A timeless movie worth replaying

Everyone has at least one movie to watch over and over. This is a kind of escape, forget the struggle in life. The audience can relax with something that makes them feel happy and relaxed. Know that nothing will change with the passage of time.

this list includes some of the most popular mainstream movies that can be adapted to many types of movies. Whether it's a childhood classic or a recent blockbuster, these films can make them stand out. Some of the best adaptable movies come from childhood nostalgia.

Devil Wears Prada (2006)

fox 2000 picture s Fox 2000 Meryl Streep plays Miranda Priestley in the Devil Wears Prada and steals her lens. Her role is iconic because of Miranda's high demands and witty personality. She can monologue a sweater and turn it into a short fashion history without breaking the character. Annie Hathaway is at the heart of the movie, but if she doesn't touch Streep, it won't be so easy to rewrite. Their yin-yang drive prompted the two of them to switch roles at the end of the film. It is difficult to integrate the Princess Bride into a type of the third act communication. The story is full of satire, adventure, fantasy, romance and comedy. That's why it's so rewritable that people of all ages and backgrounds can find what they like. There is a little boy and his grandfather outside the story book. Grandfather recalled to him the story of a handsome farm boy who became a pirate in order to reunite with his true love. Along the way, the audience will be introduced to some of the most memorable characters in the film, such as enigo Montoya, fizik and Prince henderdink. In addition, please pay attention to some humorous single sentences and funny rhetoric. John Hughes is famous for making some of the most rewritable films, which makes breakfast club still significant more than 30 years later. Instead of relying on flashy cinematography or special effects, it attracts five energetic high school students to focus on their new connections. Their personality contrast gives students credibility. The most memorable scene in the film is that they just sit in a circle and talk about how they were detained and their family life. These abandoned people are able to make a strong role change at the end of the movie, making the audience want to know what will happen when they return to school.

Forrest Gump (1994)

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Forrest Gump is still one of the best movies. After the premiere, he won Oscar for best film, best actor, best director and other awards. The lovely Tom Hanks only improved his career by playing Forrest, an Alabama man with an IQ of 75. Many important historical events are presented through the eyes of President Kennedy, Vietnam War and Watergate. The audience can see these famous historical events in a simpler way, but still give them a lot of meaning. Forrest's love for Jenny shows that he can find true love even in his spiritual struggle. Which Reese Witherspoon movie is on the list? Find out now! On the surface, legal blonde seems to be an old-fashioned "chick movie", but it is actually rooted in empowering women and exploring their real potential. Reese Witherspoon is the bubbly, but determined Elle Woods is the best actor. The audience can watch the film countless times because of her eternal performance. Sometimes the plot seems impractical and exaggerated, but this is eller's unique transformation from a carefree sorority queen to a Harvard law scholar, which is worth seeing finally. In addition, some of her highlights include her original wardrobe, funny quips such as "bending and breaking," and her faithful and fashionable friend Paulette (Jennifer Coolidge).

vulgar novel (1994)

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Quentin Tarantino is still one of the best writers / directors in Hollywood because of his personal story style. Fans relive the novel with "three-dimensional novel", "intense dialogue" and "complex interaction of each character and plot". There are also some of the best actors in the history of the movie, such as John Travolta, Samuel Jackson and UMA Thurman. And Bruce Willis. It may be a bit bloody and vivid, but there are so many things to dig in every scene that it's hard not to want to know every detail. The benefits of becoming a wallflower (2012)

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usually has a lot of dialogue about movies adapted from books, but the benefits of being a wallflower are to be faithful to the original while making necessary updates for a new platform. Almost anyone can understand the story of Charlie (Logan Leman). He is an introvert and feels that he is not suitable for the people in school. After finding some caring and welcoming friends, the feeling began to disappear. The theme of "the good of wallflower" is very similar to a black film by John Hughes, because it tells the story of teenagers trying to find their own place.

rock horror film exhibition (1975)

twentieth century fox when rock horror film exhibition (1975) premiered in cinemas, it was considered a major failure. Later, it became one of the most famous religious classics in history. Cinemas around the world have shown the film to this day. Live actors have performed the scene and the audience has brought their own props. This musical comedy tells the story of a couple trapped in Dr. Frank enft's house with his eccentric roommates, which is undoubtedly a strange story, but this is the main reason why it is so excellent. Besides, these songs are longLong mouth, full of fun, and with the perfect fit of the film's clothing wonderful performance. The next John Hughes classic is a must see! Another popular show of John Hughes i s his holiday day. Its basic premise is that a high school boy wants to play truant, but it just barely touches the surface. Ferris is an arrogant and joking man who wants to make sure that this day is not just him, but his best friend Cameron and girlfriend Sloan.

he is very smart and funny about the antics that surpass the headmaster ed Rooney and his sister Jenny, and will never grow old. Ferris took part in the parade and played music, went to Wrigley Field and enjoyed the art museum, which is the most eternal time in the history of film.

toy story (1995)

Walt Disney Pictures Walt Disney Pictures started the Disney Pixar empire as the toy story in 1995. This interesting cartoon answers the question of what it would be like if the toy revived. People of all ages can watch the wonderful adventures of woody, Buzz Lightyear and their toy friends. With the fourth chapter of toy story coming out later in 2019, fans are still looking forward to it. Moreover, Randy Newman's great score made the original have many emotional reactions, especially his song "you have a friend in my heart".

