15 effective strategies to avoid holiday weight gain

this is the season of Carnival and cheering! However, because there are lots of snacks and desserts in every corner, healthy eating habits are easy to get lost in shuffling. Coupled with cool temperatures and busy holiday schedules, exercise plans are often affected. However, your health can be maintained during the holidays. Keep reading and learn 15 strategies to keep diet and fitness goals normal.

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1. Start your day with protein

fitness consultant saran Dunmore recommends a protein rich breakfast. Add some complex carbohydrates and you'll have a perfect match. This method will make you feel full longer, avoid unhealthy snacks and give you more energy to spend the day. You're so energetic and satisfied that you say "no" to holiday candy.

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2. If you, like most people, let stress work for you, the stress of vacation will inevitably come to you. Whether it's the increase in office work, the demands of a busy schedule, or all the items on your to-do list, this time of year brings tension. Let it play to your strengths and go to the gym with pressure. Not only can exercise relieve tension and anxiety, but a recent study from the University of Maryland School of public health found that exercise can help you control anxiety in the face of stressful events. So, if you have a stressful holiday activity coming, take the initiative to go to the treadmill.

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3. Making it accessible

holidays can be the busiest time of the year. Kelly Calabrese, an award-winning fitness and exercise expert, recommends keeping fit as easily as possible. This way, when your schedule is tight, it's not easy for you to skip exercise. In those days when you can't go to the gym, make sure you have a back-up plan to exercise at home with your weight and minimal equipment. Practice DVDs are OK. Invest in strength training belts, a fitness ball and a Kettlebell to provide an effective total body workout in a small area of your home. In addition, if your apartment, apartment or residential community is equipped with exercise facilities, please make full use of it and do fast exercise. Any exercise is better than no exercise!

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4. Exercise in daily activities

if you don't have time to run or exercise, look for creative ways to exercise in daily activities. When shopping on holidays, choose the parking space farthest from the store. Go to work by bike. Even ordinary housework can reduce your calorie content. A 155 pound person can burn about 140 calories with a rake leaf for 30 minutes. Exercise and resistance help regulate all major muscle groups. Cleaning windows for 30 minutes burns about 90 calories. The key is to stick to sports and avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

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5. The first thing to do in the morning is to let your blood flow and keep your exercise away from the right track. " Saran Dunmore, NBC-5's personal trainer and fitness consultant in Chicago, said: "you will not only feel very fulfilled, but also have more energy in the day." During this busy holiday, after a day's volunteer work, the night trip to the gym often ends easily. Not to mention heavy traffic, shopping and work, which makes sofas and TVs look more popular than treadmills. Arrange a simple routine in the morning. It's unlikely that you don't exercise.

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6. Make a 30 day plan and put it on your calendar. No fixed schedule or goal will increase your chances of giving up exercise completely, especially during busy holidays. Fitness expert Kelly Calabrese suggests you follow a 30 to 45 day plan for your vacation. Plan an exercise program every week and put it on your calendar with your appointments and meetings to formalize it. Create a combination of short, more intense training and longer strength training. But make sure it's on your schedule. For example, if Monday is a busy day for you, make it your day off. If you have more time on Saturday morning, leave that time for a long workout.

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7. In this busy season, walking and chatting may be very tight, so try multitasking. Whether you're dating relatives or friends on vacation or calling to work, walk and talk whenever possible. A mile of walking costs about 75 to 85 calories, depending on your speed, weight and height, so make the most of your time. Better pick up the phone than email. Walk around your b lock, office, mall or anywhere you can find space to stand up and stretch your legs. Mobile phones offer the convenience of walking around, so make the most of it and do some exercises secretly.

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8. Using the partner system

to invite a friend or spouse as an exercise partner can improve your motivation and keep it up. Fitness expert Kelly Calabrese recommends pairing with people who are slightly healthier and reliable than you. This may help to put a little pressure on you. If you don't have anyone, you have to be adventurous. This is an opportunity to make friends in the gym or yoga class. Even taking responsibility to your goal driven friends via email can boost your motivation. As long as you know someone is checking you, you can increase the chances of tying your shoes.

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9. Joining a team

joining a sports team usually takes only a small amount of time and can add some extra intensity to your current exercise program. Most cities have the opportunity to form low input social sports teams. An hour a week of flag football, volleyball or basketball can add energy to your fitness program. This is especially useful when extra exercise can make up for seasonal indulgence. Joining a sports team can be an interesting hobby and help put "work" from your exercise. In addition, joining a group may motivate you to stick to the course and think twice before skipping.

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10. Getting your family involved in a busy holiday program can make it difficult to balance work, family and social needs, let alone exercise. Saran Dunmore, a fitness consultant, suggests combining fitness with another area of your life rather than letting it go by the way. Plan your exercise plan in advance, taking your family into account. Have each family member brainstorm, write down 10 exercises and put them in a bowl. During the day, everyone should randomly choose sports from the bowl and do it in a short time. In this way, exercise feels more like a game, an interesting way to integrate into the whole family.

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12. Set a goal

instead of using the new year as a starting point for your future fitness goals, treat it as a mileage sign. Maybe you have a favorite outfit on New Year's Eve - it can be one of many effective motivators. " "Write down your goals, share them with a friend, review them often, and implement a plan that will meet your deadlines," fitness and exercise expert Kelly Calabrese suggests. Make sure your goals are realistic and that you have a plan to achieve them. With an appropriate strategy and a trusted partner, your fitness program will be very effective during the holidays. You just have to follow it.

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13. Pay attention to

remember why you don't want to be too addicted to sweets and fall behind your exercise plan. That apple pie with ice cream may be your name now, but will you feel the anger of the sugar crash in the future? On New Year's Eve, do you feel lazy because you don't exercise and eat healthy? Try to stay focused during the holidays so you don't forget your ultimate goal. When faced with sweet temptations, pay attention to the hints of hunger. Ask yourself, are you really hungry or are you just attracted by a moment of happiness? When you want to work out on the couch in front of the TV instead of in the gym, remember how successful and great you will feel after the exercise.

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14. Invest time and money

fitness expert Kelly Calabrese suggests signing up for an exercise class. Explore one you've always wanted to try. There are countless choices, including Pilates, taekwondo and Zuba. You can even try to mix multiple styles of training. " "Making time and money commitments to yourself, the coach and the team you work with will increase your chances of prioritizing exercise during the holidays," calabres said. She suggested prepayments to increase the chances of persistence. During the pre holiday period, when the tense schedule, busy shopping malls, traffic and many obligations will increase the tension, reduce the pressure. Related: 20 best weight training methods: Credit:

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15. Don't blame yourself during the holiday. Remember to be friendly to yourself. Accept the fact that at this time of the year, some of the training here and there may fail due to demand and busy schedules. " "If you can't go to the gym, don't blame yourself," said saran Dunmore, a fitness consultant. If this happens, pay more attention to what you eat. You have to pay to play! " If something else prevents you from going to the gym, consider passing on that pumpkin pie or chocolate cake. Balance and moderation are key components of holidays and a healthy lifestyle throughout the year.

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