Harry stiles finally released a new single

Harry stiles finally brought us new music. This is his first release of new music since his debut album Harry style in 2017. On October 11, the former one-way band member released a new single and music video called "light up.". On October 5, he posted a mysterious micro blog with the word "do", and fans began to feel excited about the star's new music. After that, mysterious posters began to appear all over the world, which said, "do you know who you are?"? "In them, it turned out to be the lyrics of the song. Harry stiles' fans are basically FBI agents, and they soon found out they had a relationship with him. Thanks to the logo and acronym tpwk of Columbia Records, these posters are associated with various styles. Tpwk appears on the merch of styles, representing kindness to others. In the accompaniment of the single, there is also a music video. The film, which was filmed in Mexico earlier this year, features a carefree style of dancing happily with people of different genders. It has a kind of Psychedelic feeling similar to songs, which seems to be an emotional struggle. The lyrics also seem to focus on some kind of self discovery, asking, "do you know who you are?"? "

children's harpoon and Taylor Johnson, who previously worked on his first album, helped co write and produce" lights "with style. The song is expected to be removed from his upcoming second year album, which has no release date or name. In an interview with rolling stone in September, he described the record as "everything about sex and sadness," hoping he wouldn't let us wait too long for the new album.