Six morning habits of successful people

does your morning routine include pressing the "nap" button three times, dragging yourself into the shower, and gobbling up breakfast when you go out? There is no doubt that we all have this morning, but the truly successful know how important it is to start a new day in the right way. A healthy morning routine sets the tone for the rest of the day, helping you stay organized, focused and at the top of the game. The credit: janifest / iStock / gettyimages

1. Plan productivity. Benjamin Franklin began his morning by planning what to do every hour of the day. It also applies to tahra Makinson Sanders, owner of tmall's sportswear. When she sits at her desk at 8 a.m., filling out a productivity schedule is the first thing she does. "

" it's a life-saving straw that can help her plan my day and week, and accomplish what I have to do efficiently every day, "said markinson Sanders, who is also a competitive Triathlon athlete. This means balancing the responsibilities of an entrepreneur with the needs of triathlon training. Makinson Sanders first arranges her most important tasks and uses pomodoro technology, which uses timers to divide work into intervals, to do these tasks. Now listen to how to calm down in 3 minutes. Credit: weerapatkiatdumlong / iStock / gettyimages

2. Make your bed.

for snowboarder Daniel Gail, bed making has been a "special morning exercise" for at least ten years. Gail and his wife Amy Purdy, a Paralympic snowboarder, co founded adaptive action sports, a non-profit organization. "When you start a new day aimlessly, it's easy for goals or goals to let time slip without accomplishing anything," he said. Just do a simple pose, like making a bed, and you can start the day with an encouraging foot, not a lazy one. There is a difference between doing something quickly or aimlessly and purposefully. Everyone would say, "I make the bed, so what?" When it's done as a special exercise, it has a different form. " Credit: choreographer / iStock / gettyimages

3. Put fitness first.

husband and wife athletes / entrepreneur team Nikki and Chad Strickland start with vigorous exercise every day. Both are competitive cyclists who ride about 500 miles a week and train in the gym six days a week - in addition to running two businesses together, zelofit and the tifosi workplace design studio. The couple got up at 5 a.m. after espresso and dog walking, they went to the gym for intensive training, including fast twitching, to help build the strength of bicycles. "As a couple, this has always been a part of our daily lives," said Nikki, the U.S. professional female ambassador. It helps to ensure that you get at least one good workout a day in case you can't leave your job or make other priorities. "

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4. Deep breathing. Taking a few minutes to breathe in the morning is the secret to Daniel Gail's success. He is a snowboarder. He said he used the technique before the game. " In snowboarding, adrenaline and stress can easily make you better. "My success in the race was largely due to the special breathing training at the starting point," Gail said. In the morning, he took five minutes to breathe deeply through his nose, then exhaled completely from his mouth. "

" when I do this, I first try to calm my brain, not to think about all the unnecessary things, and then I check my daily list. It helps me relax and focus on the important things that need to be done to succeed today. "

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5. Don't waste the weekend. Successful people don't lie in because one day of the week begins with "s". Athlete entrepreneurs Nicky and Chad Strickland say it's a habit to wake up early on weekends to help them take their training to a new level. This week, the pair trained cleverly, for a short time but with high efficiency. Weekends are their time to go "big" and longer, more challenging rides. "

" on Saturdays and Sundays, we wake up, put on our kits, walk our dogs, eat some food, and go to group rides, "Nicky explained. Most groups take about four hours by car, and can travel between 40 and 100 miles depending on the route. "Once it's done, the two set off to their favorite local restaurant to refuel." "It's usually Mexico and Margaret," Nicky said.

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: span antigouli / iStock / generation H3> 6. Make it a routine.

even successful people will deviate from the right track and have "morning brain". Triathlon and corporate boss Tara Makinson Sanders admit that it's easy to get distracted in the morning by email and marketing blogs. "I realized that my day didn't really start until 11 a.m.," she said. In order to keep her normal life in the morning, she put her health habits into a simple, fixed habit.

she gets up at 6:40 every morning and has a healthy breakfast, which is white cheese or pure Greek yogurt, with nuts and berries, sitting at her desk and planning her day. Next, she will do the most difficult task she has to do. This makes her feel like the first thing in the morning for accomplice D, to make time for email and marketing blogs later in the day.

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What do you think? Are you considering adopting these habits? Do you think the habit of morning can make you more successful? What other habits would you like to try? Share your thoughts in the comments below. We are always glad to hear from you!

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