We really want this TV couple to be together don't we?

Have you ever watched a TV play and made faces because your favorite couple didn't get together? Screenwriters are known for manipulating storylines, so it's frustrating that a character will end up with the wrong people, at least in the eyes of some fans. Warning: there are many saboteurs here. Be careful. The following TV couples are not together, but we really hope they Benson and stapler have never been to "law and order: SVU"

law and order: Special Victims group - "shadow" episode 1111 - picture: (L-R) marisca hacketti as agent Olivia Benson, Christopher Melloni as det. Elliott stapler (det.elliot stabler) - NBC Photography: will Hart and Olivia Benson have worked together for 12 years. Although they have never been just friends and colleagues, many fans hope their relationship can go a step further. They even vowed to donate their kidneys to each other if needed. WOW! Although they have many chemical reactions, they don't always agree on how to finish the work. It's their occasional frictions and obvious connections that fans hope the couple will eventually get along. Well, the producers never put the two together. How do I know your mother's Barney and Robin married But there's just a little bit of it: CBS News Anchor cobie smulders married Josh Radner and Neil Patrick Harris in the final finale of the season. But despite the beauty of the wedding, it has never been happy since. In the last few minutes, it was reported that the two divorced within three years. Robin ended up with Ted. It seems that the two should be together, although not everyone agrees. Meanwhile, a few years later, Barney gave birth to a daughter in a one night stand. It turns out that Sam and Diana show opposite sides in cheers. Source: NBC (NBC)

Sam Malone (Ted Danson) plays a bartender in cheers. In the first five seasons of the series, he had another off and on relationship with Dean chambers (Shirley Lang) of the Academy. Although the two men are very different, they have some serious chemical reactions. They both dated each other when they broke up, but they were always together. When Diana left the cast in 1987, Sam caught up with a woman named Rebecca. At last, he was unmarried, and with the help of Fraser, he gave up drug addiction through group meeting. Obviously, he should put his relationship with Diane first, rather than pursue multiple meaningless relationships.

Christina and Owen have exciting chemical reactions in anatomy of grey, like many of the characters in anatomy of grey, she has complex relationships with several of her colleagues, including Preston Burke (Isaiah Watson), who was engaged to them early in the series. She also dated surgeon Colin Marlow, who later married (and divorced) Kevin McKidd. Although Owen's romantic life has made great progress, we still hope that he and Christina can try to make it go smoothly. Matt Routh, a critic of the TV guide noted the "flash sparks" and their "exciting" chemical reactions between the two men. Their relationship was tested by several events and ended in a good ending. Buffy and angel are two star lovers.

source: WB

Buffy and angel come from the other end of the spectrum, but they try to make it work. He's a vampire, and she's a vampire killer. They fell in love fearlessly, and made their debut in the first three seasons of WB's most popular show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In the end, angel left Buffy because he didn't think he was good enough for her. In his own split, angel made a movie about his pursuit of salvation. Before his final episode, which helped destroy the mouth of hell, he made several guest appearances in buffy. Phoebe and Joey shouldn't just be friends. They also have notorious romantic pairings - Monica, Chandler and Rachel, and rose. What about Phoebe and Joey? How do other people get in touch, but they don't? The two men are matched in character. Both of them are a little eccentric, and both have a similar sense of humor. On the other hand, Joey kissed Phoebe once, and we knew that Phoebe was happily married at the end of the show, but we thought she and Joey would make a pair of great decisions when they tried the water and decided to give a romantic relationship.

H3> mark and Lexi in gray anatomy

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picture: ABC

mark Sloan and Lexie grey didn't look good at first. Match, bad boy surgeon and Meredith's sister finally made it. Their relationship finally broke down in a terrible plane crash. Lexie did not survive the disaster, although mark and Cristina Yang did everything they could to save her. To make matters worse, mark succumbed to his injury and died when he returned to the hospital. The hospital was renamed as gray Sloan Memorial Hospital. Although they may eventually go to heaven together, if they all live to continue their love story, it will be better. Ger things

picture source: Netflix

Bob and Joyce's relationship on stranger's story was very short in the second season. However, their short-term love affair has aroused the sympathy of fans, who can't help supporting the single mother. Although Bob is a simple radio hacking manager, he is obviously interested in Joyce. Although Bob didn't know what Joyce's son was going through, he put her family first and did everything he could to help them. When he finally knew the truth, he helped them fight. Unfortunately, a demodulator at Bob had a chance to put himThe relationship with Joyce took him to a new level before killing him.

glee's Finn and Rachel are together on and off screen.

picture source: Fox is a theater nerd. But when they get together through chorus, they become one of the loveliest couples on TV. The two have had intermittent relationships, but it's clear that they care about each other. Unfortunately, Cory Monteith, who played Finn, died of overdose in 2013, leaving lea Michele, who played Rachel in real life. This tragedy is a struggle on and off the screen, and this mourning drama is heartbreaking, especially after Rachel sang "let you feel my love"? "

the affair between Olivia and Fitz has sparked a lot of sparks, right? President Fitzgerald grant and Olivia Pope showed significant chemical reactions on the screen in the scandal, although he cheated on his wife Melly most of the time. The reason why they can be such a hot couple is that they have the same ambition.

