That's what the destroyer actors are like now

It has been more than ten years since the last episode was broadcast in AMC. So, in the past decade, Heisenberg has gone, Jesse is on the run, and fans have been scratching their heads to see how much time they will spend emotionally. Thankfully, we found Jesse's whereabouts in Netflix's El Camino movie, but what has happened to the other actors in bad news since felina was shown? "There may be a lack of blue, but here's how the cast has changed since the first season. Next: before Walter white, the villain hero of the destroyer, Brian Cranston was known for his more "human" characters. Years later, Cranston played Hal in Malcolm in the middle and Seinfeld. He's the "guy" in two series. Now he's going to play one of the greatest characters in film history - he just doesn't know that.

Cranston won the Emmy Best Actor Award for three years in a row, which happened to another actor. His acclaimed role as Walter white silenced us. Now: Bryan Cranston @ bryancranston / instagram @ bryancranston / instagram

now, Bryan Cranston has left Walter's dark world. Look at that picture! It's the face of a man who will never hurt the citizens of New Mexico again. In addition to his happy form, Cranston has started the tequila business with former partner Alan Paul. This is a bit more legal than material business, so we approved it. The idea came about when the two were in a sushi restaurant in New York, where they were considering how to further cooperate. It's not bad, but we can buy a good tequila! Then: Aaron Paul signed a contract with a manager after winning the second place in the International Modeling and Talent Association competition in Los Angeles. Paul got some business roles, guest stars in music videos, but it wasn't until HBO's "big love" that he got a "big break.". H e appeared 14 times in the program. Of course, Paul is now famous for his lovely addict Jesse pinkman in AMC's breaking bad. Initially, pinkman should have died in the first season of the show. After seeing the chemical reaction between Paul and Cranston, the creator Vince Gilligan decided to oppose the play and wrote Paul as the main character. Now: Aaron Paul Rachel Murray / Getty Images for Netflix Rachel Murray / Getty Images for Netflix

Jesse pinkman has grown up with a wife and children. In 2013, Paul met Lauren pacikin at the cochella Music Festival, married her and had a daughter. Annabel hopes that the ghost of Jane won't be too angry with him. As the world now knows, Paul has been secretly filming the breaking bad Movie El Camino, but it was finally released on Netflix in October 2019. The first picture of the film left a sad impression on the fans. After so many years, we don't know that we need to see the group photos of the actors! Then: Anna Gunn amcamc

we start from the love hate relationship with Anna Gunn, Skyler? Well, we can't really blame her for all the craziness, and Walter finally completely ruined her life. Even if she told him she wanted to go out. But it didn't stop Gunn from publishing an article in the New York Times about her total aversion to her character. Before breaking the habit, Gunn played a recurring role in ABC Series practice. She even appeared in an episode of Song Fei Zheng Zhuan. Now we want to know if white met on the set of the sitcom! Now: Anna Gunn hbohbo

after her character's life collapsed due to "the destroyer," Gunn decided to continue her acting career. We can't blame her for not finding a job after she miraculously played a great wife.

> P> she appeared in the US remake of Maxine Faulk> Brut church , starring in 2016 films engult , recently she starred in 2019 stages of Tennessee Williams' iguana night, and 2019 HBO films I> dedwood: film. We hope these projects are the reason why she didn't attend the premiere of El Camino! Next step: everyone's favorite DEA agent. Then: Dean Norris amcamc

Dean Norris is another character with a considerable arch when is broken. First of all, Hank Schroeder is regarded as a humorous person, who always plays jokes quickly at the expense of someone's interests. After he was shot, he was lying in bed with minerals (not rocks, Mary!) He became a more analytical DEA agent. Before becoming famous, Norris had appeared in several big screen films, including "deadly weapon 2", "Terminator 2: Judgment Day", "Star Force", "cell", "Miss Sunshine" and "Henry book". There is nothing like the humor he brings to Hank's character. What kind of alcohol adventure does Dean decide to engage in? Now: Dean Norris @ deanjnorris / instagram @ deanjnorris / instagram

we are not sure whether Dean Norris has performed in bad news. He started a company to make schradbla beer, which he made by yelling for him in a hole in the garage! In addition to brewing, Norris continues to act, currently starring in the popular TNT series, claws. Norris and his wife Bridget have opened the Norris performing arts center in Morita, California. The center is a world-class comprehensive dance, drama, art, music and performance program that attracts some of the best art teachers in Southern California. Then: Betsy Brant amcamc

Mary Schrad is another character we can't completely like, but we don't completely hate her either. She stole the spoon and ignored the rocks / minerals collected by her bedridden husband. However,We can appreciate her "I call it when I can see it" attitude, which is always good when she gets angry with Walter because she is a terrible husband and father. Surprisingly, before getting Mary's role, Brent auditioned for three different roles on popular TV. thank goodness! We can't imagine anyone else playing the purple thief Mary with the personality of "can I talk to your manager?". Now: Betsy brand @ pasadenaplayhouse / instagram @ pasadenaplayhouse / instagram

after changing her color sense, brand changed gears. She moved from the screen to the stage. Initially, she was drawn to the stage to direct musicals, but after winning the lead role in a school play, she was more focused on acting. So it's no wonder Brent found his way back to the theatre in front of the camera for many years. It must be that she missed the chance to perform for the audience. Recently, Brent played Elizabeth Hardy in the summer drama good boy at the Pasadena theater in Pasadena, California. I hope no one cries, "Jesus Christ, Mary! ". Do you remember which character is infatuated with breakfast? We know that R.J. Mitte is the innocent cerebral palsy son of Walter and Skyler. Walter "Flynn" is small. For some strange reason, he is absolutely infatuated with breakfast. He's also the reason we can defend some of Walter's worst actions - he's for his son and his unborn daughter!

