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when you need an on call breakfast (now, when don't you need it?) , a packaged bar is an obvious solution. You don't need cutlery or clutter. You can eat one while driving, walking or on the crowded subway. " "It's not my first choice, but I'd rather have someone go to the bar than not eat breakfast or donuts at all," said R.D. krigans, author of the change diet. Many bars do have some nutritional value, "but not all bars are equal. Here are 10 of the best bars and why they are more eye-catching than other bars.

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1. When looking for breakfast, the first step is to find as many "complete" ingredients as possible. These ingredients should look like recipes you made in the kitchen. "Oh, I can do this myself," said Cynthia sass, author of "lose weight now," which has only three ingredients - almonds, honey and whey protein - and we're pretty sure we can do that. If we have time. (280 calories, 16g fat, 20g protein, 13g sugar) score:

protein is very important in breakfast bar. " It helps you feel full and helps maintain muscle mass, "Gans said. If you can, find a bar with at least 10 grams of protein. Thanks to brown rice gluten, sunflower jam, tahini and three seeds (sunflower, sesame and CHIA), the nutless Brownie like bar packs 15 grams of protein. (230 calories, 8g fat, 15g protein, 13g sugar.)

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3. According to Gans, rxbar coffee chocolate

fiber is another key nutrient for breakfast bar. " "Ordinary people don't eat enough," she explained. It helps you feel satisfied because it digests slower than other carbohydrates, it keeps us on track and may help prevent high cholesterol, "she added. She suggested that the goal should be no less than 3 grams. The combination of 4G fiber and 12g protein can satisfy you. Who doesn't like the mocha in the morning? (200 calories, 8g fat, 12g protein, 13g sugar.)

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4. Gluten free oatmeal raisins are not enemies! When balanced with protein and fat, they give you sustained energy. Sass recommends looking for bars with 15 to 30 grams of carbohydrates. This gluten free bar (as the name suggests) contains 29 grams of carbohydrates, a mixture of plant protein, Agave, oats, rice bran and fruit. But the smell of cinnamon and vanilla is what you really like. (220 calories, 7g fat, 12g protein, 18G sugar.)


5. You may be curious about sugar, but as long as you follow other nutrition guidelines, our experts will not be so worried. " The only sugar we really want people to watch or limit is sugar, "sass said. Fortunately, the new nutrition label will list the added sugar. Companies must update their labels by late July 2018, but the variety of snacks has changed. This crisp, vanilla rich bar has 4 grams of total sugar - only 2 of them are added sugar! (210 calories, 16g fat, 7g protein, 4G sugar.)

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6. The perfect bar fruit and nuts

the hardest thing to eat in a bar for breakfast is to eat enough calories. " "This is one time," Gans said. "The less, the better. A 150 calorie bar is a great snack, but if you eat it in the morning, you'll be hungry again in an hour. However, the perfect bar itself may have enough calories to get you to lunch - especially because it's also rich in protein and healthy fats. In general, sass said, if a bar contains the protein, carbohydrate and fat recommended by nutritionists, it should also contain enough calories. (330 calories, 18G fat, 16g protein, 19g sugar.)

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7. Original kitchen coconut cashew bar

the final macro nutrient you want to check is fat. Sass recommends 8 to 15 grams of healthy fat from whole foods such as nuts and seeds. This ancient friendly bar not only has pumpkin seeds, cashew nuts and coconuts for healthy fat, but also contains collagen for protein. (220 calories, 14 grams of fat, 15 grams of protein, 3 grams of sugar.)

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8. Kit's organic peanut butter & nut bar

here's a way to find a bar with enough protein: if you want a bar without adding protein powder, it's really hard to reach 10g. So if you find a whole one that you don't have, go with a high protein diet, Gans and sass say. This set of organic food is made of jujube, peanut, almond and sea salt. It tastes like soft peanut butter biscuit. Since dairy products are used for biscuits, why not add latte or Greek yogurt? (210 calories, 11g fat, 6G protein, 20g sugar.)

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9. Some people will see 20 grams of sugar and go crazy. But Gans said, "always see where the sugar comes from." So let's look at the ingredients here: almonds, dates, bananas. That's it. All the sugar comes from fruit. It's much better than syrup and sugar. If you see more than three kinds of sugar in a bar, put it back - it's a piece of candy, not for breakfast. Remember to mix this natural high fiber bar with high protein food. (230 calories, 11g fat, 6G protein, 20g sugar.)

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10. Now you know what nutrition and ingredients to look for in the breakfast bar. But it doesn't matter if you gobble up like you do in a competitive eating competition. " If you eat a bar when you are distracted, you will feel yourselfNothing to eat. Then you can have another meal and two breakfasts at work. " So slowly eat all these bars, including this crunchy and chewy delicacy, including sprouted nuts and cocoa beans. (230 calories, 17 grams of fat, 5 grams of protein, 8 grams of sugar.)

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What do you think? What's your favorite healthy breakfast? Please let us know your suggestion in the comments!

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