10 best anti anxiety applications to help you reduce stress

Heart beat faster, dry mouth, sweaty palms. It's common for people to get nervous before a job interview or a first date. Many people have serious anxiety every day, which disturbs their daily life and affects their ability to connect with others. According to the American anxiety and depression Association, anxiety disorder is the most common mental illness, affecting 40 million adults in the United States alone. They range from obsessive-compulsive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder to panic attacks and general anxiety. Although anxiety disorders are highly treatable, only about a third of patients receive treatment because of a lack of available services, costs or the stigma of seeking help. Fortunately, a series of anti anxiety applications can help those suffering from anxiety and panic attacks to support them in their palms.

span credit: spa> moshny H3> 1. Mindseal just released this month, a new mindseal application for millennials, who want to control their emotions and improve their mental health. The app offers small-scale courses on relationships, health, work, stress and more from more than 20 experts. These self paced projects include guidance from domain experts, meditation, and breathing exercises. For those who want to make more personal contact with experts, users can submit specific questions that need to be answered, and view the questions that have been submitted by the mindseal community. In addition to the multi course courses, mindsail also provides short modobosts, short but substantive tips to help you quickly deal with negative emotions such as fear, anger, anxiety and insecurity. Price: app and first month are free; then $5.99 per month. Now listen to how the famous chef saves himself by eating the right food. Meditation and other mindfulness techniques have been shown to help reduce anxiety and stress and improve overall health. Headspace, launched in 2002, is one of the world's leading meditation applications, with more than 10 million users worldwide. From top space to S10, a free intro series of 10 guided meditation and Animation videos, introduce your basic meditation in just 10 minutes a day. Then choose a meditation series that focuses on the issues that are most important to you, such as performance, relationships, or health. Or use headspace's SOS Mini session to defend against the impending crash. Price: the app and 10 introductory meditations are free, $12.99 per month.

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3. When panic strikes, your breath and heart rate will soar. The internal balancing application works with wearable sensors to help you learn how to monitor and control your physical response to anxiety and stress. The goal of the app is to improve your consistency - when the heart, brain and nervous system become balanced and synchronized. According to application developers, "keeping your breath and heart rate in sync while focusing on positive emotions has shown that it can reduce the negative effects of stress, improve relaxation, and enhance resilience." Keep in mind that wearable sensors are not designed to be worn all the time - only in daily training sessions. Price: free; sensor $129.

read more: more about internal balances - and where to find them. The anxiety management self-help (SAM) app recommended by ADAA helps patients understand anxiety, track symptoms and collect the overall view of treatment skills and techniques. The app also provides a range of physical and mental activities to cope with anxiety and close social networks with additional support from Sam's fellow users. Price: free

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5. Mealstuts [/ H3>

for teenagers, teenagers and teenagers, mealstand app helps users understand and manage the symptoms of various anxiety disorders, including social anxiety, perfectionism, performance anxiety, specific phobia and panic attacks. The advantage of the application is that it is suitable for positive coping strategies of anxiety type, as well as various management methods, including breathing exercises, mental imagery and mindfulness strategies. Instructions are provided in text and audio formats, and users can save their favorite anxiety reducing technologies for quick access. Price: free.

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6. Worry about watches

if you find that worrying consumes your day and causes anxiety, worrying about watch apps may help. The application provides a password protected log of your concerns. You can also categorize every worry and track the results; analyze charts and charts to highlight factors - such as people and events - that can cause anxiety. Price: $1.99.

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7. Pacifica combines cognitive behavioral therapy with relaxation therapy N and health technology to help you track, understand and reduce your anxiety. The app allows users to rate and record emotions throughout the day, set goals, and track healthy activities such as exercise, sleep, and caffeine intake. Users can also learn deep breathing techniques, behavioral exercises, and directed meditation specifically designed to identify negative thinking patterns and replace them with positive ones. Price: free. Please read more:

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8. The panic mitigation application is designed to provide users with specific practical technologies to use during panic attacks. The free version includes the acquisition of "progressive muscle relaxation of the arm" skills, while the upgraded version allows the acquisition of other skills, including CBT square breathing technology, diaphragm breathing and visualization exercises. The application provides direct guidance on how to execute techniques, as well as short animations that demonstrate each technique. Price: free.

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9. Please

do not enter mediation? Turn your eyes during deep breathing practice? The happify app wants to make it more fun to improve your mental outlook. The app relies on a series of science based tests, games and activities designed to eliminate stress, reshape your mind and help you create a more positive outlook on life. Choose from more than 30 different improvement themes, from overcoming negative thoughts to better coping with stress, to building confidence, then completing a series of fun activities and winning medals for your achievements. Price: free.

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10. Modkit

another application recommended by ADAA, mookit uses the principles and techniques of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help individuals with anxiety, depression and anger. Moodkit activity tool provides more than 200 different activities to help reduce negative emotions and improve happiness. The mind checker can help you manage and modify negative emotions associated with a particular situation. Moodkit also has an emotional tracker and logging function, which can help you better track and understand your feelings. Price: $6.99.

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What do you think? Have you ever used an app to help with anxiety and mindfulness? What's your favorite anxiety management software? What other ways do you have to control your anxiety?

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