7 ways to control yourself even in the most difficult situations

what would happen if you had more self-control? Can you achieve your fitness goals? Easing tensions? Finally no longer procrastinating on the work plan? Although it seems impossible to get more discipline than you already have, willpower can be exercised as regularly as muscles. There are several ways to gain control when you really need it. When it comes to diet, exercise, anger, and so on, here are some common "tempting" scenarios, followed by tips on how to increase determination.

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1. To resist junk food, from grocery stores to fast food ads, one thing is for sure: junk food is everywhere. Overcome the temptation of unhealthy food by changing your self-talk. First, stop thinking about "I can't eat this" (unhealthy things) and replace it with "I can eat that" (healthy things), says naturopathy and chef Kelly Milligan. It eliminates the sense of limitations and gives you a more stress free, positive mindset. Next, forget the desire in front of you and ask yourself, "how will I feel after eating this?" Can this help me get closer to my goal? " In this way, you are changing your approach from marking food as "good" or "bad" at will to focusing on the value of certain foods to your body.

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2. One of the ways to motivate yourself to go to the gym is to put on your gym clothes! A study published in the Journal of experimental social psychology in 2012 found that it can give you motivation to start acting. Or not? Tell yourself that you only need 5 to 10 minutes of exercise. Once you start working, you will be surprised at how you feel.

and remind yourself why you want to start working. Whether your goal is to increase physical strength, lose weight, recover from an injury or become healthier, each goal has to do with specific emotions. Dig deep and imagine what it would be like if your goals were achieved today. Bonus: exercise can increase your willpower in other areas of your life!

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3. Stop snacking late at night. When your forthright willpower is not enough to stop you from eating a whole bag of chips (or overeating), creating new habits is the way. The first thing to do: keep energetic all day, so that you don't "starve" at night.

then find something distracting from the idea of food: chat with a friend, stretch out or read a book. Or try brushing your teeth. If your mouth is peppermint, you don't want to eat it. If you are really hungry, try some fruit. The American Psychological Association points out that glucose (as in fruit) is the fuel of the brain, and that self-control reduces blood sugar levels. It's natural to control the outburst of anger. But it's important how you deal with that emotion. It all starts with thinking before speaking or acting. Ask yourself if what you are going to say will make the situation better or worse. Or pause. You can use the old trick of counting to 10 before you speak. It allows your brain to maintain a certain emotional distance and focus on other things. If you're still excited, try exercise. In an article in psychology today, Nathaniel Tom, a stress physiologist, said exercise helps to dispel the build-up of anger. Exercise elevates the feel good hormones in your brain and brings a sense of peace to your body. When you calm down, you can find a solution to express your feelings in an unproven state.

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5. Don't doze off the button is not a self-control friend. Mel Robbins, the author of the five second rule, says how you wake up and spend the first 30 minutes of the morning determines your day's productivity. Mel said, first of all, get up, get up, do everything in the presence. (in other words, put down your phone!) According to Robbins, if you have the urge to accomplish a goal, you have to exercise within five seconds, or your brain will kill the idea. So within five seconds of your alarm, jump up and get out of bed! Next, start thinking about what positive things this extra morning time will bring to your day. You've set the tone for the whole day before you know it!


6. If you feel you need more control over your spending department, writing down everything you buy is a great way to know exactly how much and where you spend it. At the end of each month, take a look at your list to see which expenditures are "needs" and which expenditures are "needs," says Paula pant, a financial expert and creator of the website Add up the total amount of "want" and imagine saving for an emergency fund or a memorable family holiday. It will also show you other bad habits, such as buying junk food or always ordering lunch at work.

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7. Truly achieve your goal

set your goal on the vision board that you can see every day. This can be hung on the wall next to the TV or at the door of your home, so you can always use your vision to remind you what your goal is. Read it out loud and tell yourself you can do it because you can. Another way to ensure success is to keep it simple in all areas. If it's too overwhelming, you're at a loss. There should be a step-by-step attitude, and we should celebrate our success every day. Self control brings a sense of achievement. If you have achievements, you have confidence. This cycle helps you to keep achieving your goals. The other simple way to gain more self-control in any field of life is to get enough sleep. A 2011 study published in the journal organizational behavior and human decision-making process found that individuals with sleep deprivation were more likely to succumb to impulsive desire, inattention and suspicious decision-making. Basically, when our brain gets rest and fullWhen it comes to electricity, it's much easier to make the right choice. You may know from experience!

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and How do you evaluate your self-control ability? In which aspect of your life are you the most difficult to control yourself? What did you do to strengthen your willpower? Have you tried anything on the list? What else would you like to add? Share your thoughts and questions in the comments below!

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