Need a reason for it to start in the morning? Here are seven!

ah, morning - when you get some solid rest and a new day waiting for a happy time. Or is it a stressful time, when you doze off again and again, when long to-do items consume your brain? No matter what your situation, sex can make you happy every morning. And not only is it fun to have sex in the morning, it also has some important health benefits. Read on to learn about seven of the most powerful, sexologist approved ways your morning satisfaction can improve your health.

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1. A study published in the 2014 sage Journal of Psychological Science showed that frequent hugs reduced stress and the risk of infection. Sensory contact during the morning's sexy hours provides similar benefits by keeping stress to a minimum and triggering the release of oxytocin, or adhesin. " When you experience oxytocin release at any time, doing it in the morning helps you maximize the benefits. " Kait scalisi (MPH), a sex educationist in New York State, said. How? " "Injecting oxytocin early in the day can boost your mood and make you feel more loving to your boyfriend throughout the day," she said. Having more excitement and fun at night can be hot, but sometimes at the end of a long day, you may be too tired to really enjoy it. That's why many people like to get up early because they feel refreshed after a good night's rest. In fact, some scientists believe that wake-up during REM sleep is a way for the body to increase blood flow to obtain healthier reproductive tissue. Blood flow is not the only thing that makes you blink. " "People with penises have the highest testosterone levels in the morning," scalisi said. That means they're going to be sexier and can last longer. It may even make them more adventurous. " Now listen to me: why the obsession with "happiness" in the United States is completely stressful. Healthy hair, skin and nails can also boost estrogen levels, which could lead to some important beauty benefits, according to scalisi. The higher the estrogen level, the cleaner the skin, the brighter the hair and the stronger the nails. " If you think it sounds like the benefits of taking birth control pills, that's right! " She added. Synthetic estrogen has the same effect on your body. " (that's why when hormone levels are high, you have good skin, hair and nails during pregnancy.) Having sex in the morning with an orgasm on Reg can help you experience the beauty benefits of these over the long term. The credit: tweenty20 / @ friend

4. According to the Cleveland Clinic, the reduction in erectile dysfunction has a long-term effect on about 10% of adult men, and most men occasionally experience erectile difficulties or difficulty maintaining an erection. If you are prone to "technical difficulties," having sex in the morning may be your best option. "

" if erectile dysfunction is mild due to psychological reasons, such as anxiety, the best time to have sex is in the early morning, "Dr. adeeti Gupta said. A board certified gynaecologist and sexual health specialist in holistic gynaecology in New York City. " After a night's sleep, the brain and other systems of the body reset, with anxiety hormones (such as cortisol levels) at their lowest point, allowing for longer erections. "

span> Credit: H3> 5. According to Gupta, the most common improvement in sexual desire is that low sexual desire of all genders is due to psychological factors. " "Now most couples are working hard all day, and they are very busy with schedules, cleaning after dinner, putting children to bed and so on," she said. When they go to bed, sex also feels like a chore. " A whole night's sleep can make the body and mind recover, which is very beneficial to the low desire problem caused by fatigue. " Another way to increase desire by having sex in the morning? Make arrangements. Knowing it's coming can build expectations and make it a priority to keep it in your mind, not on your "possible" list.

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6. If you usually have sex after dinner, everything from alcohol and gas to heartburn and indigestion makes it less interesting or delicious. " Alcohol is a well-known inhibitor of sexual behavior, "Gupta explained, adding that the effect of a good dinner can also hinder sexual behavior because blood flows to your gastrointestinal tract rather than your genitals. Sex in the morning tends to bypass these things because your body is digesting them all night. Do this if you must use Java first. But be careful to avoid the toxic effects of caffeine.

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7. A healthy heart is good for your heart (not just Cupid's metaphor). Research published in the Journal of health and social behavior in 2016 shows that men have a higher frequency of sexual life, a higher risk of cardiovascular events, women have a higher quality of sexual life, and are protected from heart disease in their later lives. "[orgasm] is one of the healthiest phenomena our body can experience," Gupta said. Not only through the sexual organs, but also through the whole body, blood flow increases, heart rate increases, and cardiac output increases. " Although these benefits may come at any time, being busy in the morning can affect your body, just like the first thing to do is exercise and let the blood flow. "A positive impact on the blood vessels and nervous system can lead to better mood, energy and performance throughout the day," Gupta added. "What do you think?

plan to have sex in the morning? Prepare lubricating oil and consider sleeping naked. If you are upset with your morning breath, take a few minutes to wash your face and brush your teeth. What do you like best about having sex in the morning? Or is there something you can't try? Please let us know in the comments!

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