Eight ways dogs can change your life

There are very few things in life that bring happiness and happiness like keeping a dog. As the best friend of mankind for more than 33000 years, our dog friends surpass everything for us, whether they provide comfort and companionship or play an important role in emergency services. Keeping a dog requires a lot of care and responsibility, but in return, you will get unconditional love, dedication and one of the most rewarding relationships you can have. Here are eight ways to make your life better.

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1. You will be better.

dogs need exercise - 30 minutes to 2 hours a day, depending on their size and age. Walking is good not only for them, but also for the dog owners. The health benefits of a 30 minute walk should not be underestimated: according to the U.S. Department of health and human services, a 30 minute walk a day can help reduce the risk of high blood pressure, certain cancers, type 2 diabetes and depression. So it's a bit like having a built-in fitness partner, even if it's a fuzzy one. They will introduce you to new friends. It's like having a child. Dog keeping can be a motivation to find yourself in a new social circle. Even if you walk in the street, you will find that other dog owners will smile and nod, and even start to discuss the breed, behavior and other specific topics of the dog. Remember: your dog's neighbors may be better than shouting when they're looking for the friendliest neighborhood veterinarian or the best place for dressing or lodging. Before you know it, you'll get a good company during half an hour of dog walking. Now listen to me: why the obsession with "happiness" in the United States is completely stressful. They teach you responsibility and compassion. Caring for your pet forces you to think about the needs of another creature. According to an article in the Washington Post, there is a lot of research supporting how dog ownership promotes compassion, especially in children. OK? Because dogs cannot speak, dog owners are forced to read their pets' nonverbal cues to understand their needs and communicate with them. This is particularly beneficial for children, who are developing empathy skills and learning how to read nonverbal cues from pets and people. Taking care of pets (such as feeding and walking dogs) is a good way to teach children to be responsible. They relieve the symptoms of depression and anxiety. A leading-edge article in psychology has studied a series of studies on the influence of human animal interaction on social behavior. In particular, one study found that depression in sanatorium residents decreased after a boarding dog was admitted, and many studies have similar results. Obviously, keeping a dog will positively affect your endocrine response, promote the production of feel good hormones such as cortisol, adrenaline and noradrenaline, so as to reduce the pressure.

read more: 14 amazing foods to help relieve stress 5. They make you happy. Many studies have shown that the interaction between humans and dogs can produce the same physiological response in the interaction between humans. In a particular case, an article in Scientific American found that compared with dog owners who stare at each other for a long time, oxytocin (also known as "cuddle hormone") in their urine is higher, while dog owners stare at their eyes for a shorter time. One of the sentences in the article is: "the gaze between the dog and the person who takes care of them produces a physiological characteristic very similar to that observed between the mother and the baby. This kind of overlap helps us to have a strong and deep-rooted relationship with dogs as well. They can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. We've determined how dogs help you reduce stress and force you to exercise, but another great health benefit is that people who have dogs tend to have lower blood pressure than people who don't have them. A comprehensive article published by the Harvard School of health mentions several studies that support this. " The power of touch seems to be an important part of this "pet effect." Several studies have shown that when a person has a dog, blood pressure drops, the article wrote. It also cited evidence of lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels in dog owners. Read more: 20 foods can make your cold worse. They can strengthen your immune system. Scientists at the University of Arizona are working on a study to show that dog kisses can slightly boost our immune system. Scientists pay special attention to healthy adults aged 50 and over, who believe that living with dogs will promote the growth of positive microorganisms in the human gut, like a probiotic or yogurt, except in the form of dog kisses. Existing research also shows that dogs and their owners share a large number of the same gut bacteria over time. We believe that dogs can be used as probiotics to promote the growth of dogs. The health of bacteria in our intestines. These bacteria, or "microflora," are increasingly thought to play a critical role in our physical and mental health, especially as we grow older, "said Dr. Charles raison, the study's lead researcher and a psychiatry UA professor at the medical school.

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8. They can desensitize babies to allergens. Scientists have long tried to find out whether having a dog at home increases or reduces the risk of infant allergies. According to a widely publicized study published in pediatrics, the researchers found that early exposure to pets had nothing to do with the possibility of allergies. In fact, they can even reduce the risk of developing them. " While we do not recommend that a family keep pets to reduce the risk of allergies in children, in most cases keeping pets at home should not be harmful and may help in some cases, "the study said. There is a reason why dogs are regarded as the best friends of human beings! What do you think? Do you have a dog? Would you consider adopting one? Why or why not? Please let us know in the comments below!

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