Justin Bieber promised a new album by Christmas

It's been four years since we last received Justin Bieber's complete work. Of course, he has appeared in a series of singles, most recently "10000 hours" with country stars Dan and Shea, but where is the new album? Well, Bieber said he would release an album before Christmas, but on one condition: he got enough love on instagram. On October 27, Bieber released a photo on instagram that said, "if this album gets 20 million hits, Justin Bieber will release an album before Christmas." "

" share it, just like it, in your story, I want to see how much you need! "I'm almost done, but your support will make me move faster," Bieber wrote in the headline. It's very natural that people who like it flock here. In the first 24 hours, more than 6 million people like the posts. He got a lot of help from his famous friends, including DJ Khalid, Logan Paul, Cruz Beckham and manager Scooter Braun, who all shared this post on their instagram to help it spread faster. In a now deleted instagram post, Bieber also shared a video of his wife Hayley Baldwin skating in the kitchen. This year's album. Another song It's coming out soon, "he said in the video. If you're a big fan of Bieber, make sure you're likeable. Only time will tell if he really fulfilled the promise he made before Christmas.