11 best hotels for your health during your travel

when you're on the road, you don't have to worry about skipping training anymore. This is because many hotels and resorts have surpassed the 24-hour gym. Many hotels now offer special fitness packages, ranging from rotation classes to rooms with yoga mats, to ensure you have some representation between all R & R activities. Here are 10 of our favorite choices to keep you healthy (whether it's business or entertainment) while traveling.

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1. If you find yourself in the northwest corner of Florida (or want to be surrounded by clear blue water), book your stay at the Destin Henderson hotel in Florida. There, you can go to their fitness center and take many fitness classes (some on the beach!) including yoga. HIIT, paddle board, indoor bike, tour training, etc. Or go to the gym while you're cool in their pool. After a long and hard day of sunshine, fun and sweat, book a massage service at their newt spa to help you recover your muscles. Learn more about the Henderson hotel in dstin, Florida. Credit: Facebook: Henderson beach

2. Westin St. Francis

if you are worried that the hotel gym will not be comparable to your family gym, then book your stay at Westin St. Francis Hotel. Not only do they have a newly renovated 6000 square foot fitness facility, but they're only working with peloton bikes, so you can still go to your weekly bike workout. They also work with new balance to provide a gear rental program for guests. Their super food menu (including fresh juices) will keep you happy and full without gaining weight.

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3. When you check into a five-star hotel in Shangri La, Toronto, you may not want to leave your room to sweat. But if you book a room in Shangri La, Toronto, you don't have to. This is because each has a 25 minute Yoga sequence with Ambassador lululemon amber jolia, who can watch it on Indoor TV or on the iPad. If you want to get out of your room, you can also enjoy their 9000 square foot fitness facilities, where you can take a variety of group fitness classes, such as yoga, bar, self-help swimming and boxing. Find out more about Shangri La Hotel in Toronto

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4. You've heard about the Spartans' game, and now you're training like Spartans at the South Beach 1 Hotel in Miami, Florida. The 14 square foot hotel has impressive facilities and a dedicated "sports, endurance and strength" area. Or, if sulkeller is more suitable for your tea, take a 45 minute lesson on one of the 54 bikes in this 2600 square foot indoor bike park connected to the hotel. After your muscles get good exercise, go to Bamford hayborn spa for deep tissue massage to help you speed up muscle recovery and reduce muscle pain. Learn more about Nanhai beach 1 Hotel in Miami Even the hotels launched in June 2014

, even the hotels stand out with their overall health approach. It includes a vestibule and central gym and a "flex room" for rotation and yoga. For those who like to exercise in private, there are "fitness areas" with cork floors, as well as stabilization balls, yoga mats and video programs. Your local running and hiking routes are always recommended by the staff. Learn more about hotels.

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6. W hotels

each w hotels provides you with a different version of fit plan. It includes a Yoga series with Tara stiles, the trainer and boss of Stella yoga, which includes an indoor exercise video and accompanying cue cards. At the selected location, guests can purchase a set of courses with stairs by themselves. Other locations include the Baywatch summer fit series or a personalized HIIT course with a personal trainer.

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7. Fairmont Hotels and resorts

all members of Fairmont president's club can enjoy the "Fairmont fitness" program and provide free services for senior members and Platinum members. It provides members with Reebok tennis shoes and sportswear, including a windbreaker jacket, high-performance T-shirt and microfiber socks, and delivers them to each room as required. Women can ask for Capris and sports bras, while men can ask for pants or shorts. If you want to exercise in the room, you can also apply for yoga mat and elastic band. Learn more about Fairmont Hotels and Resorts Element hotels pay attention to exercise. Fitness programs include bike lending, which provides guests with free bikes along with local road maps - even in urban locations. The hotel also has a natural salt water swimming pool and a spacious fitness center, equipped with a landmark fixed bicycle charging station, allowing guests to power up their personal electronic equipment when stepping on the pedal. And because you need to fuel all of these activities properly, they offer a lot of healthy food that you can take with you or enjoy in the breakfast area. Learn more about element hotels

if you stay in Westin Hotels, you do not need to pack multiple fitness equipment into your carry on luggage. It's a running program, runwestin, that can lend customers a new balancing device for just $5. If you want to explore your new city on foot, you can find a running Concierge in a select hotel, which is responsible for all fitness level scenic jogging. If you're lucky, you can find their running concierge at any Westin Hotel, marathon runner Chris heysler, who hosts rock and roll marathoners from Chicago to Denver. Do you feel a little hungry after running? Add fuel to their specially designed RX menu of nutritious super food.

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10. Hyatt Hotels and resorts are under great pressure to travel. Thankfully, Hyatt Hyatt Hotels and resorts offers yogaaway, which offers nine 45 minute yoga classes that you can do in a comfortable room, as well as an 11 minute breath practice of "Yoga lowering service" (a healthier alternative chocolate on your pillow). Or take your fitness and Zen vacation to the next level with a yoga trip. You have access to experts in medicine, yoga, lifestyle and nutrition, as well as yoga classes and spa services. But if you need more intense exercise, go to a newly renovated fitness center with high-quality aerobic and strength training equipment and a fitness concierge on duty. Learn more about Hyatt Hotels and resorts.

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11. Equinox Hotel, New York City

as the first location will not open until 2019, this new tourist attraction has enough time to prepare for its surprise factors. The equinox is like the four seasons of the sports world, so let's assume that their first position in New York's Hudson yard will cause a big stir - perhaps in an Olympic sized swimming pool? Learn more about equinox hotel in New York When traveling, what is your favorite fitness hotel? Apart from staying in the right hotel, how do you ensure your health when traveling? Share your health travel advice with us in the comments below!

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