Ten of the least flatulent foods

you can change clothes a hundred times, but once you look and feel bloated, there is nothing you can do. Fortunately, you can prevent this tragic moment by avoiding certain foods. Here are 10 kinds of food and drink to stimulate flatulence, which can reduce or completely avoid flatulence, so you can feel more comfortable and look the best.

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1. Carbonated drinks

for many people, frothy drinks like Lacroix, seltzer and club soda are the main food in summer, but they are also the main cause of abdominal swelling. " "Bubbles from carbonation can get trapped in your stomach, creating gases," said Samantha cassetty, M.S., RD, a nutrition and communications consultant. To achieve a delicious hydration without bubbles, Cassetti recommends using vanilla or fruit to strengthen plain, flat water. " Strawberries and basil are a refreshing combination, but lemon slices and lime slices are also an easy way to add flavor, "she said. Try your own combination, like blueberry with mint or ginger with pineapple. You can also freeze some fruits, herbs or spices in an ice tray. They will keep you fresh and will flavor your water as it melts.

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2. Sugar alcohol

if you pay attention to your waistline, you can reach for sugar free baked goods, candy or energy bars. But many of these products contain sugar alcohols, including sorbitol, xylitol, lactose alcohol, mannitol, erythritol and maltitol, which are low in calories, but may cause gas and flatulence in some people.

glycols are part of a class of compounds called fodmaps, which represent fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides and polyols. These compounds are absorbed around the small intestine and transferred to the large intestine, where bacteria use them as a source of food. " Rachel started, a nutrition advocate and consultant, said bacteria ferment them, causing some people to develop bloating and abdominal pain, adding that everyone's tolerance to sugar and alcohol is different. To test your body's response, look for sugars in the ingredients list of packaged foods. If you find yourself feeling a little bloated, replace the sugary foods with individually packaged dark chocolate or frozen grapes. Now listen to : why is the obsession of Americans with "happiness" completely stressful? Coffee

drinking coffee may be your favorite way to start the day, but it can also be a chronic cause of puffiness. " "Caffeine in coffee can lead to an increase in gastric acid levels, which can stimulate the stomach and can lead to bloating, especially if you drink coffee on an empty stomach," said Jackie Newgent, a culinary nutritionist and author of the all natural diabetes diet. Coffee is also a factor. " If you add milk to your coffee, but you have lactose intolerance, it can also cause bloating if you don't digest lactose properly, "explains Nugent. If coffee stimulates your stomach, a trendy alternative is frozen taurine lattes. Use a cup of vegetable milk (such as almonds or coconuts) and a few teaspoons of honey, a quarter teaspoon of freshly ground ginger root and ground turmeric, shake up a handful of ice, and then a little black pepper and cinnamon. Read more: 12 of the worst coffee drink points credit card: Twenty20 / @ thekoco

4. Salty snacks

beach day, picnic and backyard barbecue usually include bowl salty snacks, such as pretzels. But these delicious foods may make you feel a little uncomfortable. " "Salty foods encourage your body to stay hydrated, and excess water makes you feel and look bloated," said Samantha kasetti, a nutrition consultant. She pointed out that in our diet, at least 75% of sodium comes from packaged and processed foods, making foods such as chips and biscuits the main cause of flatulence. To avoid this effect, compare the nutrition labels on the market to make your food more selective. For example, a Nacho cheese tortilla (about 11 slices) contains more than 200 milligrams of sodium (9% of your daily value), compared with 75 milligrams (3%) in nearly four popcorn cups. Apple is an undeniable healthy snack, but what you may not expect is that apple can also cause abdominal distention. Why? They're on the fodmaps list. " Fodmaps land in the large intestine, where bacteria eat them up and cause bloating, which you may notice, "said Rachel Meltzer Warren, M.M., RDN, a nutritionist in New Jersey and author of the adolescent gut health guidelines. Other healthy, high fodmaps foods include wholemeal bread, onions and mangoes. Surprised? If you're fighting chronic abdominal distension, you might want to take a look at the entire fodmaps list. " Take a look at a book about the low FODMAP diet, or the low FODMAP diet app at Monash University. The application classifies food through a green, yellow, and red system, so you can not only know which foods to avoid, but also choose.