Python and the Holy Grail (1975)

Michael White Production Michael white production company is one of the most famous comedy groups in the UK in the 1970s. They created a popular comedy sketch and a series of satirical films. In all their works, "Monty Python" and "the Holy Grail" were remembered by their fans decades later, and even inspired the Broadway musical sensation. Each member played various roles in the story of Arthur and his knights pursuing the Holy Grail. Humor is original and absurd, while maintaining a light charm. After World War I I, Americans need movies to lighten their spirits and make them feel hopeful. Singing in the rain sets Hollywood's most talented stars (Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor and Debbie Reynolds) apart, showing them their triple threat skills. Singer's singing in the rain is still one of the most successful music films because of its unforgettable songs and luxurious dance routines, especially its iconic character Gene Kelly solo. 70 years later, the film reminds people of the power of Hollywood's golden age. The work of Francis Ford Coppola on Godfather should not be ignored. Critics rated it one of the best American films of all time. Fans still cite famous lines like "I'll give him a chance he can't refuse." Marlon Brando's leading roles in the film, along with alpassino, Robert Duval and Diane Keaton, are the best performances of their careers. As a crime legend, the godfather is an epic three hour story that brings the audience to one of the most notorious mafia families. It's amazing cinematography and lively dialogue that allow viewers to relive the past and even pave the way for two sequels.

Wizard of Oz (1939)

Wizard of Oz (MGM) Wizard of Oz (MGM) Wizard of Oz (MGM) is the definition of Hollywood classic film. 80 years later, a new generation of people still pay attention to it, they can find the story they like. Judy Garland has won the general reputation of Dorothy for her excellent singing and dancing. The film has been popular all its life. These songs are the most famous. Each character has its own magic. It has a balance between good and evil. Even when Hollywood began to be independent, it took off professional costume and set design and added some of the most advanced special effects. Will Ferrer will lead the cast in this explosive comedy

host: Legend of Ron Burgundy. Ferrer played a 1970 San Diego news anchor in a male dominated industry, and when Veronica Corningstone was hired as his co anchor, everything began to change. There are so many quotations and sheer stupidity in rob Burgundy. The world. In addition, the clown colleagues played by Paul Rudd, Steve Carrell and David kochner will only increase Ferrer's performance. Thanks to funny jokes and absurd adult humor, the film is easy to see again. In addition to John Hughes films in the 1980s, back to the future is still one of the most watched films in the decade. This time travel legend is creative, healthy and full of the imagination of the movie. From the 1980s, when Marty mcfarley was a teenager, with the help of his scientist friends, he went back to the 1950s when his parents were teenagers. There are few things that parents and children can watch and enjoy together. back to the future is an ingenious combination of fantasy and adventure, a comedy in sharp contrast to the music of these two periods.

living alone (1990)

twentieth century fox the most famous one is Kevin McCALLISTER, who plays in living alone. After nearly 30 years of development, it has become one of the classic films that people watch on holidays. When Calkin was a child, he was cute and clever. When he left alone, he was more attractive than those idiotic thieves. This is for everyoneThe audience of the ground brought laughter. Like other rewritable films, there are many unforgettable sayings, odd supporting roles and a theme that makes people feel good. John Hughes knew what he was doing when he wrote about Kevin, and he kept Calkin in mind. People who grew up watching Disney movies know that there must be a kind of nostalgic essence running through it. Songs, lively characters, adventure stories and beautiful animations are essential elements of an adaptable film. That's what happened to the lion king in 1994. The audience can see Simba, the lion cub, grow up to be a powerful animal king on the prairie. It would not have been so popular without Elton John's score. Popular songs like hakuna Matata, circle of life and you can feel love tonight reinforce the plot with melody infrastructure. In addition, fans of the original should also pay attention to the remake later in 2019.

Willy Wonka and chocolate factory (1971)

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this is a classic music movie, which can let the audience watch and sing for decades. As the protagonist of Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory, Gene Wilder has done a great job in balancing madness, sincerity, charm and absurdity. The film imitates the novel of rold Dahl, adding vitality and joy to an already magical story. Every child actor around Wilder can play his own role. Set designers use a lot of pure imagination to create a factory that looks good enough. Even after the movie is over, the fans will remember the wonderful music numbers. The next film starring female led actors broke the box office record. There are few mainstream comedies dominated by women. It sets a standard for this type of pure genius and their surpassing of silly antics. Although the actors are mainly women, the film refuses to let these characters get into what they can do. There are countless funny scenes, such as their experience in the wedding shop and their fiasco on the plane. Kristen wig proved that she can stay away from Saturday night live and direct a real and infectious funny movie