5 shows in season 13

To be sure, the Buzznet team is fascinated by the voice! After 13 seasons of competition with dozens of players, this singing competition still allows us to listen to and feel emotions every week. This season, in the red jury next to black and Adam, with the appearance of Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Hudson, there are many feminists and common pranks. But let's focus on the contestants, OK? Here are five performances we can't forget! Who is the one you want to play in the final?! The blind audition performance of Chris Weaver's try to be a little gentle is really hot.

2。 It's ridiculous that Darvin Fleming's blind audition for Mr. Jones and me. For example, if we stop competing now, we will have winners.

3。 Yelled at Lucas Holliday and sang "this woman's work" in the blind because he confused every judge and all of us. Natalie Stovall and Adam Cunningham sang "Boondock" in the battle round, which was a complete blow. Natalie was robbed, you will!

5. Addison age & Karli Webster smashed this slow version of "girls just want to have fun"