're doing in the kitchen, the bacteria on your hands will transfer to the cellar, causing cross contamination. Hate! According to cook's illustration, bacteria can still hang on containers even if they die within minutes of contact with salt. terms of settlement? Use a simple salt bottle (wash your hands if you have been exposed to raw meat or fish), or grind some salt into a bowl for cooking. After eating, put the bowl in the dishwasher. Now listen to: Why do we feel so pressured by Americans' obsession with "happiness"? If you've never heard of or seen a feathered cabbage stripper before, here's a way: with this device, you put the stem through a hole, which (it is said) removes the leaves from the stem. Theoretically, it's a good idea, but since you have to pull anyway, your hand is the best tool. " For kale and other tough green plants, I just use my fingers to separate the leaves from the stems along the stems - well, it's easy, "says Sophia DeSantis, a food blog. Apple slicer

unless you cross cut every day, apple slicer seems to need superhuman power to completely cut the whole apple. In addition, they add another gadget to put in the dishwasher. If you wash it by hand, you have to insert it between all the blades without cutting your fingers. " Sophia DeSantis, a food blog, said: "when I walk all the way through the apple, I can take out and wash the apple and the core, and then I can cut three apples with a knife." Save your worries (and your physical strength and energy in the gym) and slice the apple with the chef's knife.

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6. If you learned to play DOH as a child, making burger pies by hand shouldn't be a challenging task. So stop eating hamburgers, which can save you time and frustration. " "With burger press, you have to take the burger out by hand, so eventually you lose the stature of taking the damn burger out," said Sofia de Santis, a food blogger. In addition, every time you introduce another tool that touches raw meat, you increase the risk of spreading bacteria in the kitchen. Make meat patties with your hands, plop them on a plate, grill or pan, and then quickly scrub your paws with hot soapy water.

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7.; grape or cherry tomato slicer one by one, but even if you pay for a special grape or cherry tomato slicer, you still have to cut them separately. Instead, try kitchn's trick: put a small plate or food storage container cover on the table. Spread tomatoes or grapes on a plate or lid and cover with a plate or lid of the same size. With a serrated knife, gently saw back and forth, cutting them all at the same time. Tata! Credit: czarny bez / iStock / gettyimages

8. Egg tray

of course, that egg tray will be lovely in the refrigerator! But according to the U.S. Food and drug administration, it's safe to put eggs in cartons. That's because the egg box is specially designed to cover the eggs. So if there are bacteria on the shells, they can't be transferred to other items in the refrigerator, and the bacteria in the refrigerator can't match your eggs. On the other hand, er, the egg tray is open, so that no one has bacteria. What's the advantage of putting eggs in cartons? You will be able to see clearly the "use" date (FDA says use within three weeks of purchase). Be sure to stick the carton directly in the refrigerator, not on the door, because the temperature there is usually high.

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