Nine documentaries that everyone should watch

of course, knowledge is power - but can it also be entertaining? In the past decades, a large number of documentaries have focused on the increasingly dangerous environmental conditions, food production and labor practices in the United States, and actively answered this question. Movies like food Inc., forks over, gasland, and many others can be as engaging and moving as any other type of feature film - even when revealing unacceptable facts. " Although these films depict rather cruel pictures, they also show a rich period of documentary production, "said Jim Ryan, a senior resident scholar of Emerson in Los Angeles and author of American autobiographical documentary. It's a huge time when filmmakers have the opportunity to understand what's going on outside. I hope people can act before it's really too late. " Here are nine documentaries that every conscious consumer should see immediately - just like today. This is a movie with internal impact, which is destined to ignite the spark of change in a way. No matter how good a speech or a Book means, it will not succeed in the end. Believe us, that's what you and the world need now.

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1. Food Inc.

an Oscar nominated study on the impact of agribusiness, corporate agriculture and a political structure designed to protect its interests rather than the health and well-being of the American people, food Inc. is devastating in the scope and accuracy of its arguments. To be sure, you can't find any more convincing reason to get food from the local small farmers. If you choose to eat beef, you can also choose to eat grass. " "This movie really raises the stakes for ordinary workers, who are trying to keep their fate and their mouths shut," says writer Jim Ryan. If it's not so easy to connect these points, all it presents seems to be a huge conspiracy. "

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2. It's one thing that knives and forks are better than knives and forks. People try to persuade you to choose vegetarians and whole foods, but it's another thing to see that lifestyle choices fundamentally change the lives of three seriously ill patients, as the 2011 movie did. It's a movie that hits you with facts, and it's hard not to seriously rethink animal protein and processed food based diets when you see the benefits of opposite choices as compelling as they are here. As the late Roger Ebert aptly pointed out, "this is a movie that can save your life."

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Credit: Monica Beach media Problem. " The Oscar nominated doctor is a case in point of the censorship of fracking by film producer and environmentalist Josh fox, and the impact of hasty government approval at all costs. Movies like this destroy what they don't show. " "At the end of the film, he made a list of companies, businesses, politicians and chief executives who refused to interview him," said author Jim lane. Related content:

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Credit: HBO documentary. If a tree falls: the story of the Earth Liberation Front is another kind of environmental story. If a tree falls, it eloquently tells the story of the Earth Liberation Front, a radical organization, which has a strong sense of environmental damage, enough to commit serious crimes to prevent its vicious groups, including burning down the enterprises they think are responsible for. It's a well crafted story - the film won an Oscar nomination for best editing at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival - which forces you to think too much about the cost of care. As Kenneth Turan wrote in the Los Angeles Times, "it not only professionally documents the rise and fall of this controversial organization, it reveals the unexpected drama and complexity behind a key character. "

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5. Obesity, illness and near death are one thing, talking about how unhealthy eating habits affect others is one thing, but when you focus on yourself, the risk becomes greater. That's what Joe cross, an Australian filmmaker and entrepreneur who once weighed 310 pounds, did in the unlikely film. The film shows the benefits of a plant-based diet, as well as how diverse the toolkits of modern documentary filmmakers have become. " Author Jim Ryan said: "the clever use of animation can re present something to illustrate a point of view that filmmakers would not have been able to comment on. The content of Amazon instant video is: watch the Amazon instant video of obesity, illness and near death. One of the most powerful things a movie or TV series of this type can do is to let the audience know that sue never existed. Working with Univision, frontline did this in the context of this exposure to sexual abuse against immigrant women who were picking fruits and vegetables at our tables. It's a hidden reality, which may be easier not to think about, but it needs to be part of a big discussion about the real cost of cheap food. " "Frontline continues to do amazing work in this area," said author Jim lane. "Related:

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7. The beautiful documentary "chasing the ice"

tells two high-risk stories at the same time. It shows the impact of climate change on Iceland, Greenland and Alaska through breathtaking freeze frame photographyThe impact of the glacier also shows the heroic attempt of environmental photographer James Balog to tell the story under extreme physical stress. Balog's journey is a powerful way to illustrate that the most global story of our time is also a profound personal story.

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8. It's a disturbing fact that, to be fair, no film can do more to promote international environmental dialogue than the Oscar winner, who tells the story of former Vice President Al Gore's six-year campaign to promote the impact of climate change around the world. Although the film may have eliminated political differences on this issue, it also sets a loud clock for this issue, which we all foolishly continue to ignore. " In 10 years, the world will not end overnight, "Gore said in the film, which will mark its 10th anniversary in 2016. But that has passed, and it will slide irreversibly to destruction. "

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9. Roger and I,

author Jim Ryan attributed this groundbreaking film, along with the pale blue lines of Errol Morris, to "revolutionizing the world of mainstream American documentaries." In telling the story of the closure of GM's plant in Flint, Michigan, in addition to his own unrealistic attempt to interview the company's then chief executive, professional gadfly Michael Moore also showed that humor and satire can also play a significant role in serious discussions about life and death. " "It's a very successful movie," Ryan said. It shows documentary producers that you don't have to starve every time you make a movie. It's also the film that shows filmmakers that they can revel in their own films and make fun of people including themselves. "

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What do you think? Have you seen these documentaries before? What do you think of them? Are there any other documentaries you would like to join? Have you ever changed your habits or ways of thinking after watching the documentary? What's up? Share your thoughts, suggestions and stories in the comments section below!

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