Olivia and Fitz have built a great team in running the country and solving problems. After seven seasons, however, creator Shanda Reims separated them. They've never retired in Vermont, and they've never had the happy ending we expected.

Xander and Anya have made an indissoluble bond with Buffy, the vampire killer, in the fourth season. Once she died, it was difficult for her to adapt, especially because she lacked wit. Still, she and sander hit it off and got engaged at the end of season five. For most of season 6, the couple kept their eyes on their hips until she became a devil again and they broke up. The two conquered the original evil together and finally became friends again. But even though they still love each other, they have never been reunited. Rory and Jesse are clearly destined to play roles in Gilmore girl.

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Rory Gilmore in Gilmore girl. Dean is her first love, Logan is a rich boy, Jesse is a bad boy. Although Jesse has his problems, they are very well matched and give full play to each other. She helped him make important life decisions, and he taught her how to have fun. Before the Netflix Renaissance, Rory decided not to marry Logan. At the end of the Renaissance, there was news that she was pregnant with people who many people thought were his children. But is it possible that Jesse is a father because she met him briefly. Maybe they're reconnected? Will and Alicia talked passionately about the good wife: CBS and Alicia are old friends. After will helped Alicia get the job, she returned to stern, Lockhart, and Gardner as junior litigation lawyers. The relationship is complicated because they have romantic feelings for each other. The couple dated in the second season but broke up in the third after Alicia's daughter disappeared. However, it is difficult for the two players to put their hands together throughout the series. Will was really upset when Alicia left the company in the fifth quarter. Then he was killed in a court shooting, and they never had a chance to close the case. Donna and David of Beverly Hills 90210 should have lived happily together because they were high school lovers. He even respected her decision to be a virgin, but when he cheated on her with another girl, he messed it up. The two reunited, and Donna finally lost her virginity with David when she was in fourth grade. The couple, who have been lovers for many years, finally got married in the last episode of the series. However, the drama's diversity revealed that the two split up shortly after welcoming their daughter during their lives in Japan. David did leave a note saying "miss you", but it's not clear whether they have reconciled. Dan and Blair are a better pair in gossip girl. Source: Blair had relationships with several men during the filming of gossip girl, but her relationships with Dan Humphrey and Chuck Bass did interest viewers - many of them preferred one. Dan has many supporters, especially critics who think they are meant to be together. Actor Payne Bagley told the media that he thought Blair was Dan's soul mate, and ED Westwick even thought Dan loved Blair more than chuck. Blair and chuck earned the nickname "chair" from fans, while Blair and Dan were called "Dell" and Blair married chuck, who had a son.

Kevin and Winnie are on their own in years of wonder.

picture source: ABC

Kevin and Winnie were neighbors when they grew up in the Vietnam War. Kevin loves Winnie, but they don't end up together as fans want them to. As explained at the end of the final episode, Winnie went to Paris to study art history. The two corresponded for several years, but when Winnie returned to the United States, his wife, Kevin, and their children met her. "Things have never developed as you planned," Kevin said in the voice over Although they didn't end up together, they shared many moments and she was one of his most important activities.

Tara and willo created the history of Buffy, the vampire killer. When Vero and Tara are together for the first time, some fans are hard to support their relationship. But in the end, they changed their tune. The pair eventually became the first ever recurring lesbian couple on prime time television. Their relationship is very sweet and they form a good team. Unfortunately, at the end of season 6, Tara was shot dead in an accident, which turned willow into a crazy woman. Many fans are angry at the change of events, accusing writers of being homophobic. Creator Joss Whedon responded that it was necessary to move willow's story forward. Joan and Roger are interested in mad men.

picture source: AMC

Christina Hendricks and John Slattery have a history. When Roger and his first wife Mona got married, they got married in the first season of mad men. Later their relationship escalated and the two had a good relationship. In the fourth quarter, they even had a baby together. However, things are not predestined, and they are not together in the end. Instead, Roger chose to be with Mary Calvert, the mother of Don Draper's ex-wife Megan. Joan's husband, Greg, decided to go back after returning from Vietnam, and she divorced. We still think Joan and Roger should be together.

Brook shows the essence of Lucas in the mountain of a tree. Photo source: for most of the series, Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) was caught by two women, Peyton Sawyer and Brooke Davis. It was a fight he had to deal with while playing basketball and having a heart attack. In the end, he chose Peyton, but he really should be with Brooke. Actress Hillary Burton later claimed that Brooke and Lucas were supposed to be together in the original script, while Peyton and Jack ended up together. Many fans still hope that things can go on like this. It's better to have Serena and Nate together. Photo source: CW and Dan come together at the end of gossip girl, but many fans are not satisfied with this conclusion. Dan revealed that he has always been a gossip girl. In his blog, he is sometimes quite harsh on Serena. At the same time, Nate has been in love with Serena for a long time, and they get along well. Serena and Nate got married at Sheppard's wedding, which proves that they get along much better in life than others. Still, Serena chose Dan to see his blog post as a long love letter.