Six of the worst foods and five of the best before sex

it's date night. Before you put on your clothes to go out, you've already focused on the sexy play you want to follow. Eating together can be a great foreplay, bringing pleasure and a sense of connection before it gets hot and heavy. However, by choosing the wrong food, you may end up feeling anything but your mood. Read on to learn about foods that may light or extinguish your sexual fire.

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1. Worst case scenario: beans may be natural, but not ideal for sex. Although beans are rich in protein and antioxidants, unfortunately, they also inflate in many people. They contain a lot of soluble fiber and a natural sugar called raffinose, both of which trigger gas production during digestion. The same is true of lentils. Therefore, for a non assembled vegetable protein substitute, baked tofu or roasted tofu can be used instead. Lean meat and fish are also good choices. Trust us, your partner will thank you! Now listen to the following: why the obsession with "happiness" in the United States makes us feel pressured.

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2. The worst case scenario is: chili peppers

if you are one of more than 60 million adults in the United States, you will experience acid reflux every month. Eating chili peppers and other food that will cause symptoms will make your sexual life very unpleasant. " If you're lying in a relationship, the last thing you want is gastric acid. "A big meal or a meal you can't stand can make things worse," says dietician Keith Thomas Ayub. Other potential food culprits include coffee, citrus fruits, tomatoes, garlic, onions and fried foods. Make a note of what foods can cause you to lose control of your emotions and then avoid eating for at least a few hours before you get close.

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3. Worst of all: garlic, even if it's not easy to burn your heart, you can avoid eating garlic before having sex. Garlic tends to produce a strong odor in your body, which can become particularly noticeable because your body is warm or sweaty. It can also make the smell and taste of semen less attractive. The same with onions. However, the effect of smell on people is different. Some people find the smell of garlic exciting. Men who eat garlic are considered more attractive, according to a study published in February 2016 in the journal appetite. But if you don't want to take the risk, stick to less stimulating vegetables and condiments before you get close. For example, use oregano and basil instead of garlic to season rice and fish, and celery for onions.

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4. The worst: Bacon

this is another reason to eat tofu: fat meat like bacon may make you and your lover smell and taste uncomfortable. In a study published in the October 2006 issue of the journal chemical senses, participants ate vegetarians or non vegetarians for two weeks. When odor samples are collected and tested, non meat eaters are considered to be more pleasant and attractive than meat eaters. Because smell plays an important role in taste - think about how tasteless the foods that make you smell less attractive when you eat cold foods - these foods can also cause the taste to be less pleasant. Fatty meat can also cause or cause inflammation, which can affect blood flow and increase the risk of heartburn and acid reflux. Other high-fat meats include fried chicken and pork sausages.

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5. Worst of all: steak and potatoes

it's better to eat a small amount all day than to save appetite for dinner. If you've had a big meal like steak and potatoes in front of your bedroom with your partner, you'll end up sleeping better than having sex. " A big meal will really make you tired. "Think about Thanksgiving," says dietician Keith Thomas Ayub. "This is the time you want to bring your game with you." If you're really hungry for dinner, remove it with a dinner salad or a large glass of water. A study published in the February 2012 issue of the journal appetite showed that eating a salad at a meal reduced calorie intake by 11%. Because it's easy to mistake thirst for hunger, water (or other calorie free drinks such as tea) can also help reduce snacks.

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6. Worst case scenario: soda water

when you sip, adding air bubbles to soda water will also add air to your body, which will cause uncomfortable flatulence - a major pastime. Although a small amount of sparkling wine may not make a big difference, drinking soda and other carbonated drinks (such as energy drinks, tonic water and champagne) before sex can make you swell and burp between kisses. In addition, studies in animals have shown that a substance called quinine in rehydration may temporarily reduce testosterone levels. The same can happen to humans. Choose a flat drink, such as water, tea or a moderate amount of wine.

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1. Best: beets

you may want to make a Beet Salad before you undress. Chris Shuff, a registered nutritionist in Florida, said both the clitoris and the penis need to be full to achieve that happy ending. The rich content of nitrate in beet can help to achieve this goal and transport the blood to the urgently needed place. Shufu suggested eating beets several times a day and starting work 90 minutes later. Maximum potential benefits. Enjoy by yourself, mix with other vegetables or make juice or smoothie. Don't you like beets? Celery is a low calorie, hydrated alternative that will keep you fresh when you have sex.

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2. Best: rice is your body's main source of fuel, and you definitely want plenty of energy in your bedroom. However, if you are prone to gas production, choose carbohydrates wisely. Most starchy foods naturally trigger a certain amount of gas during digestion. But there is good news: rice is a kind of starch in the bodyIt will not produce any gas, making it an ideal sexual pre choice. Steamed or boiled rice - preferably brown or wild - is served with non sterile vegetables such as peppers, lettuce, zucchini and okra. For sex friendly proteins, rice can be paired with grilled or grilled fish, such as salmon, trout or albacore. Omega-3 in oily fish is good for heart health and blood circulation.


3. Best: dark chocolate

due to the natural substance flavanol in cocoa, these dark chocolate hearts may be sweeter than your taste buds. " In fact, there are good studies that support dark chocolate to improve blood flow, "said Keith Thomas Ayub, a registered dietitian and associate clinical professor at Albert Einstein School of medicine. This is important because circulation plays an important role in arousal, allowing blood to flow to your genitals, increasing the size and feel of the penis and clitoris. A study published in the American Journal of clinical nutrition in January 2016 showed that high intake of flavonol rich foods was associated with a lower likelihood of erectile dysfunction. To eat a small portion of high-quality chocolate, at least 70% cocoa content.

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4. Best: eating fresh pineapple before sex may make oral games sweeter. Despite the lack of clinical research, many people report that eating pineapple a few hours before sex can make ejaculation taste better. Other sweets include mangoes, bananas and dates. You can also mix them into smoothies. Fresh fruits and smoothies provide valuable moisture and reduce the risk of potential buzz, such as allergies caused by headaches or dehydration. In addition, carbohydrates and fiber in fruits can help you stay active, which is essential when you are in a good mood.

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5. Best choice: for many people, red wine is just as much a part of a romantic dinner as something on the plate, says registered dietitian Keith Thomas Ayub. A moderate amount of red wine may help your mood. A study published in the October 2009 issue of the Journal of sexual medicine found a link between regular moderate consumption of red wine by women and increased libido, lubrication and overall sexual function. Although other alcoholic beverages may have similar effects, wine contains flavonol, which is good for heart health, and can increase blood circulation. But ayob warned against drinking too much. " Alcohol can inhibit the central nervous system, too much alcohol can interfere with intimacy and even lead to drowsiness. "

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What do you think? What's your favorite pre sex food? What food do you avoid? Please let us know in the comments below!

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