Would you like beaud the princess of Megan markel? Do her sport

Ever since Megan markel and Prince Harry were officially engaged, the humanitarian and former actress has fascinated the world. Like Duchess Catherine before her, we want to know everything about her - including her routine of vowing to stay healthy. Thankfully, future royal family members have revealed many of her fitness secrets on social media and media. " "My health, my mental state, how I feel after exercise; all of this drives me to the mat or to the gym," she told the British women's Health Association. Sometimes the idea of exercise sounds terrible, but I always remind myself how good I will feel in the future. I'm almost happy! "

Amen - here are seven of markel's favorite workouts you can try!

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1. Personal training

Markle clearly sees the benefits of one-to-one training with qualified fitness professionals. "Megan's fitness is absolutely a priority; she's very focused on her health," Craig McNamee, a trainer who has worked in Toronto for three years, told women's health. When she goes to the gym, there's nothing to complain about. She soon began to do business and enjoyed it very much. "He used the method of High Representative (20-25 years old) and low weight to the star, and revealed to the website the specific content needed for her 45 minute tour training every 3-4 days every week." "In general, we use general anesthesia," he said. Because Megan is on the screen, what we really focus on is posture. "To do this, he always includes back chain training (think of glutes, back and hamstrings) and a large number of core (ABS, back, oblique and pelvic floor) for a step-by-step 30 minute cycle, similar to Megan's, provided by her coach, click here.

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2. Yoga

markel definitely got her love from her mother to be a downward dog and salute the sun. The mother of royal bride Doria radland is a social worker and yoga instructor. Mark sang her mother's anthem at the British women's Health Association, explaining that yoga is a natural way for her to keep fit. " "My mother is a yoga coach, so this exercise is my blood," markel points out. I like the intense Dionysian class - if it's hip-hop dancing with candlelight in a dark room, it's even better. The best! " She told the Canadian magazine best health, and she came to the conclusion from her practice: "yoga practice brings many benefits... Increased flexibility and muscle strength, greater happiness, increased mental focus, greater ability to relax, reduced anxiety and better sleep. "

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3. Running also likes running. As a matter of fact, it's a quick training she took part in. " "If I don't have time for long workouts, I'll catch my dog and run fast," she told best health. "Being active is my own mobile meditation," she explained to shape magazine. "You have to find a way to exercise that really tells you, in addition to trying to set goals for your body. So, for me, running. Like keeping fit, I need it to exercise my mind and clear my mind. "As I get older, running on my knees becomes more and more difficult, so I can't run out as I used to," she said. I used to run all the time, but I usually go to work at 4:15 a.m. on Monday, so I don't have much time to jog. I prefer to sleep an hour more. " Now listen to how to calm down in three minutes. In the trend group fitness course, markel is about to become a member of the royal family, which means that she will undoubtedly get a series of fitness experiences, which are usually reserved only for top fitness people. So, while she may not have actually tried it, the royal bride to be said she looked forward to working with Russell Bateman, the mastermind behind the exclusive studio SBC. "I am eager to come to the UK to exercise with Bateman, founder of SBC," Markle told women's health. " My friend Millie mackintosh is very enthusiastic about his training, so I'll call her next time I go back to London to have a class together. " There are only two SBC locations (one in London and the other in New York). The unique, high-intensity training is called "supermodel's Secret course", which is said to contain animal movements. Credit: Chris Jackson / Getty Images entertainment / Getty Images

5. "On days when I don't go to [Yoga] mats, I always take some time out to meditate," markel told women's health. I've doubted for years, but it can do wonders! " Of course, some people may be surprised by the classification of meditation as part of the exercise program, and meditation may not be the most challenging exercise in terms of aerobic exercise or exercise strength. But markel is right: the benefits of meditation are manifold, and it can bring incredible benefits. The emotional health benefits of

meditation include: getting new perspectives from stressful situations, developing skills to manage stress, improving self-awareness, focusing on the present, reducing negative emotions, increasing imagination and creativity, and increasing patience and tolerance.

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6. In the past, markel's schedule was to shoot "suits", participate in activities and charity activities, and write a blog on her previous lifestyle website TIG. These days, her life will become more crowded, so it's no surprise to hear that she relies on an old trick to compress an efficient and effective core exercise: making a DVD, especially by star coach Tracy Anderson. Anderson's training was praised by Gwyneth Paltrow, Kim Kardashian and Victoria's Secret models. "

" I've been doing it for six years and I find it works very well, "Marcel told shape. I can do 15 minutes of incremental training in the trailer, and by the end of the day you've completed the full workout. "

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7. Pilates

in addition to yoga and meditation, markel also likes another kind of fitness activity that needs to practice physical and mental connection: pilates. E! When she was in Los Angeles, she chose to work out at the Plati platinum fitness center, owned by a good friend Heather dorac, the news reports said. "

" there's so much exercise you've tried once, you can't go back; Heather's studio is the opposite, "mark told Harper's Bazaar. There are several reasons why you have been back. First, your body will change immediately. Give it two lessons and you'll see the difference. Second, Heather is amazing - as a coach, as a friend, she's inspiring in every way. Finally, the people in the class are calm, modest and motivated... It's a testament to Heather's energy. Exercise is said to burn the most calories in the shortest time, and develop muscle tone, strength, balance and flexibility most effectively. "

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What do you think? What do you think of Mark's exercise program? Are you inspired to try new things because of her? Please let us know in the comments!

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