According to experts the best 8-character toys can add spice to your life

according to a 2016 brain statistics report, sex toys bring more than 15 billion US dollars of income to the world every year. It is reported that nearly a quarter of adults have used sex toys. As we all know, while bringing a sense of novelty and adventure to the bedroom, it can also enhance the sense of pleasure, orgasm ability and intimacy. Previously considered as quiet and quiet goods are becoming more and more mainstream. "

when you're looking for sex toys, kick out any myths you've bought about them. For example, toy mania means that you don't have a certain ability in the sex or relationship department." "Sex toys are like cherries on a delicious sundae," said Lisa Finn, sex educator at the barberland women's friendly sex toy store in Brooklyn, New York. Keep reading and learn about the eight latest bestsellers from popular stores!

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1. Bullet vibrator by crave

for sensory feelings in sports, please try bullet vibrator by crave. Lipstick tube toys are a good choice for good reasons, according to Andy Duran, educational outreach and contact manager good vibration, an active San Francisco based company that sells sex toys and other pornography. Duran describes the bullet vibrator as "a smooth rechargeable bullet that can be loaded into our favorite toy that uses standard watch battery bullets."

you can put it in a dildo or seat belt, for example, to increase the buzz on the clitoris or anus, or use it on its own. It also has a waterproof function, which is convenient for diving into the bathtub or shower. The sound of water drowns out the hum, so it's a good choice for parents or roommates.

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2. Bang! Yes, this toy really ejaculates. The song, designed by gay women to help them conceive, was originally called the semenette, and is popular among people who want to be happy, whether they want to have children or not. " Duran said the pop music is easy to use, can also be used to express gender, or simply add lubricant to your script. He also said that some transgender or gender variant people use artificial penises to identify gender, for example, a transgender person with a "penis" in the vulva feels more masculine. You can also play interesting role plays, regardless of your gender identity. You can either insert semen or lubricating oil into the test tube and continue playing. Now listen to the following:

why Americans are so obsessed with "happiness" that we feel pressure.

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3. Sometimes the sweet hug is half of the sexy fun. Duran said that this small version of the original lovelife hug is a good shock to customers and employees' favorite. By using the seven pulse settings controlled by the cardioid dashboard, you can adjust the strength of the lovelife Mini hug G-point vibrator to a level that feels right - increase its strength when you warm up into a sexy game, or switch to attractive vibration changes. " The new flexible axis is combined with the perfect curve of the tip, which is an ideal atmosphere for G-point stimulation, "Duran added,

Credit: span: lovilife embraces Mini H3> 4. Lisa Finn of babeland said: "choose a wearable device that we vibe syncs - it's a consistent best seller for partner games." Its dual motors are designed to be hands-free, and when your hands are wandering, it can hug a partner's clitoris and G-spot. One end can bend inside the vagina to reach that hot spot, while the other end provides external stimulation for both sides. It stays in place when you play and it's great in all positions. " "You can even control it through a free smartphone app," Finn added, "which means couples can play with the toy, whether they're in the same room or on the other side of the world."

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5. If you like the pleasure of oral sex and want to enjoy it alone, please don't look further than the womanizer plus. Its name may not be the most empowering, but the perks are well worth any controversial wording. " This chic modern toy uses a unique attraction stimulation that mimics oral sex, allowing your senses to focus on nerve rich hot spots such as clitoris, laces or nipples to reach an unprecedented high, "said Lisa Finn barberran, the bestseller. It offers a smoother shape than the original women, making it more comfortable for partners to play. (yes, you can use it together!)

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6. The rechargeable wand

asks a roomful of sex toy lovers about their favorite. You may hear a series of answers including "wand". However, the recently updated wand is not just any wand. According to Finn, the small number has been hailed as one of the most legendary sex toys in history, and for good reason. "

" the wand claims to be one of the most powerful engines in any toy, "she said, adding:" the iconic wand shape makes it easy for you or your friends to handle wherever they are. " It also has no wires, a quieter motor, a soft silicone head and more settings than before. Use it to massage any part of the body, from the nipple to the genitals. If you have a clitoris, be very careful. As a long toy, wands work for most people, including those who are unable to reach their pelvis easily due to a large abdomen or physical disability. There should be no taboo in interesting factory boots. Interesting factory boots provide a good way to immerse. This small silicone plug is easy to slide in with lubricant and is ideal for anal G-spot or prostate. Once you're ready, tuck it in and move as you like, touching your penis or clitoris as you need it. " Leather boots are a customer's favorite because they provide a less intimidating introduction to anal play, "said Victor Toba, a buyer and sales manager of the pleasure chest, which has stores in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. He added that because its design is based on anatomy, you can wear it as you like, including when switching to other types of games.

read moreFrom then on, Charlotte fell in love with her rabbit vibrator in HBO's sex and the city. The relationship between the female owner and the toy is not only fictional. If you have a vulva and want a toy that can reach your orgasm, the modern twist on this classic rabbit vibrator might be exactly what the sex doctor ordered. " This bestseller offers both internal G-spot stimulation and external clitoris stimulation at the same time for all the fun, "says Toba. What makes the ina wave unique is that the vibrational insertable arm actually swings back and forth, creating a "come here" motion that many g-points respond to. " What do you think of it? What's your favorite sex toy? Which one do you think is the most interesting? Please let us know in the comments!

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