8 things that make you headache

pressure. Blows. Pain. You know the symptoms. You have a headache. What you may not know is some surprising causes of your headache. Although there are many different types of headache, such as clustering, sinus, migraine and chronic, the most common is tension headache. The pain is usually mild to moderate, stable, and feels like a pressure band on your head. Stress, anxiety and depression all contribute to tension headaches, but there are other surprising triggers. Have these sneaky culprits caused your headache?

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1. Is the prescription of glasses incorrect?

wear contact lenses or glasses? David Shapiro, MD, director of the Shapiro Laser Eye Center, said if you have a strong prescription, it can cause eye fatigue and headaches. This over correction may occur during the optometry process, where the optometrist will show you two letters and then ask if you would like to choose one or two. " "Overcorrected choices can be more attractive because they look darker or bolder," Dr Shapiro said. But if the correction is too strong, "he said," the lens needs to be constantly inflated and squeezed. "All these squeezes can cause headaches. Fortunately, they will cancel the prescription correction.

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2. Too tight ponytail

always put on clothes when working or exercising? You may find that too tight a hairpin or ponytail can cause headaches. " I have long hair all my life, and sometimes hairpins or other types of hairpins give me a slight headache, "said Carrie aulenbacher, a freelance writer. When the hair is taut, it puts constant pressure on the scalp's connective tissue until you take it off. The same pain can occur when the headband, headphones or braids are too tight. Try to relax your braids or ponytails, or limit your use of these hairstyles.

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any activity that keeps your head in the same position for a long time can cause tension headaches. A culprit you might miss? Your overloaded wallet or backpack. " Different types of bags, and how they are carried, can affect people's posture, "said Karena Wu, a physiotherapist and clinical director of activecare physical therapy. When we don't practice good posture, the imbalance in muscles will lead to pain, dysfunction and eventually mechanical changes leading to injury. "Try to limit your weight in the bag and change your shoulders regularly." Related:

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4. Are your headache drugs ready? If you take drugs regularly to treat headaches, you may bring more headaches to yourself, "said mark cosendy, founder of the migraine relief center. Overuse of drugs can actually cause headaches they're trying to solve. These headaches, known as "anti elastic headaches," are usually felt in the morning and often occur with a variety of over-the-counter medications. If you have an anti elastic headache, we usually recommend stopping the medication, but this can lead to withdrawal symptoms for up to a week. Finding the right balance of drugs can solve this problem. "

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5. If you often wake up with a headache in the morning, clenching the lower jaw (bruxism) may be the culprit. Although it can happen during the day, many people don't know they will when they grind or clench their teeth at night. " What we don't realize is that when we really have a chance to relax, and more importantly, when we go to sleep, our brains often work overtime and subconsciously, "said Zafar Khan, chief dentist at the hosworth smile clinic. Using mouth protectors and better night relaxation habits to solve clenching problems can help reduce grinding and subsequent headaches.

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6. Holding the mobile phone

holding the mobile phone to listen to the phone may be a simple handsfree way, but it may also cause headache. " If a person is holding the phone, the two most common muscles become shorter, the upper trapezius and the levator scapula are tense and irritated, "said Eric colzen, a chiropractor. Tension in both muscles can cause tension headaches. Using headphones with stretching and massage helps to prevent this upper shoulder strain.

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7. Sleep apnea is characterized by loud, chronic snoring, usually with pauses, asphyxiation, or wheezing. Another symptom? Headache. Sleep apnea is a common cause of headache and is often overlooked, "said Dr. Jared Heathman, who said that throughout the night of repeated apnea, carbon dioxide has the chance to build up in the blood, causing headaches and memory problems. Emotional change. " Those who have frequent headaches and snoring should consider meeting with sleep experts to get an appropriate assessment, "Heathman said." related:

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8. Dehydration

"one of the easiest ways to have a headache is dehydration," says Matt tanneberg, a sports masseuse. According to the National Library of medicine, the average person needs about three quarts of water a day - more if it's hot outside or you're exercising. Because the brain is made up of nearly 75% water, its function depends on the supplement of water. In other problems, if you don't use enough water, you will have a headache. Dehydration can also be due to excessive alcohol or salt intake. Make drinking water a priority during the day. If you have a headache, drink a glass of water before taking painkillers.

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What do you think? Do you often have headaches? youHow to treat them? Do you know the cause of your headache? Is this on the list? Do you think these things are strange? Have you ever had any other unusual headache? Share your thoughts, stories and questions in the comments below!

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