How to avoid sports related bursts

exercise is good for your body, but it can also be very hard for your biggest organ, skin. Sunscreen, sweat and regular gym dirt can clog your pores, causing acne and other blemishes on your face and body. But don't be afraid, because you're about to get expert advice from dermatologists, trainers, and beauty experts on how to avoid an outbreak. Keep reading to steal their strategies.

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1. Brian zelickson, a dermatologist and founder of MD complete skincare, said that after every perspiration, wash your face, remove dead skin cells and bacteria with a mild detergent, without irritating the skin. If you don't, your pores may be clogged with a sticky mixture of sweat, cosmetics, grease and debris. " Not washing your face and body after exercise can lead to acne, bacteria and inflammation, "he said. Try anti-aging recovery cleanser and make-up remover like MD complete. Be sure to use a gentle and effective moisturizer.

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2. If you can't clean your skin immediately after exercise, use a toner with salicylic acid. "Use them immediately after exercise to remove dirt, prevent outbreaks and inflammation," she said. According to bakshandeh, salicylic acid has been shown to be an efficient substance that can effectively break down substances deep in the pores, which can cause acne. The 2% BHA liquid exfoliation skin care product selected by Bora is a kind of exfoliation product containing salicylic acid.

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3. "After cleaning your skin, use an oil-free, acne resistant, non acne moisturizer that doesn't clog your pores," said Lily menini, a facial designer who has worked with celebrity clients such as Kate Walsh and Katie Perry. "Look for ingredients like benzoyl peroxide to kill bacteria and aloe to reduce inflammation," she said. Never choose a heavy moisturizer. Try to avoid any products containing synthetic pigment additives and flavors. They can aggravate acne. "Just make sure you don't use moisturizers before you stop sweating.

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4. "If you can avoid heavy makeup while exercising, it's a reward for the skin," said facial expert Lili Menni. Without make-up, sweat can more easily drain the pores and help to remove substances from the pores, leading to blackheads, whiteheads, irritation and redness, she said. If your pores get clogged, it will not only contaminate soil, oil and bacteria, but also affect other toxins your body is trying to remove. If you have to make up, Dr. haleh bakshandeh recommends the use of breathable mineral based loose powder.

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5. Let your skin breathe

"the type of sportswear you choose is very different for those with body ulcers," said Lili menini, a facial expert. She recommends wearing breathable sportswear made of natural fabrics such as cotton or hemp. If you're really sweating, the cotton won't cut either, and menini recommends using a moisture wicking fabric that helps absorb moisture but doesn't stick to it. Finally, she said, avoid tights, no matter where you are. " At the same time, remove sweaty clothes as soon as possible to remove dirt and sweat from the skin, "said Dr. zelichson. Remember to exfoliate

celebrity coach Andre orbeck advises her clients to exfoliate two or three times a week. Why is it effective? Exfoliating agents (we like the beauty effects of real (total) body revolution coffee and brown sugar exfoliating agents) remove dead skin cells, otherwise these cells will catch the bacteria that cause acne. " "Exfoliation makes the skin smooth, brightens the dull complexion and reduces pigmentation," says Lili menini. Look for gentle exfoliators, such as those containing enzymes or alpha hydroxyacids, which do not stimulate or stimulate scaling. " Never use towel, loofah or nut based scrub to scrub your acne. This will further irritate your skin and cause infection. "

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). " Trainer Andrea orbek said: "during training, keep your hands away from your face." When you think about how dirty and bacterial all the fitness equipment is, touching your face is like making a acne face for yourself. " She told her client to bring a towel and use it to wipe the sweat off her face and chest. Better yet: bring two little towels. One is used to protect your skin from equipment damage, the other is used to wipe your face and chest. Orbeck also recommends occasional hand washing during exercise and before leaving the gym.

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8. According to trainer Andrea orbeck, wearing a hat in outdoor sports is better than sunscreen in skin care and safety. Anti perspiration, waterproof sunscreen sometimes contains ingredients that block pores. O'beck said wearing a cotton hat or sun hat is the best choice for outdoor sports. When it comes to sunscreen, aim for something lighter. " She said: "after exercise, you can use some good toners / sprays on your face and body, which helps to prevent the formation of nasal mucus." Try the tea tree oil spot treatment

if the breakthrough is very small - just a small pimple here or there - facial expert Lily menini recommends wiping the oil spot directly with tea tree oil stick or cotton swab before and after exercise. " "A lot of my clients are in the same place," she said. This is a very effective control method. " Tea tree oil has antibacterial properties and has been shown to kill bacteria that cause acne. Oil is a good choice for sensitive skin or people who can't use benzoyl peroxide because it has anti-inflammatory effects and doesn't cause peeling.

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10. If your body is prone to hair loss, all of these suggestions can also be applied to acne. Wash immediately after exercise and wash with mild soap. If you can't take a shower immediately, Dr. Haleh Bakshandeh suggests using acne spray containing 2% salicylic acid. They are easy to use on the road, and also easy to use in the back and other hard to reach parts. These sprays can both remove acne and prevent acne. "

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What do you think? Are you prone to explosive training? What did you do in the past to stop them? Have you tried these techniques? What treatments or tips would you add to the list? Share your stories, suggestions and questions in the comments section below!

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