20 practical and effective health and fitness gadgets

from thigh and weight loss to anti-aging elixir, the health and fitness industry is saturated, and the products have great potential and can't do their best. 60 seconds 6 pack abs? Only in your dreams. Shoes that make your legs and hips stronger? Better keep going. This is not to say that all gadgets are a waste of your time (and money). There are some products that do work. If you're looking for some extra help, motivation or responsibility, or just want something new to play with, here are 20 gadgets - from high-tech toys to fitness supplies - that can actually help you stay fit and healthy.

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1. Polar M600

today's wearable devices can track almost everything in your waking (and sleeping) life. Polar's M600 smart watch takes it to the next level. Track your daily exercise, sleep, pace and calories, and get inactive reminders. During training, you can track your heart rate with a wrist sensor instead of a clunky chest strap. In addition, you can use all of polar's smart coach features to help you progress. And because it's built on the Android wear Smartwatch platform, you can also connect to your voice control, customize your watch panel, receive calendar notifications, read and reply to text on your Android phone, and scroll through your Facebook and instagram feeds. Price: $329.95. Where to find it: polar. Com

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2. The health gene is different for everyone - shouldn't your exercise and diet be right for you? That's what fitness genes do. Just give them a sample of your saliva (yes, it's strange to collect your saliva in a test tube, but in the name of Science), and they'll give you a customized fitness and nutrition plan. Once you log in to your account, you can get the technology or high level you want. You can indulge in your internal science nerd by stupiding at the finer points of your genetic profile, or simply sticking to your training program. Price: $199. Where to find it: fitnessgenes. Com

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3. Qardio arm

you may think it's no big deal to track your blood pressure at home. But if you're a runner, or have high (or ultra-low) blood pressure, you'll want to get a good daily digital handle. It can accurately measure systolic pressure, diastolic pressure, heart rate and irregular heart rate. Sync with your smartphone and track your trends over time to help you understand how your lifestyle affects your health. Price: $99. Where to find it: getqardio. Com

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4. Skulpt performance system

many devices will consider your body fat, but how many devices will focus on your muscles? Skulpt yes. Hand held scanners measure your body fat and muscle, and then use that data to generate actionable recommendations based on your unique physiology. " Dr. Jose bohorquez, co-founder and CEO of skulpt, said: "what skulpt personalized intelligent fitness coaches offer fitness enthusiasts is more than just a way to track their workouts." It actually provides insight into the effectiveness of their programs and provides actionable recommendations based on data from muscle mass and body fat assessments that are more relevant to health than any other indicator. Where to find it: skulpt. Me

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5. It is true that great progress has been made in the fertility tracking of priyahuan. Priya ring (available in 2019) is a wearable device that you can insert into your vagina and keep track of your core temperature to pinpoint ovulation and give you the best chance of pregnancy. According to a 2012 study published in the Journal of contemporary medical research, only 13% of women know when they will have children. " "Priya doesn't need to guess to have a baby," said Donald aptekar, a Denver obstetrician and gynaecologist. "By using advanced technology, Priya signals two days before ovulation and helps couples conceive by pinpointing the" pregnancy window. " This can prevent couples from having expensive tests, difficult procedures and unnecessary frustration. " As required. Where to find: Priya ring. Com

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6. Finis duo underwater MP3 player

when you use this underwater MP3 player in the pool, please discard the earplug. In the swimming circle, you can easily listen to your favorite songs, podcasts and audiobooks. Simply connect to your computer via USB and charge and load 4GB of MP3 and wma files that play for up to 7 hours. The device is attached to the eyepiece tape and then the audio is transmitted to the inner ear through the cheekbones. Price: $119.99. Where to find:

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7. The aerobic exercise scale doesn't just measure your weight. It also measures your body composition (body mass index plus body fat, water percentage, muscle mass and bone mass) and lets you know about your cardiovascular health (standing heart rate and pulse wave speed help assess overall cardiovascular health). You can sync your data to your phone, and when the scale is connected to WiFi, it can tell you the weather of the day. It's neat, huh? Price: $179.95. Where to find it: the cardio scale and where to find it. We all know we should drink more water. But the question is how we can really do it. Input: ozmo active smart cup. With this cup (and the accompanying APP), you can accurately calculate how much water you need to drink every day, and then let the LED beside you help you measure your daily water consumption. You can even set up a reminder to drink more water. With the game interface of this app, you really want to drink more water. Price: $59.99. Where to find: ozmo. IO

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9. Cross rope weighted skipping

Forget about your boring old pe skipping. Strengthen your exercise with heavy skipping. Each rope is made of a durable core and coated with PVC so you can use them inside or outside. All you have to do is change the handle from one rope to another, depending on how much weight you want. Use lighter weight to speed up the work, use heavier rope to enhance the strength. If you download their app, you can access all the rope skipping workouts you want. Price: $69. Where to find it: crossrope. Com

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10. Pear training bag and personal fitness coach

using pear training is like having a running coach in your pocket. With smart technology, this little device can track your run with a wireless heart rate monitor, which you can tie to your chest. Then, it will develop a training plan based on your own running goals, which you can input and edit online, ranging from preparing for a marathon to running a faster 5K. When it comes to exercise, this tool will provide important exercise data, pace guidance and motivation when clicking a button. Price: 59.95 USD + 29.99 USD / year (for training program). Where to find it: pearsports. Com

