12 ways to find your magic

life will definitely make us all collapse once or twice. It's important that we go back. Research shows that to rebound, we need to persevere. Not everyone can learn it naturally. It's not easy to recover from a breakup, unemployment, or economic setback, but on the next slide, there are 12 ways to cheer you up, get out of the past, and stand up. Although these suggestions can help alleviate the effects of mild depression, they are by no means trivial. If you find yourself unable to recover after many efforts, please seek professional help. Talk therapy and / or antidepressants may help you get rid of fear.

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get busy

start from getting up at the same time every day and getting up immediately. Oversleeping can disrupt your sleep cycle and increase your risk of depression, diabetes and obesity. According to the National Sleep Foundation, although there are no "magic numbers" in terms of sleep hours per night, seven to eight hours is a good target range. Once you get up, keep your mind and body occupied so you don't have time to focus on the negative. Plan to have lunch with your mother, take your grandmother to the doctor, or go straight out of your front door and mow the lawn. Going out of the house is going in the right direction!

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reorganize your world, so you are ready to start a new wonderful life. According to a recent study published in the journal Social Research indicators, our personalities change throughout our lives due to experience and environment. So what was in your personal world a year ago may not be suitable for the new you. Clean up your bookshelves, closets, videos, and music library. Look through your old photos, bedding and other things you no longer need. Donate anything that no longer serves you. Things you no longer need can be of great benefit to others. Now listen to Angela Davies of suer, who shares how to kill it in rotating class and in life. Credit: wavebreakmedia Ltd / wavebreakmedia / Getty Images

avoid triggering when you are weak

. Vulnerable people, away from anything that can produce negative emotions. Don't listen to love songs that remind you of your ex. don't drive on the street near your fired job. If you don't have a Valentine's Day date, don't watch romantic movies. Create a "happy bubble" that allows you to focus on the good side, avoid the bad side, and let your sails rise again for a long time. Avoiding these triggers and replacing them with something that makes you feel good can open your mind, says Barbara Fredricksen, a researcher in positive psychology. It inspires an impulse to explore and play, not to connect with the world from a place of fear.

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search for meaning research shows that the best way to recover from adversity is to find meaning in every experience. "When you change the way you look at things, the way you look at things changes," says motivational speaker Dr. Wayne Dale. In Harvard Business Review, Diane coutu, a former senior editor of the publication, wrote, "resilient people have three clear characteristics: they calmly accept the harsh reality they face. They found meaning in difficult times. They have an uncanny ability to improvise and adapt. "Instead of focusing on all the terrible things that the mojo robbers have done, it's better to find out the value and significance it brings to your world." Learning a new skill will enhance your confidence and open up a new adventure world full of interesting people. No matter what you are facing, make it the starting point of new knowledge. If it's a broken heart, go to the library and see books that teach you how to build successful relationships. If you are unemployed, take some new courses that will put you ahead of the competition. Maybe you always want to learn French or salsa. It's a good time to develop new hobbies. Research from the University of London shows that continuous learning improves the ability to recover quickly from mental health problems and stress. If you want to retrieve your spell, you have to challenge yourself.

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keep fit

exercise is a good way to make your life glow again. From a neurochemical point of view, this is similar to taking antidepressants. Needless to say, once you keep exercising, you will look better and feel healthier. James Blumenthal, a psychologist at Duke University, conducted a study of elderly people diagnosed with depression. The study involved two treatment plans, including exercise and medication. He collected data on each patient's response to aerobic exercise, psychotropic drugs, or a combination of the two. After 16 weeks of nursing care, the depression level of all patients was significantly reduced. When the researchers followed up the patients, they found that those who continued to exercise were still experiencing the benefits of mental health.

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make a hybrid tape

listen to me when you control the music type, you can change your mood. Take the time to collect songs that inspire you and make you feel happy, energetic and sexy. Don't sing the songs that make you depressed, and remind you of the pain you have suffered. It's important that you have a strategy at the bottom of your life, especially when you're doing something and not allowed to do it. Research from the University of Pennsylvania at Altona found that music has a huge impact on your emotions, especially the lyrics, so consciously choose the soundtrack of your life.

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give others

keep your mind away from your life when you are sad, focus on others. Helping the less fortunate will make your life better. You'll even find that when you're in a soup kitchen or a receivingWhen you volunteer in a abusive home, you're not that bad. Dr. Suzanne Richards of the University of Exeter School of medicine, UK, reviewed data from 40 scientific papers and concluded that altruistic behavior can reduce depression, improve happiness and promote physical health. The next time you're down, just focus on the less fortunate and accept the benefits he brings to you and your magic. Credit: Catherine yellett / iStock / Getty Images

feels sorry for giving up the poor party. Pout, put on your pajamas, eat too much ice cream. Two days later, you have to get up, smile on your face and go on living, because it won't wait for you, "she's right! Being sorry for yourself doesn't help anyone, especially you. If you want to improve your mood, just put a Duchenne smile on your face, which is made up of a full smile, using the muscles around your mouth and eyes, the researchers said. If you hate smiling, a published study has shown that biting chopsticks or pencils can produce the same muscle response, leading to a drop in heart rate after a stressful task.

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go to the sun

enjoy the free benefits nature brings to your mood. Go outside and get some sun. Researchers at the baker Heart Research Institute in Melbourne collected blood samples from 101 healthy men over several seasons. They found that the number of suns had a profound effect on their mood. Those who are fully exposed to the sun, due to the increase of 5-hydroxytryptamine content in the blood, have higher mood and lower pressure. Be sure to have enough time to bask in the sun every day, especially when you feel down. It will lighten your mood and even help you sleep better. Just remember to wear sunscreen and a hat.

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just breathe

breath without effort has many benefits, and according to the Mayo Clinic, it can reduce stress hormones. Dr Rebecca gradin, author of you're not your brain, said meditation shut down the brain's "egotism" of constantly transcending everything. This over thinking can put you in a depressed situation. In order to get rid of the limiting beliefs that are holding you back, you have to silence the part of the brain that produces anxiety. Sit quietly in a comfortable place, close your eyes and focus on the sound of each inhale and exhale. You can also recite a positive statement in each breath cycle to guide your mind in the right direction. Julia Ross, author of "emotional therapy" and "diet therapy," says restoring your magic will soon be as easy as breathing.

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eat better. Avoid too much caffeine, a serotonin blocker. Cut down on sweets and simple carbs, because they increase your blood sugar and are quickly consumed by your body, leaving you exhausted. Supplement foods rich in antioxidants, such as fruits and vegetables. These natural sources (as opposed to supplements) will help fight depression. Finally, be sure to eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Beans, oatmeal and lettuce are important sources of folate, while eggs, fish and poultry contain a large amount of B vitamins.

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What do you think? Have you recovered from setbacks? Have you tried any of the techniques mentioned in this slide? If so, what do you think? What else can I do to help you find your charm? Please leave a message to us in the following section, maybe you can help others in similar situations!

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