Did Keanu Reeves join the fast and furious series?

Keanu Reeves has had many iconic action movie characters, but there's a series of characters he hasn't added to his appearance yet: fast and angry . However, all of this may change if it's a film by a writer. Hobbes and Shaw writer Chris Morgan have revealed that they have discussed with the matrix stars about bringing him into the action franchise. Morgan said he had a "strong desire" for the 55 year old actor to play a role in "fast and furious.". I'm sitting with him and we're talking about it. I want him to be in the fast universe for a long time, "Morgan told screen rant. "My earnest desire is to bring him into the chain." Hobbes and Shaw star Dwayne Johnson also said he was eager to work with Reeves. I love Keanu. "You know, Keanu had a great time in his career," Johnson told MTV. "We talked about it. We said, "Hey, man, somewhere on the bottom line, we have to do something." There are about one million fast and passionate movies out there, and it's great to be fresh in this series, especially if they're as legendary as Keanu Reeves.