Terrible side effects of social drinking

we may all have heard that drinking too much can lead to depression, dehydration and, in extreme cases, cirrhosis. Besides, don't forget the terrible hangover and stomach upset. But the truth is that sucking can cause many other health problems you may not have considered. And you don't even have to waste time trying to experience these unhealthy effects. According to the National Institutes of health, it takes about a week to 10 days for the body to remove the toxins produced by alcohol. Even if you exercise and eat well, drinking a glass every night means you always carry harmful toxins in your body, which makes you feel mediocre, "said James Swanwick, founder of the 30 day alcohol free challenge. In addition to this "meow" atmosphere, there are nine little-known drinking effects that may make you think twice before entering a happy time.

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1. According to Dr. David Gruner, an award-winning cardiovascular surgeon in New York, arrhythmias can cause irregular phenomena that affect the heart beat when you drink too much in certain occasions, especially when you don't usually drink alcohol. " The heart relies on an internal pacemaker system to keep the heart beating continuously at the right speed. Alcohol can disrupt the system, causing the heart to beat too fast or irregularly. In these cases, the problem is known as "holiday heart syndrome" because people who don't usually drink may drink too much at parties during the holiday season. "For a long time, binge drinking can even change the electrical pulse process that drives the heart to beat, resulting in arrhythmia." As we all know, alcohol can cause serious - and very embarrassing - sexual dysfunction. But in addition to erectile dysfunction and inability to reach orgasm, sucking also lowers testosterone. In addition, according to Sarah Suzuki, a registered clinical social worker and drug abuse consultant who specializes in alcohol moderation management consulting, drinking just five glasses a week also reduces the quality and quantity of sperm. " Zinc is not absorbed, leading to malformed "heads and tails," or even embryos that cannot survive, leading to miscarriages, "she explained. But it's not just men who have fertility problems because of alcohol. Some studies in the past 20 years have found that the increase of women's drinking is related to the decrease of their fertility.

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3. "Unfortunately, when it comes to the effective metabolism of alcohol, women do have more severe fatty liver disease," Suzuki explained, which is why she said they may be more likely to develop fatty liver disease than men. Fatty liver occurs when fat accumulates in the liver, as the name suggests. Although a little fat is normal, more than 5% to 10% fat is abnormal. The disease is most common in people who drink too much and may not have any symptoms other than feeling tired (easily confused with a hangover). According to, abstinence can often reverse fatty liver disease if the condition has not worsened. According to Dr. Gary heitin, senior editor of all about vision, an eye care provider, drinking is one of the eight major causes of small eye contractions. " "If you've recently increased your alcohol intake, it can cause eyelid twitches," he said. Fortunately, eye twitches are rarely serious, although annoying, but usually disappear once you change the behavior that causes them. "


5. Arthritis

"alcohol can increase inflammation in the body. So if you have arthritis, drinking can aggravate the symptoms, "said Jennifer casetta, a clinical nutritionist and personal trainer. She explained that joint pain increases when you drink a lot, but the amount necessary is different for everyone, depending on the stage of arthritis and the level of pain you feel. For some, it could be a one night drink; for others, it could be more.

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6. The adrenal gland is our body's hormonal drive: in addition to sex hormones, they monitor glucocorticoids (especially cortisol), which affect blood sugar, inflammation and immunity, and mineral corticoids (including aldosterone), which regulate blood pressure and body fluid balance. " "Alcohol can cause stress and depletion in your adrenals," said Gabrielle Francis, a neurologist, chiropractor and acupuncturist. Even if you eat healthy, a night of binge drinking - especially if you drink a sugary cocktail and don't have enough food - can cause temporary hypoglycemia (hypoglycemia) and even damage your body's hormonal response to hypoglycemia. According to Swanwick, even if you only drink one glass a day, your blood sugar will drop, which will make you more eager for unhealthy, sugary and carbohydrate foods. Another way alcohol can make you crave sugary foods is because it promotes the growth of sugar Da, "said Francis. "Candida is a normal group of yeasts that co-exist harmoniously with probiotics or good bacteria (called GALT) on the inner wall of our digestive tract," she explained. When you drink too much alcohol, Candida can get out of control and become an "opportunistic infection." She explains that excessive growth of Candida can lead to a constant thirst for alcohol, sugar and carbohydrates, and that you may experience symptoms such as weight gain, tissue swelling, allergies, skin infections, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, fatigue, frequent infections, and sinus congestion.

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8. Acid reflux occurs when acid enters the esophagus upward, causing heartburn and other uncomfortable reactions. Dr. Damon Ruskin, a certified physician and diplomat with the American addiction Medical Council, said that even two to three drinks a day can cause acid reflux. However, research shows that the results are contradictory in terms of which type of alcohol is the main culprit in this situation. Some people find that spirits are the worst criminals, and wine has little effect. Monitoring your reaction to a drink may be the best way to determine.


9. skinZibora shainhos, M.D., a dermatologist certified by the Committee and attending physician at the University of Southern California, said that alcohol can cause serious skin diseases: "alcohol can cause psoriasis, worsen the condition of people prone to psoriasis, and alcohol can cause alcohol residue nose. She said. But even a single drink, she explains, can lead to bruises on the skin and thinning of blood - even for those who are usually not easily abraded - impairing your ability to clot within hours of sucking. What do you think of it? Do you drink alcohol? Did the effect of alcohol surprise you? Have you ever experienced these health problems because of drinking? What is your typical weekly alcohol consumption? Please let us know in the comments below.

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