Here's what's exciting about Netflix since September 2019

Just like every other month, Netflix will release a lot of new content on American platforms in September, and delete some old hot content to make room. What's different now is that everyone is watching more carefully. On Disney and NBC's other streaming platforms, we'd like to know if Netflix will continue to offer viewable content. In September, you may have to say goodbye to Paul Walker and Heath Ledger. But you will get an interview with pierce Morgan about serial killers plus a new black political comedy producer American horror story. for Netflix, we hope it's worth it. A shocking docusers broadcast in early 2019 will be the only way for Netflix to go Horror story will land on Netflix a few days before the series's ninth season 1984 premiere.

ahs is one of the few FX series still playing on Netflix, probably because it continues to be popular with fans. If you don't see Apocalypse live, it's your time.

coming: the ranch Part 7

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Part 7 the ranch will be the first half of the popular Ashton Kutcher Netflix original comedy season four and last season. According to a tweet from Kutcher, the eighth is expected to be released sometime in 2020. After Danny Masterson was fired and his character was killed in the sixth film, the play brought Kutcher's previous punk D. Sheppard is expected to be a recurring character in the last two parts of the show. It's going to be fun with these two. When you find the next movie to leave Netflix, you need a funny show like ranch to cheer you up. With Disney's new streaming service, Disney + launched in November, Disney is slowly starting to remove their content from other platforms, including Netflix.

Disney animation classics such as Pocahontas, Herakles, Mulan, and Lilo + stitch will be Netflix's first product launched in September, and more will be launched later this year. Disney said that by the end of 2019, most Disney content will be removed from Netflix and will only be available on Disney +. To cope with the loss of Disney content, you can watch the ninth season of Showtime favorite coming: shameless ninth season Photo score: instagram photo score: instagram

when the ninth season of Showtime series shameless, the Gallaghers with dysfunctions will enter your Netflix queue again in September Streaming services. Emmy Rossum announced in 2018 that season 9 will be her last season in the series, and fans are very excited. It doesn't matter, though, because the show will premiere in November 2019, season 10. So you just have to say goodbye to Fiona, not the rest of her family.

the next docusers was popular in the world at the premiere of lifetime, and now it is moving towards Netflix

coming: living r.kelly

picture source: Jesse grant / Getty Images for lifetime picture source: Jesse grant / Getty Images for lifetime The premiere of the series, the most watched TV show in more than two years, is now on Netflix. The documentary outlines the history of sexual misconduct charges against the R & B singer, including interviews with women who have filed charges against Kelly, and interviews with singers like Kelly's John lejed and opportunity. At the time, the series received an explosive response, with lifetime reportedly planning follow-up. Next, a large movie series with beloved stars will leave Netflix forever, leaving: Dark Knight and Batman start

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and more TV series may enter the streaming media platform, DC comic Batman movie < Dark Knight and Batman start will be produced by Netflix. The first two films in Christopher Nolan's "the Dark Knight Trilogy" will be deleted, but the third "the rise of the Dark Knight" will remain for the time being, although the deletion of other films may be a signal for all of us.

if you think the Dark Knight movie "leave" is bad, please wait until September 12, when you find out which other major movie franchise is accelerating the launch of streaming media platform

coming soon: i-land

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, Netflix will release a A limited series of psychological thrillers, it seems to be a combination of "lost" and "forest house". It also seems to make fun of the notoriously disastrous Festival. The series, starring Alex Pettifer and Kate Bosworth, is based on the premise that 10 people wake up on an island and don't know who they are, how they got there, or how they got there to get off the island. This series has absolutely potential based on the trailer!

coming out: spy

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Netflix's latest original spy will premiere in early September, with the legendary life of Israeli spy Eli Cohen as the main line, broadcasting six episodes and an hour of programs. He infiltrated the Syrian government in the 1960s. The main character in this limited series will be played by funnyman Sacha Baron Cohen, who is actually a distant relative of an Israeli spy. The play was created by Gideon RAF, an Israeli Director / writer / producer, whose most famous work is the pow series, on which the hit "homeland" is based.

next, our favorite cartoon will be released in September.

coming out soon: from September 1, the movie series of "speed and passion"

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. Due to the deletion of multiple films of "speed and passion", Netflix's speed and anger will decrease. fast and furious, fast and furious: Tokyo drifts, and 2 fast and 2 Furious, will all drive to sunset, making room for the new content parking lot on the streaming media platform. The three films are the only seven in the series to be released on the platform, but the latter version of the series is reported to be available on Amazon Prime.