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6. Diet foods containing sucralose

if you choose diet or low calorie summer foods, such as yogurt, frozen soda and gelatin, you may be ready to let your stomach swell. This is because many of these foods contain artificial sweetener sucralose. " Although the exact mechanism underlying this phenomenon is unclear, what we know is that in a mouse study, sucralose was found to alter the microbial composition of the gut, reducing "good" bacteria, "said Jackie Nugent of RDN. In order to avoid this kind of influence, become a firm label detective. Sucralose can lurk in unexpected foods like Cereals, bread, and English muffins. You can also choose self-made frozen foods that do not contain three sucralose, such as pure yogurt with a teaspoon of honey and fruit paste frozen with foam.

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7. Broccoli, as a member of the cruciferous vegetable family, is a nutritious anti-inflammatory protective agent and an effective anti-cancer drug. Broccoli does contain raffinose, however, which is an indigestible carbonWater compounds, like fodmaps, are swallowed by bacteria in the colon, releasing gases that can cause some bloating, "said nutritionist Rachel meltz Warren. In order to adapt to this superfood without having an unnecessary impact, Merz Warren suggests working slowly from a small part to a large part to find your limits. " "Never cut broccoli out of your diet in the name of a less bloated stomach," melzewarren urged. Instead, let your body direct you to the right amount and frequency.

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you may be all ROS é and margs, but any kind of alcohol intake will cause serious damage to your digestive system. " Because alcohol is an irritant, it can cause bloating, especially if you have symptoms like irritable bowel syndrome, "said Jackie Nugent of RDN. She added that some alcoholic beverages (such as beer and hard Lemonade) also contain gluten, which can cause bloating in people who are sensitive or intolerant to gluten. Fortunately, most people can prevent severe abdominal distention by avoiding the double impact of alcohol combined with another digestive stimulant. These include carbonation, salted edges and a diet mixer. Your best choice is a flat belly, including a moderate amount of non sparkling wine or white wine (gluten removed during distillation) and 100% juice. Natural ingredients such as mint, basil and ginger can also be good condiments.

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9. Sugar free gum

if you often spit sugar free gum in your mouth, you may sacrifice comfort to breathe fresh air. " Any gum that you swallow naturally, because you chew. "Every mouthful of gum can cause abdominal swelling," says nutritionist Rachel meltz Warren. She added that sugar free gum usually contains glycols, a fodmaps compound that also causes bloating. "

" if your gum contains an ingredient that ends in '- ol', such as sorbitol or xylitol, then it has a greater chance of increasing your flatulence, "explains melts Warren. To avoid this effect, reduce chewing. Submit the maximum number of works per day, such as five, and then reduce the quota by one day every few days. Soon you won't need gum and your stomach will flatten.

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10. Busy summers do not lead to meal breaks or long breaks between them, but in fact, lack of food may be a potential culprit for inflation. " There are two sides to the problem, "said Cassetti. She explained that many people who don't eat eat eat gum or drink heavily to divert hunger, which can make you swallow too much air. This air curls up in your digestive system, causing more gas in your stomach, which makes you feel bloated. Another problem, says Cassetti, is that not eating makes your digestive system uncomfortable and slows it down. " "This can lead to constipation, which is the main cause of bloating," warns Samantha kasetti, a nutrition consultant. If you are too busy to sit down to eat, take healthy snacks with you, such as nuts or roasted chickpeas, so you never have to.

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What do you think? Are you fighting chronic abdominal distention? Please leave a message below. Share how your dietary changes can reduce your symptoms and help you feel more carefree. Your experience may help motivate and motivate others.

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