Look at the actors they play on the big screen and the characters in real life!

For many people, becoming an excellent actor is a dream come true. Once you get to the top of the mountain, you start to play roles that you may not be ready for, but that's what you sign up to do. One of the most demanding roles any star can play is a biopic. You not only have to look at that character, but you have become that character. What did he or she do, eat, or even how did they go? Read on to see how these stars are similar to the real-life people they play on the big screen and what they need to portray them. "Natalie Portman as Jackie Kennedy, I read all the biographies I could get," she told business insider. "We've recreated a lot of White House tours for this movie, which helps us understand the way she walks, her movements and her facial expressions." This is Portman's opinion on her role as Jackie Kennedy in the movie. The two looked almost the same, and her performance attracted countless praise. At first, Portman felt intimidating as a former first lady, but she managed to deal with it. "We play blues together," Jamie fox told the associated press. "He said," if you can play blues, then you can play the part. " So we played blues. " Playing blues with Ray Charles is just one of the extra steps he has taken to adapt to the role. Fox also watched hours of interviews and concerts. Even if he remembers a few wrong notes, Charles gave him a blessing. Fox revealed that when he finally got things done, Charles jumped up and said, "the child is done! "All work pays off because Fox's performance won an Oscar. Tom Hanks said, "Tom Hanks plays sullenberg. What a hero he is.". "I don't know its true emotional backbone. He's a modest, smiling hero who just finished his job, and that's all I know. " We all know Hanks is a kind-hearted independent artist, so it's easy for him to become a hero. In fact, Hanks says, the hardest part of playing sullenberg is getting rid of his iconic hair. This is not the complaint you hear every day!

Christian Bale as Michael burry

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if you don't know what "short selling" means, it provides a behind the scenes look at the 2007-2008 financial crisis. Christian bell plays Michael berry, the only one who warns of the impending economic collapse. "He is a person who knows himself very well. His brain is different from any brain I have ever met in my life. He not only has such a deep understanding and love for numbers, but also has incredible feelings for their consequences," Bell said. "Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher, I got all my performances from them," said Meryl Streep "So if they don't look at me properly, hate me, or love me the way they should, or, you know, look for an old face, but see the young ones below, I'm lost." Streep is one of those actresses who has no other role. She has a "at all costs" mentality, which is shown in her work. It's no secret that she won the Oscar for playing former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in iron lady. Is it possible for other people to be like Abraham Lincoln as Daniel Day Lewis? Dai Lewis approached his role as Lincoln with thoughtful exploration. He read more than 100 books a year and read Lincoln's speech aloud as he prepared for himself. He also thought a lot about the portrait of the former president. "

" I look at them like you sometimes look at your reflection in the mirror and want to know who is looking at you, "he told the New York Times.

the next actor finds this role a challenge As Charlie Chaplin, Robert Downey studied Charlie Chaplin before he became a superhero iron man on the big screen. He was a silent movie star in "Chaplin" in 1992, which Downey said was difficult. "It's a challenge plus a challenge, a setback plus a setback," Downey told the Los Angeles Times. Still, he didn't give up the year he studied Chaplin films and iconic action. Downey also mastered the famous English accent. It's not easy for Emma stone to play Billy Jean King as one of the most influential athletes in history. Emma stone is ready for it. Stone played Billie Jean King in the 2017 film "the battle of the sexes," and she knew it wasn't an ordinary role. "Playing Billie Jean is a game changer," she told Mary Claire. To help you see this part, stone added 15 pounds of muscle to further imitate a good tennis star.

Will Smith as Muhammad Ali

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Will Smith has become one of many memorable iconic films on his day From bad boy to pursuit of happiness (he plays Chris Gardner), perhaps his most representative work is Muhammad Ali in Ali. When the film came out in 2001, Smith wasIn his youth, his appearance is almost identical to Ali's. He also lowered the champion's speaking tempo, which added authenticity to the film. The next step is that this person's life is like the person he describes to get a better feeling

Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs working . Many of them are personal choices, but one thing is different, which helps him do such a good job. "I want to remind entrepreneurs that Steve Jobs is not always" Steve Jobs, "he said." he worked hard, he failed, he continued to build great businesses to improve other people's lives. ". He also consumed Jobs's high spending, including the food he ate and the apple legend of reading books.

Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash

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if someone in Hollywood knows how to integrate into the role, I am Huajin Phoenix Si. Ready to be the latest clown, Phoenix knows one or two things to learn a new style. In order to walk this line, he has to overcome some obstacles. "It's completely new to me," said Phoenix, who tried to recreate his voice. "My voice will only sound." Phoenix also had to learn to play guitar on the basis of singing, which he said was "real, very slow."

Walter Matthews as Albert Einstein

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the next person may be the reincarnation of the person he plays

Andre 3000 as Jimmy Hendrix

Dako entertainment / Michael oaks archives plays Jimmy Hendrick in the movie "Jimmy: everything is by my side" from the perspective of music and appearance This is the perfect fit. Just as Jimmy Hendrix influenced many artists after him, Andre 3000 did the same thing, only in different schools. Nevertheless, Andre 300 still needs some serious training to make it look right. "To get this gait, to move in this way, I have to have this feeling," the artist explained to the rolling stone I exercise two times a week, and the calories I eat are just enough to keep me going. It's very important to find a person who is never forgotten in history and to find an actor exactly like him. Ben Kingsley did not disappoint when he played Gandhi in the 1982 film Gandhi. "When I am completely immersed in the mechanical and logical preparation of a part, if I fully integrate and make full use of my technology, other things in my body will be awakened and start to affect my work," Kingsley told the New York Times.

Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison

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Val Kilmer not only changes his hair from blond to deep Sam, get ready to play Jim Morrison. The 1991 biopic really got Kilmer into the role, so much so that he cheated some people in the process. Paul Rothchild, producer of doors, tells an amazing story about the early stages of the process. "Earlier," Rothschild told the Washington Post, "I'll take them (the door) into the studio, and I randomly replace Val and Jim, 80% of the time they guessed wrong." Now we will have a familiar face. Who do you think it is Will Smith's role as Chris Gardner / twitter ghostinkyrie / Twitter is one of Will Smith's most touching roles so far, and his role as Chris gardener is almost flawless. What makes the task more believable is his real son, Jaden Smith, who also plays the fictional son. We have a pair of watery eyes, just want to pursue happiness. "I have a connection with Chris Gardner," Smith said, and we look each other in the eye. I said, "I want to learn your story, I want to tell your story." He said, "to be honest. I went to find out the truth. "

Sienna Miller plays IDI Sedgwick

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it's as if Sienna Miller was born for this role. She looks very much like Eddie Sedgwick, and in the 2006 movie "factory girl" it's creepy. The only thing Miller wasn't prepared to do was starve for the role. "Look, I like my food. I can't work eight hours a day without eating," Miller explained to indilonton. "So I'm a little more curvy than Edie." We think it's fair enough. It's hard to find a better Bob Dylan than Kate Blanchett. In "I'm not there" in 2007, there is no better description of the Nobel Prize winner than Blanchett。 The actor spoke of Dylan with great gentleness. "He's a creature," Blanchett explained to the guardian You see him jumping around. Don't look back. He's completely hermaphroditic If a man plays this role, people will evaluate it in different ways. " As a woman, she said, it helps to upgrade the film. One of the smartest people in history can't be described as walking in a park. Despite this, Eddie Redmayne excelled in bringing the essence of Stephen Hawking to the big screen. This is one of Redmayne's most challenging roles. Director James marsh pushed Redmayne to the limit. " "It's often uncomfortable to see what he has to do," explains marsh He internalized the role. It has paid a physical price, he is ill, it is a very complex thing. "

Philip Seymour Hoffman as Truman Capote

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here we have another actor who looks like the one he played on the screen. Philip Seymour Hoffman stabbed Truman Capote in the movie Capote and didn't miss the mark. He knew from the beginning that he was suitable for the role. "When I started to see his photos in his personal environment, rather than his public photos, his hair and face were very similar to mine," Hoffman told the Daily Telegraph "I've lost a lot of weight and I'm as skinny as I can be." He doesn't look like a boxer. It's not as easy to lose weight as he made us believe.