‘ Godfather & (17); director Francis Ford Coppola slimes Marvell

The battle between marvel and Hollywood directors continues. After Martin Scorsese made a few comments last month on what he thought were not real movies, another iconic film director revealed that he didn't like them. Recently in France, Francis Ford Coppola supported Scorsese's criticism of MCU, and even said Scorsese did well when he said that the movie was "not a movie." Coppola said: "he was right, because we want to learn something from the movie, we want to get something, some inspiration, some knowledge, some spirit Feeling. " "Martin said it wasn't a movie. He was friendly. He didn't say it was mean, I just said it was mean. " As predicted, fans of Marvel tore up the 80 year old director's opinion on twitter. "Sorry, gentlemen, it's sad to be a mean old villain complaining about a successful movie and trying to be relevant," said one twitter user. James Gunn, the director of galactic guardian, also said what he thought without directly mentioning Coppola's name. Some superhero movies are bad, some are beautiful. Just like Westerns and gangster movies (before that, just movies), not everyone can enjoy them, even some geniuses. "It doesn't matter," Gunn wrote on instagram. Will the dispute come to an end? Is it really important to have all the fans and Marvel's success all over the world?