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11. Wii Fit U

who says video games are for couch potatoes? The next generation of Wii Fit - Wii Fit U - uses the Wii game console to provide you with a variety of training. Try yoga or balance games in your living room. Or strength training and cardio. Now there's dance training to make you sweat and put a smile on your face. Who says you need a gym or a personal trainer to exercise? Price: $89.99. Where to find:

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12. Acumobility Eclipse roller

holds foam plastics for packaging peanuts. This foam roller is for serious self facial muscle release. The function of the end is like a standard foam roller, and the middle is the trigger point release tool. Foam rolling is a ticket to prevent muscle soreness and potential sideways injuries. Just go over the sore and stiff places, such as your hamstrings, quadriceps and middle back, and you can break the muscle knot with your weight. This can improve the flexibility of arthritis and AIDS, and relieve pain. Imagine the foam roller as a personal massager without expensive price tags. Price: $69.95. Where to find it: acumobility. Com

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13. Eliptigo arc

even super marathoners like Dean karnazis need a break to avoid hitting the sidewalk. When it comes to cross training, Dean and other runners jump on the elliptical machine - an innovative combination of elliptical machines and bicycles. Like the super popular (usually indoor) elliptical machine, your legs move in circles, but doing so pushes the bike forward. This low impact sport has become the favorite of 2008 Olympic marathon athlete Magdalene Lewis, track star Lauren Fleshman and many other endurance athletes. Although the list price starts at $1299, it may take some time for elliptigos to enter the mainstream fitness market. Price: $1299. Where to find: related information: more about elliptigo arc and where to find it

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14. Let's face it. Sometimes you feel like you are doing well at work. At least on long journeys, you can run (or walk, if you're faster). With a height adjustable table for any standard treadmill, you can hammer out those TPS reports or adjustment spreadsheets while keeping them upright. For those who are down-to-earth, this is a perfect solution. In addition, studies have shown that walking 10000 steps a day can strengthen your immune system and help prevent cancer, heart disease and stroke. Price: $499. Where to find it:

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15. Of course, you can run or walk fat. But it's much more fun to bounce it up. With bellicon's rebounds - a fancy name for a mini trampoline - you can jump, jog, enjoy a good time and burn 1000 calories an hour. Other jump boosts: it speeds up your metabolism, purifies your body's toxins, stimulates the T-lymphoid system and gives you more energy. In addition, it has a low impact force, so you don't have to worry about damaging the joints. Now many gyms even have rebounding lessons (such as the spring equinox), or you can buy one at home. Price: $399. Where to find: bellicon. Com

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16. Bosu trainer is the abbreviation of "double side up". Bosu trainer provides two types of training with one gear. Using either side to do upper body exercises - such as push ups, plank or other abdominal exercises - increases difficulty by increasing instability and forcing your muscles to work harder. But exercise carefully standing on the ball - research shows that one leg exercise is a better (safer) way to build balance and stability. All in all, you will work harder without gaining weight. Many gyms offer Bosu coaching courses, or you can choose to add one to your home gym (check out the Bosu total training system, which comes with a set of fitness DVDs). Price: $99.95. Where to find it: Bosu. Com

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17. TRX specialOne reason is that drubris, gwenstvani and swimmer Christina Magnuson, an Olympic medal, are addicted to TRX. Suspension systems - using nylon straps and your own weight to build strength, balance, flexibility and core stability - are created by seals and are designed for every part of your body in one workout. Just tie the strap to a strong branch or a fitness device, and you have more than 300 sports options (including lunges, chest compressions, and one leg squats). Now there is the TRX pro, which now includes an adjustable foot cradle, an anti microbial handle and padded triangles for added comfort. If you don't want to invest in yourself, many gyms have TRX systems and classes. Price: $249.95. Where to find: related information: more about TRX pro and where to find it Credit:

18. How to improve the intensity of Pilates training? Put on the ring. Squeezing this steering wheel sized ball allows any muscle group you're working on to participate and helps them work overtime every time you raise and lower. The resistance of the ring can also keep your body in the right alignment and tighten your core. No wonder it's also called the magic circle. Price: $15.98. Where to find: Gaiam. Com

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19. If the gym is not available, and the horizontal bar in the playground makes you feel ridiculous, you can comfortably exercise your back and biceps at home, and the Iron Gym is full of upper body fitness. The bar is lightweight and can be hung on almost any doorframe so that you can pick up your car anywhere at home. You can also put the bar on the floor and do some pushups. Price: $23.67. Where to find it:

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20. Spri stability ball

these giant playground balls are bouncing around in gyms around the world, becoming a tool for all kinds of sports from improving balance to reducing waistline. A simple way to target trouble points, exercise and stabilize the ball can work with muscles in your legs, core and upper body. Price: $38.98 to $47.98. Where can I find: spri. Com

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What do you think? Is there any fitness gadget or equipment that can help you achieve good results? Or do you rely on trackers to monitor your life and activity? Have you tried any gadgets on this list? What would you like to add? Please let us know in the comments below!

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