11 reasons why a holiday can make you healthier

are there any holidays at work? Take them away! Holidays are more than escapism. Studies have shown that they are important for a healthy mind, body and spirit. But it's not necessarily a luxury trip to the Mediterranean. Vacations can be as simple as "vacationing" in your hometown or nearby city, or spending a long weekend in your local lake. The essence of vacation is to get rid of your habits, monotony and daily life. It's time to book that holiday. Doctor's orders!

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1. Vacation can relieve the pressure of

take a deep breath! Chronic stress in daily life can lead to fatigue, sleep problems and high blood pressure. But taking time out of daily stress can relieve stress and get rid of unhealthy hormones that come with chronic stress. According to a 2009 study published in the Journal of occupational health, vacations are crucial for people to recover from work stress. Booking a happy, relaxing holiday helps ensure that the first signs of stress, such as increased heart rate and fatigue, do not develop into a more serious response.

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No, if you are free from responsibility, the world will not collapse. In fact, putting your to-do list on hold for a while is crucial for you and your work. " "It's important for your mental health to put your daily worries behind you and relax," said John liantonio, M.D., of Thomas Jefferson University. I think holidays are a time to step back and think about the most important things. "So use your time off to reflect on your current path, if it's really where you want to go." Listen now: is marijuana the new kale? The main course of Bong app is about weeds and the health benefits of food. You're going to strengthen your interpersonal relationships

full of stress in your daily life (don't joke!) Between completing everything on your to-do list, it's hard to find time to focus on the most important thing in life: your relationships. By turning off your cell phone, taking a break from your email, and getting rid of everyday chores, you can focus your valuable time on relationships. Laureberger Turman, a marriage and family therapist in Beverly Hills, California, said she saw her clients come back from their holidays and reconnect with family members. " "We need to rest and give our bodies and minds time to complete the repair process," she said. Holidays can add years to your life. The study found that people who took a vacation lived longer than those who did not. According to a study published in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine in 2000, men at higher risk of cardiovascular disease who took multiple vacations each year reduced their risk of dying from various causes. "More research needs to be done to understand the specific benefits that travelers get than non travelers, but the benefits of death are considerable enough to allow me to book another trip," Dr. John liantonio said.

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5. You'll improve your sex life

stop writing that nasty email, turn off your smartphone, and have a good time with your partner between sheets. Getting out of the stress of life, coupled with increased happiness on vacation (and reduced depression and anxiety), can boost a couple's sex life. A 2010 review published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine concluded that sex brings many benefits to people's body and mind. But do you really need an excuse to be happy?

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6. Holidays can prevent burnout

if you check your email before and after work, you feel completely exhausted - stop! You may be on your way to burnout. It's important to give your brain time and space to solve problems. " Neuroscientist Kate Cummings said: "people are often exhausted by the pressure of working identity and forget their identity." Vacation or break time gives you time to develop yourself and emphasize your self-identity. Think of a vacation as an investment in yourself. "

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7. Holidays can improve your heart health, and even if you're just on the beach for a few days, you can still get the benefits of heart health. The famous Framingham Heart study has been focusing on cardiovascular health for decades. A follow-up study in SUNY Oswego showed that men on annual leave were 32% less likely to have fatal heart disease. Another study in the American Journal of epidemiology in 2013 found that women who took leave every six years or less were more likely to develop heart disease or coronary heart disease than women who took leave at least twice a year. So pack!

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8. Holidays help to prevent depression. Of course, holidays will make you happier, but even if you come back to reality, your vacation time will be good for mental health. A 2005 study of 14000 women at the University of Pittsburgh physical and mental center, some of whom took time off while others did not, concluded that their risk of depression decreased significantly as their time off increased. Karen Matthews, the study's author, interviewed NPR about the study. "People feel healthier on vacation," she said. Their mood is much better. They are not so nervous. They are more energetic and satisfied with their lives. "That's why you smile." The credit of

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9. You can even lose weight

your Italian holiday - eating spaghetti every day - may be the best way to lose some weight without effort. When you feel stressed, you release a chemical called cortisol. While cortisol has many benefits, unfortunately, it can affect fat storage, leading to weight gain in stressed people, especially around your abdomen. Researchers at the University of New Mexico concluded: "people with a high waist to hip ratio (meaning visceral obesity) are developing cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetesAnd cerebrovascular disease. "

Credit: span: onchimput / itcok / Gatty image H3> 10. Holidays can improve your work efficiency: it seems counterintuitive, but they can make your work better. An internal study by Ernst & Young shows that employees' year-end performance rating increases by 8% every 10 hours of leave. Those who leave frequently are also significantly less likely to leave the company. Check out, it seems, will allow you to be grateful for your work again and to be creative when you return.

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11. Holidays provide food for your brain. Traveling can not only rekindle your enthusiasm for life, but also help you improve your brain! " It's important for people to experience new places, "said neuropsychologist Kate Cummings. "When you travel to a place you've never been before, the way you receive information changes," she said. You create an emotional connection to the culture or time of your life you travel. Emotional connections to memory have been shown to improve memory during aging.

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What do you think? Have you noticed that vacations make you feel healthier? When was your last vacation? What do you do after work? What do you think it's good for your health? How do you feel after your vacation? Do you have any other holiday plans? What is your ideal destination? Share your thoughts, suggestions and stories in the comments section below!

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