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Here are some grim statistics: more than two-thirds of American adults are overweight or obese, and more than half are not in line with the CDC's guidelines for physical activity. Although it's a pretty grim picture of American health, what's the matter with maintaining another third of a healthy weight? Why can some people keep healthy while others can't? As life coach Tony Robbins said, "success leaves clues." The following slide shows these clues - top fitness organizations say their most successful clients often practice and demonstrate their behaviors, characteristics and strategies.

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1. They make health a way of life, and those who achieve and maintain a high level of health are not interested in short-term or temporary treatment. You won't find them putting on swimsuits for a week's holiday, taking a perfect instagram selfie, or dieting for six weeks for their 20-year high school reunion. No, on the contrary, healthy people will make it a permanent way of life and give priority in the long run. " "The most successful bodybuilders use training and a nutritious diet as a way of life," said BRET Contreras of CSCs, Arizona's respected strength coach. Of course, they slide like everyone, but don't worry, they train at least a few days a week, 52 weeks a year. " Now listen to how to calm down in 3 minutes. They have a good time. Physical activity is not necessarily synonymous with coolie. It will be interesting if you choose to do so. " The most successful bodybuilders will find pleasure and enjoyment in their fitness journey. In order to keep healthy, they have been trying and doing new things. "Casey thinks that everyday life is the downfall of many people." "Monotony, whether it's planned or self imposed, can derail a lot of people," he said. Find fun in your plans - from learning to cook new foods to exercising with friends to learning new exercises. Focus on some changes and fun to get you fully involved. "

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they follow the 85 / 15 rule and think that it's just a myth that super healthy people don't like to drink a cup every now and then, only eat chicken, broccoli and brown rice. " I've found that one of the things that's more successful in maintaining health and physical fitness is to be moderately nutritious. In other words, they follow the 85 / 15 rule, "said fitness guru Nick tuminello, the boss of performance University. This means that if you eat 85% of the time in a way that emphasizes fruits and vegetables as well as high-quality meat, eggs and fish, while limiting processed foods, simple sugar, hydrogenated oil and alcohol, you can eat whatever you want 15% of the time, "he said. In the real world, it's about one in seven meals.

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4. They make it competitive, and one of the biggest drivers is competition. It doesn't necessarily mean a bodybuilding race, a tough mud race or a 5K race, although it can certainly include these things. The best game is to compete with yourself in the gym. There is a difference between exercise and training. The former exercises without specific plans. The latter is very structured and goal oriented. If you just hang out in the gym and don't have a real purpose, do whatever you want, you may stop because of boredom or lack of results. Bottom line: find your inner athlete, compete with yourself, make a plan, follow the plan, try to improve and keep a good record.

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5. They quickly recovered from the relapse. Fitness enthusiasts are not allowed to completely damage their health by mistake. Mike Howard, the boss of core concepts wellness in Vancouver, British Columbia, noticed that his most successful and healthy clients had a good recurrence plan. Howard said that those who maintain a high level of fitness for a long time, if they deviate from the normal nutrition or miss an exercise, will not be allowed to go to the "gourmet meal" or not to the gym for a month. Smart people don't allow the wheels to be completely off track. " Unfortunately, when it comes to our weight loss and health goals, we adopt a zero or zero mentality. Eat brownie, enjoy every bite, and keep eating. "

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6. They know what they don't know, and if you're not an accountant, you can try to fill out and file your own tax return. Of course, you may only get about 30% accuracy and the risk of being audited. Or you can hire an accountant. The point is: healthy people will follow the advice of experts and are willing to receive guidance. They know what they don't know and seek advice from people familiar with it to get the best results in the shortest time. " "My most successful clients and chiropractors just do what I say and trust my expertise," said Dr. Jason placeway, chiropractor at the lookout chiropractor and sports injury center in Cincinnati, Ohio. They don't allow TV commercials, books they read, or things their neighbors tell them at a picnic to affect them. They don't think they know more than I do, or they can solve the problem themselves. They avoid "analysis paralysis"

if you want to live the healthiest life, your exercise plan needs to be simple and clear. Over analyzing every small aspect of your exercise, trying to take part in too advanced projects, jumping from one project to the next often leads to frustration and confusion. Those who are consistent with their training will make it easy to manage, simple and fun. We all live a busy life, making things too complicated in the gym can lead to exhaustion and apathy. Lee Boyce, fitness writer and strength coach, advises not to focus on technology. " "If you're always nitpicking, it just eats you," he said. Keep your mind simple and look for basic solutions. "

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8. They don't look at exerciseIt's a way to lose weight. The most successful customers don't see exercise as a way to lose weight. Instead, they measured the strength and performance of the training program, not how much weight they lost. Those who see value in exercise understand the role of nutrition in weight loss (it's huge! Don't stop training because the scale doesn't change much. The main reason of fat reduction is to accept the change of diet. The main goal of a good training program is to improve physical quality and performance. If you adopt this way of thinking, you will be much happier and more in line with your exercise plan.

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