Freddie Mercury didn't think he had the talent of John Lennon

Freddie Mercury and John Lennon are two of the greatest musical legends of all time. Their songs and talents have been shared and loved by generations. However, mercury did not think his talent was close to Lennon's. In a recently published autobiography, mercury revealed that he had self doubt about his singing. In the book, "Freddie Mercury: a life in his own words," he talks about his idols, not believing that his talents can match them. He mentioned Lennon in particular, writing that he would never allow himself to be "on par" with him.

"John Lennon is greater than life. He is an absolute genius I don't want to be on a par with John Lennon at all, "Mercury wrote. "To me, he is the greatest." He didn't believe in his "ability" to do what Lennon did, or that anyone should try to do it. I don't think I can do what Lennon did. I don't think anyone should, because John Lennon is unique and disposable. "I admire him very much. That's what I want to do." It's crazy to think that people with so many talents can't see it by themselves. No one can compare with them.