How to snack like a nutritionist when traveling

travel can bring pressure in many aspects, from flight delay to baggage loss. When you're in a hurry, tired or hungry, it's harder to say no to chips, candy and other unhealthy snacks. But in order to keep your body at its best and avoid that terrible holiday puddle, it's important to eat consciously when you're on the road. Do you need some ideas for snacks? Twelve nutritionists share their snacks, allowing them to maintain proper nutrition, satisfaction and less stress during the trip.

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1. Grilled chickpeas can save a lot of time and money, especially when you're traveling. " If I don't plan ahead and put my snacks in a small refrigerator or picnic basket for the family to travel, we usually have to buy some snacks that are not very delicious at the gas station. My packaged homemade snacks usually include roasted chickpeas, "said Holley Grainger, MD, a culinary nutrition expert and the Holley Grainger nutrition blogger. Roasted chickpeas are rich in protein and fiber, which is a convenient and healthy snack. Roasted chickpeas are easy to make. "You just need a little salt and olive oil," explained Granger. Hemp seeds are sometimes called hemp heart. Hemp seeds can be pressed into oil, ground into protein powder or made into milk. Or, in the case of convenient travel, hemp seeds can be sprinkled on food. " "Hemp seeds enhance any diet by providing plant protein, fiber, and omega fatty acids," said Ashley koff, founder of "better nutrition simplification." If I can't choose carbohydrates, I'll add them to a pack of organic oats, then have a cup of espresso or tea, and enjoy delicious nutritious snacks immediately. "If you're worried that flying too high in the air will have a mental effect, don't worry. Although cannabis seeds are an edible part of cannabis plants, they do not contain the active drug (THC) found in cannabis leaves. Now let's hear why the obsession with "happiness" in the U.S. has put us under pressure.

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3. Raw vegetables and almond butter, whether you're hungry or bored, eating something can help you meet your constant snack needs. " On a short trip, my snack is raw crispy vegetables, like carrots and celery, as an alternative to French fries. I brought natural almond butter to dip in, "said Jim White, RDN, ACSM exercise physiologist and owner of Jim White's Fitness Nutrition studio. Fiber, protein and healthy fat are key to satisfying hunger and preventing recurrence on the road. " Another portable option includes dried fruits or vegetables, such as dried peas, mangoes, or carrots. For some extra proteins, combine them with some seeds or nuts.

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4. Matcha green tea is as important as a healthy diet when traveling. In addition to water, some nutritionists are looking for drinks with additional medicinal value. " I just found match green tea. Now I don't drink it when I travel. Travel (especially driving) requires concentration, "said Sarah Jane Bedwell, the host of cooking with Sarah Jane. If you drive, make iced or hot tea in advance. Flying? Because air travel confiscates liquids, bring some tea bags on board or when you arrive at your destination.

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5. Mixed nuts are rich in nutrition and easy to carry. Nuts are the staple food of many travel nutritionists. " I always bring a small bag of nuts, such as almonds, peanuts or pistachios. "They can improve protein, healthy fat and fiber content, and if I miss a meal or need an intermediary to pick me up, they can help me feel satisfied," said Sharon Palmer, a plant power nutritionist and author of plant power for life and a plant power nutritionist. Look for a single fast food meal.

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6. Healthy dried meat is a popular combination of protein and fiber snacks for nutritionists, because these nutrients help you feel full for a longer time. " When traveling, I always bring healthy chicken or dried Turkey and an apple. These foods do not need to be refrigerated; they are light and portable; they provide protein and fiber that stabilize blood sugar and mood, "said Misti gueron, M.S., RDN, a medical nutrition therapist at the Halley center. But because many dried meat brands have a high sodium content, look for low sodium varieties, or make sure to eat low sodium foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, to balance your sodium intake throughout the day.

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7) dark chocolate

this may be a snack suggestion without a lot of arm twisting: dark chocolate. " In addition to being delicious and decadent, studies have shown that natural compounds in dark chocolate can enhance mood, including relieving anxiety and inducing calmness - helping cautious travelers. I usually work on flights or trains, too, and dark chocolate helps improve cognitive function, "said Cynthia sass, author of" lose weight now: lose weight with a pulse - new super food. " She cautioned: the amount of chocolate is the key to any kind of chocolate. The serving gram of dark chocolate is an ounce and contains 170 calories.

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8. Sunflower seed butter sandwich My traveling snack is a sandwich with sunflower seed butter (sometimes peanut butter) on whole wheat bread. According to the flight time, I can add banana slices or not. I like this option because its shelf is stable, easy to assemble, delicious and healthy, said: "Van Dana Xie, RDN, CDE, spokesperson of the school of nutrition and nutrition. Be sure to look at the nutrition label, because the brand of sunflower jam varies with the sugar content. Don't eat more than two grams of sugar at a time.

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9. Energy bars

when more and more companies launch energy bars with a small amount of natural ingredients and no added sugar,There are still plenty of energy bars on the market that are no better for you than candy bars. A nutritionist explained her best choice: "there are several reasons why I take a good bar with me. I can see the contents from the transparent wrapping paper. I'm also calm to know that I've got a range of nutrients, including protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats, which help keep me full, satisfied and balanced, "said Bonnie Taub Dix, RDN, founder of and author of" reading before meals. "

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10. Fruit and cheese

whether you like apples, bananas, hearts or grapes, fruit is a water and nutrition rich travel choice. If you want to eat a richer snack, you can mix it with some protein to enhance the endurance. " Every time I travel, I bring a piece of fruit and a baby cheese. "Both are easy to carry and easy to enjoy on the road," said Keri Gans of RDN, the author of change diet. Before I get to my destination, the combination of fiber in the fruit and protein in the cheese helps to satisfy my hunger. " What snacks do you like to eat when traveling? Do you eat well on the road? Share your thoughts in the comments area!

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