There are 10 signs that your partner is going to dump you.

One of the pleasures of being in love is to know what the future holds for you and your partner. Of course, there will be some uncertainty about whether you can travel long distances. You absolutely don't want to be caught off guard, because your so-called lover will deliver the classic "not you, it's me" breakup speech. So when it comes to getting known boots, it's always nice to have a little brain so you can prepare and react accordingly. If the following warning signs appear in your relationship, you may need to reassess your future.


1. Your partner has changed his or her Facebook profile photo.

Yes, it seems completely innocent. Of course, there are also people who constantly update their photos on social media. However, as Donna ARP Weitzman, author of "sex and sirens: the story of the late married," says, a picture can really be worth a thousand words. (or, really, just two: "breaking up soon.") "If, in the early days of your relationship, he put a picture of both of you on his Facebook profile page and then took it off and put it on his own photo, especially a sexy or attractive photo, he might be looking for another relationship," she explained. 220 / @ Darby

2. Your partner prefers the iPhone to your company. If he "phubbs" you more than ever (i.e., ignores you while looking at his or her smartphone), he's likely to be either bored with you or looking for another relationship, Weitzman said. If he doesn't seem interested in your day and keeps looking at his cell phone during a date, the relationship can get in trouble, "she added. If you face him, he will defend or simply ignore you, you need to prepare for the inevitable. Your partner doesn't want to solve problems when you fight.

indifference kills relationships. So, if your partner is quite indifferent to the solution to the conflict when you try to solve the problem, it obviously shows that she has basically given up. " A partner who wants to end rather than save a relationship shows a stubborn (and frustrated) reluctance to talk about the issues in the relationship in any depth other than blaming her partner. This will make all communication efforts meaningless. " The credit: tweenty20 / @ customer

4. Your partner is strange to sex. Changes in sexual life may indicate that something is not right. " If you're going to be dumped, the mood will change. "Often, your partner starts to see you as a friend rather than a lover," says Jonathan Bennett, a dating and relationship coach. Sex becomes an uncommon responsibility, and your partner will withdraw his or her general enthusiasm for the relationship. "However, according to Julian derridge, a couple's counselor, more frequent sex and less emotional time may also be a sign that a breakup is imminent." "If all you do when you meet is make love - don't go out to play, don't go to the movies and dinner, make love, then your partner may degrade you to just a trophy," she said.


5. Your partner always makes you guess. If you have a general feeling that you don't know where you stand, the possibility of breaking up is at hand, Delhi said. "Some elements of a healthy relationship are safety, security and stability," she explained. If your partner keeps you guessing and rarely has a clear plan to go out, it's no doubt a sign that you're slowly being "squeezed" out of his or her life. You will become increasingly frustrated (and insecure) about your real position.


6. Your partner starts to act more single. According to Bennett, a clear sign is that your partner will spend time on traditional "single" activities, such as hanging out with her single girlfriend in the club or going out for drinks more often with his friends. " "A lot of people are afraid of loneliness," he said. Therefore, when someone wants to break up with another person, they will slowly return to single life and "test the water" again. They are preparing for the next chapter of their lives.


7. Your partner suddenly starts exercising. It's a typical warning sign that breaking up is coming. " "Exercise is good for physical and mental health," said Christopher stroven, a licensed consultant. However, when the motivation is to attract a new and different partner, exercise is more meaningful than trying to stay healthy. "Even if it's just a new hobby rather than fitness - without you - it could be a sign of danger," he added. Their transparency about a new hobby reveals their partner's motivation: does your partner involve you in discussions and conversations about the new hobby? Does he or she invite you to this new hobby? Does he or she try to hide or retain certain aspects of a new hobby? A new hobby could be to give r life "relationships - unless the motivation is to leave the relationship," stroven said.


8. Your partner is not as free as he used to be. If you never seem to find your partner, or if he or she has been texting or calling for longer than usual, don't try to forgive this behavioral change. " This may seem trivial, but it is often ignored as a danger signal. Can't you repeatedly contact your partner by phone or SMS? It could be a sign that a partner is seeking independence from the relationship. "


9. Your partner avoids talking about the future. Another important warning sign, corbano said, "there have been plans and goals for future relationships before, but suddenly people avoid talking about these seemingly strange or evasive topics." Your partner may not want to make any firm commitments, such as buying concert tickets for months. Book ahead or book holidays that are talked about. These are signs that he or she is not planning to stay in the relationship for too long.


10. Your partner lacks interest in commitment. According to relationship coach Audrey hopeUsually, people who are ready to change jobs will begin to suggest that they don't really believe in commitment in the philosophical sense. Of course, what they really mean is that they don't want to have a commitment with you. It's too severe. " "They're talking about it to tell you they're" finished, "she explained," but they don't have the courage to face you. " They speak with riddles and parables. They ask other couples you know or characters in the movie to start talking about how these people have changed their views on marriage, commitment, etc. "

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What do you think? Are you aware of these signs in your relationship? What do you do when you're ready to let people go? Share in the comments section.

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