mitt got the job as Walt Jr. after training with his personal talent manager, Addison Witt, and looking for roles that could educate audiences about disability. Like his character, mitt suffers from cerebral palsy, although it's not as serious as mitt, Jr. Mitt can walk without a crutch. Now: Although R.J. mitt's personal life is not known to the public, in fact, he has been very busy since the last episode of "the destroyer", I have prepared a good resume for myself. He starred in the low-cost horror film "house of last things" and in the CBS series "Vegas" the same year. In the ABC Family / freeform series, he also gave up his wheelchair crutch and played a paralyzed snowboarder, a recurring role, changed at birth. off screen, Mitte has been a supporter of disabled actors and even a celebrity ambassador for United cerebral palsy. When you read about the next actor, you may want a bucket of fried chicken. Then: Giancarlo Esposito starts from the main sales, Gustavo Flynn? At first, his character hired Walter to cook for him, and then, all of a sudden, there was a full-scale war between the two, which killed Gus. As we all know, Giancarlo Esposito's role is one of the most powerful villains. Giancarlo Esposito won the best supporting actor award at the 2012 critics' choice TV award ceremony, and was nominated for best supporting actor in the prime time of the 2012 Emmy Award. The good news is this is not the last time I've seen Gus! Now: Giancarlo Esposito @ giancarloseposito / instagram @ the giancarloseposito / instagram

since the end of hit and break habits, Giancarlo Esposito has been doing what most actors do and continues to perform. He has joined the original DC global animation film, playing Las algour in Batman's son, black spider in Batman: Arkham's comfort, and even lead actor Accra in the 2016 jungle book. It's worth noting that espositio brought Gus back in AMC's "best call sol" ! In the second season of the program, a letter combination of the first letter of each episode finally spelled "the back of the fringe". If the third and fourth seasons don't chill you, we're not sure what makes you chill. It's better to call sol! Then: Bob odenkirck amcamc

Bob odenkirck joined the destroyer crew in the second season and stayed on the show until the last episode. He told us the importance of white lies, money laundering and misrepresentation to meet your needs. Almost, Saul Goodman is the corruption lawyer we deserve on the show. As Jesse said, "you need a criminal lawyer." It's amazing that Saul's character is only going to make three guest appearances. Thankfully, he eventually became an integral part of Walter's entire journey to the criminal underworld and to stay in our small dose comedy relief drama series. Now: Bob odenkirck amcamc

Sol's role in "the destroyer" is very popular, which makes fans want to know what his birth story might be and make him a criminal defense lawyer. So, "better call sol" out of the woodwork. Obviously, Bob odenkirck has played the role of corrupt lawyer again, and many famous actors have joined him, including Rhea seehorn, Patrick Fabian and Michael McKean. If you like to break the habit, you'd better call sol. The play fills in all the missing parts of Saul Goodman's life. The best part? It's by Vince Gilligan, so you know it's a worthwhile emotional investment. Then: Jonathan banks amcamc

Mike ehrmantraut may be one of the "real" people in the program. Well, except Mary. He cleaned everyone up and told them what to do so they wouldn't be killed. He must have saved Walter and Jesse once or twice. How did he pay it back? Well, if you haven't seen the show, we don't want to destroy anything. Jonathan banks' role first appeared in "the destroyer" in the second season and soon became a regular for the next three seasons. Season five, he got AmyBest supporting actor for drama. Of course, he was also invited to play "bate calls sol"! Now: Jonathan banks amcamc

Jonathan banks is still acting, playing the role of buzz hicky again in the 2014 NBC sitcom community. The next year, he played the voice of James Gordon in the video game Batman: Arkham knight. To be honest, he is one of the best detectives. Most importantly, he played Mike again in "best call sol" and "Camino: a terrible movie.". If you don't cry when Mike and Jesse talk about Alaska, we're not sure if you care about those characters. Hopefully we'll see more of Mike in season five, "best call sol.". Then: the role of Charles Baker, the skinny Pete, appears in 15 episodes of the destroyer. At first, he was an actor in an episode. Later, he became one of Jesse's best friends and close friends. Beck's interesting thing is that acting was not his first career choice. He is actually a talented singer and musician. Gilligan noticed his ability to play the piano. In Episode 3 of season 5, he asked beck to play the complex piano melody CPE Bach – solfeggietto on the keyboard. It's a decisive moment for many fans to watch Peter play the haunting melody in the music store. Now: Charles Baker Rodin eckenroth / filmmagicrodin eckenroth / filmmagic

Baker has been working in the performing arts circle since the end of AMC program. He has featured in many films, including his rival roles with Reese Witherspoon, wild, close to the unknown, neon devil, abyss and so on. Beck also won the recurring role of Chris Walton on TNT's first murder. Recently, in El Camino, we saw Beck bring back the skinny Pete. It's amazing that thin people can put together a plan so quickly to get Jesse out of town and away from the police. Oh, what you can do when you don't use it! Anyway, thin is Jesse's friend