if you like real crime, then you will be addicted to the next series that will be launched in September: Pearce Morgan's serial killer first season

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British program is exactly what it sounds like: Pearce Morgan, serial Killer. In the first season of the series (only three episodes, so we can really call it "season" Morgan visited and talked to serial killers Alex henrix, Lorenzo Gilard and mark ribe. The purpose of the

series of interviews is to learn more about criminal behavior, the motives of criminals, and to pacify victims' families by illuminating them. It's not clear if there will be a second season or later, but any real criminal addicts will be added to their must see list. Upcoming: s.h.i.e.l.d agent of Marvel. Season 6 ends on August 2, 2019, and will be available on Netflix in September. ABC's Marvel Universe show, based on Marvel's s s.h.i.e.l.d., has set its seventh season. The renewal of season 7 was shocking at the time, because the ratings of season 5 were so low that it was expected that season 6 would be the final, but it was not. However, it has been confirmed that season 7 will be the last season of marvel.

leaving: California

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the seven season American comedy drama adult sitcom "California" starring David dujoffney will leave Netflix permanently in September 2019. The play was broadcast from 2007 to 2014, and has been nominated for Emmy and Golden Globe Awards for many times, including 2008 and 2009. The play won the Emmy Award for outstanding photography. Duchovny himself won a golden globe for best actor in a musical or Comedy Series in 2008, so it's clear that the actors and crew of the show know what they're doing!

coming: politician

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politician will come to Netflix on September 26, this is a black political comedy you don't know you are looking for. Created by Ryan Murphy ( American horror story) and Brad falchuk ( glee ), the play is an all star cast of Jessica Lange, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ben Platt, Zoe dodge and Lucy Boynton. The much anticipated play will be in the same format as the American horror story, with a return lineup of characters that will stage a different plot or time period for each season of the movie. Netflix has renewed its second season, so don't worry.

coming: Gotham season 5

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fox Series Season 5 and the last season will also appear on the streaming media platform in September. The series is based on the characters of Washington comics and stars, who play detective James Gordon and Canadian born donar Logue and Harvey block. In the first season, the play won the critics' Award for "the most exciting new series" and won numerous nominations in the next few years. It is clear that the critics are right about the play.

leave: being a parent season 1-6

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you will have to leave the Braverman family in September, because all six seasons of drawing being a parent in America will be cancelled. If you haven't seen the play, you should start drinking when you have time.

the feel good episode is starred by Peter Klaus and his on-screen sister / real-life wife Lauren Graham, Darth Shepard, Craig T. Nelson, Bonnie Bedelia and other recognizable faces. You laugh, you cry, you want to be a member of an abnormal and realistic family.

coming: zombie season 9

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from September 1, the popular AMC post Apocalypse horror film season 9 zombie will flow into your heart. Season 10 will premiere in the first week of October, so you have four weeks before you're left in the dust. There are now all seasons of zombie shows that fans like best, so if you're one of those people who starts only after they know they're going to stick it out, it's definitely a choice for you.

coming soon: chef show Season 2

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chef show is a derivative series of the 2014 movie chef starring Jon Favro and John l'aquizamo. The first season of the show will premiere on Netflix in June 2019.

the show is starring Jon Favreau (surprise) and friend chef Roy Choi, who prepared for the 2014 film and trained Favreau. This program is basically about Favro and Cui Yongyuan cooking and eating food together with famous people such as the "Avenger" group. There will be some star guests in the second season!

leave: Portland season 1-5

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season 1-5, a popular sketch comedy series starring Fred armisen and Carrie Brownstein, will be removed from Netflix in September 2019. The show lasted for eight seasons. Season 6-8 seems to remain on the platform for the time being, but the first five seasons will not be available.

satirical comedy has been broadcast on this platform since September 2014, which is longer than Netflix's usually reserved programs, so it works well!

coming: the Lord of the rings Trilogy "return of the king" and "Lott: Friends of the Lord of the rings" will both land on Netflix in September. The first of Peter Jackson's trilogy, Lott: Friends of the Lord of the rings, has been streaming, but now you can watch all nine hours in a row if you like.

coming soon: Elite Season 2

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Netflix released its popular Spanish youth drama thriller "elite" Season 2 Trailer on August 20, which hardly revealed any content of the season, but increased the suspense of the play. The first season of the play was released in October 2018, and it soon became a success. The show feels like a mix of gossip girl and big lie. According to the trailer, the second season should be no different.