7 creepy changing rooms

in modern society, there is almost no place for us to take off all our clothes in front of completely strangers without thinking, and then sweat, bathe, rinse, air dry and comb around them, just like they are our own families, sharing the same intimate facilities. Needless to say, your fitness partner may not have exactly the same background, culture, direction, age, personal values or hygiene standards as you, so let's discuss what to do and what not to do in the dressing room.

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1. Don't pee in the shower.

twenty years after the infamous "Songfei" incident, George was found urinating in the shower of the dressing room and almost lost his gym membership. In 2014, medical experts finally refuted the widely held view that human urine is sterile. In fact, 33 different types of common bacteria have been found in our wee, and if your flow is caused by overactive bladder, it jumps to as many as 77 types. This alone should lead to a "pausing of urination" (according to a poll on today), because the vast majority of 80% admit to urinating in the bath. Don't be George - don't forget to take it with you when you take a bath in the gym.

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2. Don't dry out the men's locker room. Hollywood often portrays it as a place where you can waltz casually in your birthday clothes, joke or discuss important plots. In "Jerry Maguire" in 1996, Cuba's little Guding kept buck naked in an in-depth conversation with Tom Cruise - all in the name of "air drying". The Wall Street Journal even ran an article, "I saw Lloyd Blankfein naked," detailing the changing room habits of the Goldman CEO. That's why air drying is not allowed: first of all, you'll drip water on the already slippery changing room floor. Second, you spend enough time in the buff to make everyone uncomfortable. Wrap the towel tightly around your body and remember the lofo rule: last, first. Underwear should be the last thing to take off before showering and the first thing to put on again. Please make a new pair!

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3. Don't selfie

the gym is a natural habitat for narcissists, but that doesn't mean the changing room is the place for muscle shows. The changing room is used for changing clothes and cleaning, while the selfie is done in private. Unfortunately, with the likes of Gisele Bundchen and Heidi Klum, "health" (self portraits taken during yoga postures or exercises) is now a trend. If you have to take a selfie / selfie, in the gym instead of the locker room. You may think it's an awe inspiring snapshot of you, but others may think it's a snapshot of them naked. In 2004, Congress passed the video snooping Prevention Act, which prohibits naked people from being photographed or videotaped in gyms, changing rooms or any "reasonable privacy expectations" place without permission. Violators will face fines of up to $100000 and / or one year in prison. Oh dear. To be safe, turn off your cell phone in the changing room.

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4. Don't let your eyes rest on his 0.305 batting rate. George Brett of Kansas City Royals may be remembered only for his crotch. In 2005, when a photograph of Brett was shown to participants in the Nielsen / Norman team's eye tracking study, women looked at his face, while men spent more time looking at his lower half. Two separate UK eye tracking studies in 2014 found a similar finding: men like to check each other's trash. Studies have shown that all this has little to do with desire, more with the rank and status of all male groups. So realize that your eyeliner is floating on the waist of your fitness partner. If you don't want men to see your manliness, please refer to the second rule: don't dry in public.

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the men's locker room speech in the movie is bold, exciting and exciting, but the reality is that it's not a coffee shop, but a practical place. Unless everyone there has your personal friends, it's best to keep the conversation in the locker room to a minimum. If you really see people you know, for God's sake, wait until they're dressed, then walk up to them and say hello. If you and your fitness partner want to continue your conversation, that's OK, but respect the fact that this is a closed space, not everyone wants to know the bloody details of your date.

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if you think avoiding your eyes, ignoring narcissists, avoiding flexible muscles, breaking away from dialogue and urination is the challenge of the dressing room - welcome to the sports etiquette Grand Prix: steam room / sauna! It's an epic Showdown of the trials and tribulations of all your changing rooms. Steam chambers can pose a greater health risk because their humid, warm environment creates an ideal Petri dish for bacterial and fungal reproduction - from athlete's feet and athlete's pruritus to more serious diseases such as herpes simplex and antibiotic resistant Staphylococcus, such as MRSA. In other words, never sit on a tile in a steam room with your butt bare and / or on the floor with your feet bare.

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7. Don't blow dry your body parts in public. (dressing rooms, of course, are also public places) cutting toenails, squeezing stains, removing dental fixtures, spraying Cologne everywhere - all big taboos. But one way is that there are a lot of peopleShocking first-hand eyewitness records: aim the gym's public hair dryer at the long wet hair below your neck - usually with one foot on the locker counter. Do we need to say more?

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What do you think? Have you ever seen anything like this happen in the dressing room? What's your reaction? Do you have more etiquette that you can't add? Tell us about the worst dressing room faux pas you've ever seen!

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