‘ game of Thrones

2019 is the last year of game of Thrones. Whether you are satisfied with the last season or not, HBO series is happy to win some Emmy Awards this year. The play was nominated for the last season with a record 32 nominations.

montage, an emotional video, played a segment of the play before the crew entered the stage, said goodbye to the audience, and awarded a supporting actress award for a limited series or movie. Many actors, especially Gwendolyn Christie, were visually excited when the audience stood up and applauded. "

" although we hope this program will continue forever, our time has come. Tonight, it's an opportunity to thank all the audience again, "Marcy Williams said on stage. The series has won a total of 12 Emmy Awards this year. Peter dincraig won the best supporting actor award in the drama series for his fourth record breaking role as Tyrion Lannister. Kit Harrington and Amelia Clark were both nominated for the lead and heroine, but none of them went home. The game of Thrones won the biggest award of the night, the "outstanding drama", thus ending their final Emmy Award. The actors and staff were on stage to receive the award, and the audience stood up and applauded. The show won 260 Emmy Awards and more than 700 nominations in eight seasons. What a way to say goodbye to this iconic show.